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Author Topic:   websites are a MUST these days
Dirt Roller

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posted January 06, 2000 03:17 PM
I beleive websites for your raceteam are a must in todays world. Racing has gotten more and more expensive. We used to all have open trailers and work in our backyards. Now we all ahve enclosed trailers and most of us have shops we work on our racecars in. Not to mention spare motors, parts and backup chassis.

Websites can help you obtain more fan exposure and definitely get your sponsors more exposure. You can use your website to show future sponsors information about your race team. Not to mention market your t-shirts, hats and other items off of it.

One customer told me recently that he sold 100 shirts off his website recently at $12.00 a shirt. Lets say you make 6.00 a shirt. That is 600.00 that you wouldn't normally have had.

Miller Motorsports and HRS Applications both can do websites for racers at an affordable price.

Dave Miller
Miller Motorsports

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