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Author Topic:   Modified Engines
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posted March 03, 2000 05:38 PM
I have the following engines left over from my '99 season in Iowa. Since I've moved down South I'm too busy to race, so I guess I'll sell these engines. I realize the prices are high, but most of you guys know my engines make good horse power.
The descriptions of the following engines are:
Engine #1: 377, 817 block, fully machined, Wiesco pistons, Carrillo rods, 5140 crank, Barnes dry sump, Lunati roller, Brodix #10x heads and intake, (ported by Ronís) comp rockers and girdles, MSD Billet distributor and race wires, engine is complete with aluminum valve covers, water pump, pulleys, ect. Eleven nights on a 40 night motor, qualified and raced in USMTS $10,000 to win show at Webster City last October. Price $7,500 with tank and lines.

Engine #2: 406, 817 Block, fully machined, TRW pistons, Lunati rods, Lunati roller, Barnes dry sump, splayed caps, 205 x 1.625 Dart heads and Super Victor intake ported by Rocket, comp rockers and girdles, engine is complete with aluminum valve covers, water pump, tank and lines. Never fired since
last rebuild. Price: $5,000.

Engine #3: 358, 010 block with Chevy steel caps, KB pistons, C& A rods, comp roller, 2.080 x 1.600 Dart Eagles and Super Victor intake ported by Rocket, C-Line pan, aluminum valve covers, water pump, gear drive, and fluid dampener. Engine has 2 nights on it since last rebuild. The smallest horse power modified engine I have making 615 horse power. Price: $4,700.

Engine #4: 363, 010 block with Chevy 4 bolt caps, Ross pistons, Wheeler 6"
rods, Lunati flat tappet, Dart 205 x 1.625 heads, Champ pan, aluminum water pump and valve covers, stud girdles and 4340 rockers. Engine orginially built for MidWest Super Trucks Series driver Kevin Viebrock. Was a spare and never used. Cost $6,300, selling for $4,500. Includes acid ported Brezinski manifold and Wiesman slider, set up for center water.

Engine #5: 383, 010 block with nodular caps, Eagle crank, x rods with ARP bolts, floated pins and polished beams. TRW 2491 pistons, 202 x 1.600 Dart heads, Lunati flat tappet with 1.6 comp rockers, and aluminum valve covers. Gated pan and performer RPM. Heads and manifold were mild ported by Rocket. Engine has 20 nights on it and should be rerung. $2,500 as is or $3,000 rebuilt.

Engine #6: 421, short block, fully machined 817 block with 3.850 inch crank, 6" LT6 rods fully prepared, floated pins, KB pistons. Price $2,100. Can furnish cam and oil system components at extra cost.

Engine #7: 408, 817 block with standard/standard Chevy crank shaft, X-rods fully prepared with floated pins and ARP bolts, KB flat tops and Moly rings, can furnish cam and oil system components at extra charge. Short block $1,600.

Note: All the above engines have no sleeves, are all decked to 9" with the exception of the 421 which is 8.970. All blocks have been plateau honed with deck plates and align bores checked or redone as necessary. Any one of these Modified engines is capable of winning a USMTS race. I can crate and ship any engine, any place in the continental US, guarantee the engine as far as whatís in it, and the condition. Also these prices would be negotiable to some extent. ie package deals. Thank you, and let me know. P.S. I also have a lot of new internal engine parts such as pistons, timing sets, some cams, new and used, and 9" Ford gears and third members.
Email me or call me at 704-663-6566 after 7:30 p.m. EST. Rocketman

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