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Author Topic:   Nissan/Datsun Race motor +extras
Dirt Roller

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posted January 09, 2003 06:49 PM
This is what you get for one price, the first listed motor is a 300+ hp motor, this motor and the spare motor are newly built and unfired.

Nissan Z22 Stroker Motor

Head – A87 casting L18 small combustion chamber that has had the combustion chambers welded for higher compression, was milled less than .005 for straightness, valves are Manley 1 piece stainless steel 1.73 and 1.50 3 angle grind, Springs are double Competion Cam, Retainers are Competion cam, Titanium keepers, valve spring step has been milled for equal spring height, springs are rated at .650 lift, intake and exhaust runners have been ported and polished, bronze valve guides, stainless steel seats, new factory stock rocker arms polished and equalized in weight within 1 gram, all adjustment nuts and mouse traps are new, geometry has been set so maximum valve lash is to a minimum, wipe pad from the cam was cheated to the back of the pad to assist in gaining hp, all valve lash buttons are new from Malvern Racing,

Block – block is a Z22 M2 casting, cylinders have been bored to 89mm, deck has been cut so that pistons are .005 above the deck height, cylinder gasket area has been o-ringed for proper gasket seal, interior of block has been ground for proper crank clearance and oil flow to pan, oil gallery soft core plugs were removed and tapped for ***** in plugs, relief valve at oil filter boss was removed and tapped for ***** in plug for the use of remote oil filter, dipstick was deleted from right side and drilled to left side of block, has ARP head and main studs rated for 190,000 psi, has L20B timing cover attached and was milled with block for proper alignment.

Crank – Z24 96mm crank, counter weights were cut down for clearance in block, mains and rods journals turned .010 under, crossed drilled for proper main lubing, and fully balanced, counter weight have been polished for quick oil return to pan.

Rods – Z20 6” rods, that have been fully polished, resized, fitted with bronze bushings for full floating pins, rod bolts are ARP 190,000 psi.

Pistons – JE forged flat top pistons with valve relief’s and full floating .927 pins.

Timing Set – timing set is Nissan stock L20B chain, guides, tensioner, and crank gear. Also has NISMO bronze drive gear for oil pump/distributor. Has NISMO adjustable cam sprocket.

Valve Cover – is stock with NISMO cam spray bar.

Intake – is a stock intake that has been modified to except Holley 2 barrel carbs; and is fully ported and polished.

Flywheel – is a stock 6-bolt flywheel that was balanced with rotating assembly, clutch is a single disc 10,000 rpm.

Oil Pan – is stock for an 82 200Sx.

Distributor – is an electronic Nissan Dizzy type that has been recurved, wires are 8mm MSD.

This engine comes with a complete Z20 spare motor that is all stock and fresh in the short block, the head is an A87 casting head setup with a mild cam. You also get a shed full of spare misc. parts such as rods, pistons, flywheels, L20B block, Z24 block, 2 4 speed transmissions, 1- 5 speed dogleg transmission, L20b cranks, and a Z22 crank, along with misc. fuel pumps, starters, water pumps, intakes and any thing else we can find.

The Price is $3,500.00 for all listed.

My contact numbers are Hm: 985-882-7764 after 7pm CST or Cell: 504-415-6781 any time. I am located in Lacombe, Louisiana aprox: 30 miles from New Orleans on interstate 12 at exit 74 (St. Tammany/Lacombe exit) E-mail:

Dirt Maniac

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posted January 09, 2003 09:53 PM
hey mike is your car still for sell email me

Dirt Roller

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posted January 11, 2003 05:34 PM
No the car is sold, but give me a call and i will make you a good deal on all this posted.

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