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Author Topic:   Open trailer wanted
Dirt Full Roller

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posted January 13, 2003 08:16 PM
I'm looking for a open trailer with a BIG walk-in box(must have room for tool box, gen,etc).No Junk. $2,500.00-$3,500.00 range. May be willing to spend a little more if the quality is there, or trade my trailer(HALS-EZ advertised).Please send pics. Thanks.

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posted January 24, 2003 01:04 AM UIN: 54865418


this one is for sale more than you probably want to spend but it's a dang nice trailer that my uncle build for him he just bought a big truck hauler thats the only reason he's selling it wants 7500 here is the link

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posted January 24, 2003 08:37 AM UIN: 25419780
I jus sent you a pic of one I found...thanks Pickel

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