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Author Topic:   request for sponsorship
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posted November 09, 2002 05:15 PM
Sponsorship request

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider my request for sponsorship. With this request I will describe the sponsorship needed for this year of the 2003 race season and my last years run, at the Southern Oregon speedway.

2002 race season was a learning year as a rookie. I ran a stock Nissan with a 1400cc motor, and stock suspension. I started the season slow, it took me 6 races to make my first main event. After I learned how to drive a racecar I was able to run with the faster cars, and made it into the main almost every race from there on. I was able to clime my way from 33rd place to 14th place in the main event points race, I also finished 6th in the B main points race. I feel I could have done a lot better if I had the horse power that I was running against, all the cars that finished in front of me in points had larger motors and more horse power than I had. I was able to finish 6th and 7th in the main event.

This year I will be driving a car with more horsepower. I am building a super 4 ministock I will be driving a pinto with a built 2300cc motor. This year the supper trucks and the modified mini stock class will be running together, this should make for some good racing. I feel like I could be a contender for point’s championship, and win some races.

Races I will be attending will be held at so. Speedway, also may be attending a few in Yreka ca. There are an average of around 3000 fans that come to the speedway, out of these 1500 to 2000 fans are there every week. Of these fans they could be from kids to doctors or even truck drivers, so your add on my car will hit the type of customers you would like as well as potential new customers. As we all know the more a name is heard the better the response from the advertising, This is why the more sponsors, or sponsorship a race team has the more they are on the track with your advertisement getting seen or heard.

As a business advertising is key to success, but can be very costly. As is racing, this is why we can help each other with sponsorship. With sponsorship your business name will be on my racecar for the season, and will be seen by many people. Advertising work’s best with repetitive exposure. With your sponsorship I will make my car and myself available for advertisement, I also will be glad to hand out any ad’s or coupons you would like. If you would like the car for a day of on site advertising I would be glad to accommodate your request. With your sponsorship I will also provide you with an 8x10 photo of the car.

As I mentioned racing is very costly, the 2002 season cost an average of $120.00 per week to race, therefore made it hard to spend the money to build my car to be more competitive. This year the cost will be much higher, this is why I will be completing my car in the off-season, unlike last years car I built in a little over a week, I will be spending more time and money to build my new racecar.

Types of Sponsorship

The type of sponsorship requested will also be to your needs and benefit. I am requesting sponsorship for entry fee’s, fuel, tires, paint, and parts, or an amount for each race, or a one-time fee.

I will be running with teammates that will also be sporting your company name. They will also be available for on site advertising as a team. We are all running the same type of car so we can really help each other out for the whole season. As a team we will hope to have at least one car running up in the top five every week.

Entry fee: $25.00 per. Week
Fuel : $25.00 per. Week
Tires : $100.00 per tire x 6 (this would be a one time fee.) =$600.00
Paint : $200.00 (this would be a one time fee.)
Parts : $75.00 up front plus parts as needed, not to exceed $500.00
Each race: $25.00 min. per. Week
One time fee: $100.00 to $500.00 depending on the size of ad on car. (Size to be determined)

As part of our future partnership, and due to the cost of lettering, I will have to request that you provide the decals for my car, or I can have them printed and add the cost to your sponsorship. I will be running vinyl lettering from Art effects.

Along with this letter I am enclosing a verification sheet to simplify your response to my request for sponsorship.

Thank you for your time,
I hope to be part of the advertising your company will be seeking for the year 2003, and hope to build a good relationship with your company for years to come.

Thank you: Erick Hull

Feel free to call or email with any questions
Phone 831-6933

Sponsor verification sheet

Please fill out this form and return to
533 n Royal ave. Eagle Point Ore. 97524

Please check the following type of sponsorship you would like.

____ Entry fee: $25.00 per. Week
____Fuel: $25.00 per. Week
____Tires: $600.00 for 6 tires (one time fee.)
____Paint: $200.00 (one time fee)
____Parts: $75.00 up front $500. Limit
____Each race: $25.00 min. per. Week
______ Please indicate amount here
____One time: $100.00 to $500.00
______ Please indicate amount here

_____Sponsor a teammate with one or more of above
______ Indicate type of teammate sponsorship here

_____ No thanks I would not be able to sponsor you or your team this year


baz weatherhead
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posted November 30, 2002 08:34 AM
thanks thats a big help,strater for my teams.helps if you have somthing to go by+cheek your not sounding to desprate!thanks again

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