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Author Topic:   toe settings
Dirt Roller

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posted August 07, 2002 11:55 PM
i would like to here some suggestions on what kind of toe setting we should be running on our cruiser. our car is an 82 buick regal

Dirt Freak

Total posts: 430
posted August 08, 2002 12:29 AM
Quarter inch out

Dirt Full Roller

Total posts: 64
posted August 08, 2002 05:34 AM
I agree 1/4"- 3/16" out.

Dirt Full Roller

Total posts: 45
posted August 09, 2002 08:06 PM
I agree, 1/4 out is a great place to start.

Dirt Full Roller

Total posts: 30
posted August 24, 2002 01:08 PM
1/8" Out

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