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Author Topic:   410 Sprint Motors 4 sale
Brian Coelho
unregistered Total posts: 3279
posted January 05, 2000 09:30 AM
410 Gearte Fresh with no races on it
Callies crank
Carrilo rods
Wiseco pistons
280 runner
Kinsler injectors
Real good all around motor must sell
Asking $15,000 OBO

410 Allen Johnson Motor
Fresh with 1 race on it
18 degree heads
New Callies crank
New Carillo Rods
New JE pistons
New Olson oil pan
Kinsler Injestors
Great motor the only reason I am selling is because I have too many motors. I am keeping 2 motors just like this one.
Asking $19,500 OBO

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