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Author Topic:   Aluminum 4 Cylinder Engines...DOHC
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posted October 05, 2002 01:31 PM
Ford/Mazda/Cosworth 2.3 Liter Aluminum Engines For Sale...
These are the new 200 pound (stock weight)all-aluminum dual overhead cam Duratec engines now being considered by several clubs. It is a Cosworth-inspired design perfected by Mazda. De-stroking to 2.0 liter is an option as the same engine is raced in Europe and in Britain with that
displacement. NEMA ( Bruce Beane, 603-838-5277 ) has several converted with mechanical fuel injection, dry sump oil system, racing cams, high compression pistons, forged rods, etc. Price per mostly complete engine is $600.dollars plus trucking costs from Detroit. Individual components, blocks, heads, etc are available. These are NOT the 2.0 iron Zetec "Focus" engines. Write or call for details. Photos available via email. Gerry at Kansas Racing Products,

PS...This is an interesting link showing the development of the European version of this engine for stock sports car racing.

SCCA-Enterprises "Spec" Racers For 2003

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