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Author Topic:   Race Purses
Dirt Administrator

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posted August 13, 2001 12:14 AM UIN: 16262997
What do you like better a larger purse up top or spread all the way back?


Dirt Full Roller

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posted August 16, 2001 07:01 PM
Spread all the way back. Not everybody can win.

Dirt Full Roller

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posted August 16, 2001 11:14 PM
I agree with dirtracer17. Share the wealth. At least you can have the gas money to go back the following week.

Dirt Roller

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posted August 16, 2001 11:17 PM
I agree. Spread the wealth.

Dirt Maniac

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posted August 17, 2001 02:14 PM
I have always felt that the last place car should atleast get their pit pass money back.

Dirt Freak

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posted August 18, 2001 01:02 PM UIN: 25419780
I agree with everyone.. spread it all the way back ..

Dirt Moderator

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posted August 19, 2001 10:02 PM
i agree that everybody should get there money back to get in the next week at are track at baxter they only pay the top 2 and everybody else gets a card that says 1 free pit pass plus you have to pay 2 dollers tax to get in they do thise in are mini stock class and stockcar class

Dirt Roller

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posted September 07, 2001 09:30 AM
As long as we are not talking about welfare racing. Tow money is fine but pay the top 3 well for there efforts, If need be change your track rules for that class if you think they are unfair.

Dirt Roller

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posted September 07, 2001 01:00 PM
The top 2 or 3 should be paid well for their efforts. Pay through the top 20 and have a provision for tow money. Tow money should have a cap on it but encourage those that have to haul to race at your track.

Big purses at the top do attract drivers. Other incentives like quick time dollars, and pay or sponsor merchandise for heat wins has been received well.

Dirt Forum Racer

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posted September 09, 2001 07:44 PM
I say all the way back.We (newbies)need some small reason to keep getting the dirt in the face from the front runners and we do help make the show.But I do agree top cars ought to be 2 cents.

Dirt Roller

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posted September 09, 2001 08:15 PM
I agree, why not share the wealth....We are all in it for the same thing. Fun and earnings, must mostly fun!

Dirt Newbie

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posted September 09, 2001 08:25 PM
Originally posted by jammin:
What do you like better a larger purse up top or spread all the way back?


A good incentive to win,then pay good all the way back.$30 or $40 to start a modified feature and then pay the same for the next 10 spots is cruel.Another of the "BAD" new trends is the PIT PASS.If I go to a track all year and my pit pass is $17,why is it $20 or $25 for a speacial in Sept.Did my pit insurance just get better?I don't think so!I notice Boone & Farley doing this,a different fee every day at the speacials.What a crock!!

Dirt Full Roller

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posted September 17, 2001 12:50 AM
Most tracks around here are 25 for a regular night of racing and 30 for special shows. Dallas area that is.

Dirt Roller

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posted September 18, 2001 10:17 PM
A couple of thoughts'
They used to pay lap leader money at a track I ran Late Models at. It was 5.00 to lead and the line up was a handicap with last weeks winner starting last regardless of points. They tracked the laps led all year and awarded trophy and 500. to the lap leader champion. It was never the points leaders as they always led late do to the lineup format.I'd like to see that again.

The one thing that is going on at alot of special shows that I hate is paying everyone from 5th on back the same. I don't care if it's minimal but pay me for passing someone. What's the point,take the start money on the first lap and pull off if your not in the first three rows. I would like to see the promoters face when 15 of us pulled off at the same time because it all paid the same.

As far as weekly racing everyone who starts should get money. At least pit passes.

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