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Author Topic:   Chances to Advertise!
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posted October 28, 2002 01:24 PM
Northwest Missouri racing team looking to advertise for you or your business. We will be running at Lakeside Speedway, a NASCAR Weekly Racing Series track, also trips throughout the Midwest. States including Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Arkansas, Illinois, and possibly a few trips to Florida, Alabama, Texas, and AZ.

We have a 28 foot enclosed trailor, pulled by a 18 foot Ford toterhome. It would be like a moving billboard. Imagine having a huge sign with your business, or products name on it, driving through Kansas City on a weekly basis, and trips throughout the mid-west. Also will have 3 race ready cars. This means your product or business names will be on at least 2 cars at all times. You'll never lose a week of advertising because we have to replace body panels.
In depth local radio coverage with a complete weekly rundown with driver name and sponsors announced on the radio every week.

We try to be as professional as we're allowed, and we hope you'll consider using motorsports as your marketing tool, and us as your bilboard.

We've always have good and so far long standing and very succesful relationships with all our associates.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider our offer. If you are interested GREAT! Give us a call at:

(816) 470 3960 ask for AJ or leave a message
(816) 436 8075 ask for Josh

Thanks again,
AJ Wood
Fawksy Lady Racing

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