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Author Topic:   Best Placement for sponsors on a car?
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posted February 16, 2000 06:04 AM
This subject is not touched very often, I thought we would get some opinions.

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posted February 17, 2000 07:43 AM
The hood.

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posted February 20, 2000 09:28 PM
Sail Panel on a modified.

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posted February 21, 2000 01:39 PM UIN: 16262997

Blue Moon
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posted February 21, 2000 04:07 PM
I was always under the impression the bigger the sponsor($$$$$) the bigger the name on the car,like on the door or rear bumper. The smaller $$$$sponsors were put in the least noticable place. Am I wrong about this? Also it sort of determines what class you are in too. So what is a good sponsor dollar wise? Just curious how small potatoes we are or is it incorrect to ask.

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posted February 21, 2000 04:43 PM
One of the things my business does is racecar and trailer lettering.

I think it depends on who your sponsor is trying to reach. If you want to reach the racers the qtr panels or rear of the car is a better place than the hood. If its say a restruant or pizza place, you want to reach the fans. So the hood or trailer is better than the qtr panels. That is the way i have always ran my program anyways.

And if you have an enclosed trailer. Sponsers wanting to reach fans and racers works well for trailers. As they will get alot of exposure going down the road for the fans and the racers will see the logo while you are at the races. I have some customers that have sponsors that they put on the trailer and not the racecar.

Your other equipment is just as good as the racecar. I always put my biggest sponsor on my portable airtank, tool box, etc. And of course. The more $$$ the bigger the decal.

Another thing i want to say. I see alot of cars out there with doors and qtr panels scuffed and dented in half way through the season. No sponsor likes to see the area of their logo scuffed and beat up. Keep your sponsors looking clean!

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posted February 26, 2000 10:23 PM
Our business has been sponsoring a late model for 22 years. Believe it or not it has been with the same driver. On the late model the door is the place to be. We started out on the rear quarter panel and until we moved up to the door we never got the recognition from the announcers. During driver introductions, race announcing, and finishing orders the announcers where we race, 9 out of 10 times will mention our name with the drivers, as opposed to the associate sponsors. I guess my experience indicates that most fans and announcers recognize the door as the main sponsor and other sections as associate sponsors. The hood offer the most area, but the viewing vantage point from the stands of the hood are not real good unless the tracks you run at have very high grand stands. Others may have a different perspective of this but I will choose the door if I had a choice. Keep in mind, no sponsor is too small. I also crew for our driver, over the years we've had a local pizza place sponsor us, he delivered free pizza to us every Friday night while we preped the car for Saturday. This year our driver even worked out a deal with a lawn and garden company to fertilize and cut his grass. If anything this frees up time for him to work on the car. Sponsorship doesn't always have to be about dollars, be creative.

Blue Moon
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posted February 27, 2000 04:07 PM
Free Pizza and lawn care! Now that's an angle I wouldn't have thought of. Thanks, I don't feel like a small potato after all. I wish I could help out more $$$$ but everything has its limits.

X-1R Guy
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posted March 01, 2000 12:38 PM
Drivers uniform or a hat on his head.

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