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Author Topic:   cruisers
mudcat #34
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posted January 11, 2002 10:39 PM UIN: 114549278
i think the cruisers are a great idea.They give the low budget racer a class to run in and they get awesome car counts around here.

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posted January 12, 2002 07:04 PM
Thats why the first time I saw them race at a track I was visiting - I went out and started looking for an old car to turn one into to.
I have a pinto that I will be racing on asphalt (Had already bought the car and was 75% complete before I found cruiser racing) next season and when it breaks or I break it I will still be racing with my good ole crusier.

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posted January 12, 2002 07:53 PM
if you ever get a chance you need to take a cruiser to witchita kansas. im from tulsa oklahoma and we wanted to get an extra race in at the end of the season, but witchita KS. was the only place that had a race, it was a cruiser special. all over town everyone knew why we were there. they would stop us and ask how we did.ive never seen cruisers so popular as they are in witchita.

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posted January 16, 2002 08:57 AM
Witicha? That's not too far away from my dad in K.C. Sounds like fun. Another town like that, as most of you know, is Beatrice, Neb. Nationals!!! The weekend we were there, you didn't see any cars driving around...everyone was pulling a cruiser behind a truck. Or motorhome or just a car-hauler. Too much fun!

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