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Author Topic:   Saturday results from Independence Motor Speedway
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Saturday results from Independence Motor Speedway

Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2003 17:12:18 -0700

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Sports editors/directors:
Expect these results a little earlier in the
future. With the first week it took a little longer,
but from here on you should have them by noon on
If there is a preferred e-mail address to use for
racing results let me know - I developed this list
from that of another track.
If you have questions about these results or
Independence Motor Speedway, contact Promoter Ed
Callan at 319-453-8307.

Independence Bulletin-Journal Sports Editor
INDEPENDENCE Independence native Tom Schmitt used
a final-lap move to capture the I.M.C.A. Stock Car
feature on opening night at the Independence Motor
Speedway Saturday.
Schmitt, who placed second in points at the track
last year, appeared to feint Jarod Weepie into
protecting the bottom, making several attempts to pass
on the low side of the track following the race's
final caution flag on lap 10. Unable to find the grip
to make a pass stick in the lower groove, Schmitt
followed Weepie for several laps before going to the
high side for the winning pass.
Other opening night feature winners included Ladora's
J.R. Kahler in the I.M.C.A. Hobby Stocks, Waterloo's
Vern Jackson in the I.M.C.A. Modifieds and
Independence's Gary Crawford in the I.M.C.A. Late
Jamie Whitaker led the first eight laps of the stock
car feature before a caution closed up the field.
Weepie made his move on the restart, diving underneath
Whitaker in turns one and two. He led the next 10 laps
before Schmitt made his dramatic pass for the win.
Norman Chesmore came home third while Dan Trimble
rallied from problems in his heat race to place
Stock car heat winners included Eric Weber, Weepie,
Schmitt and Scooter Dulin.
The hobby stock feature also came down to the wire as
Kahler and Brian Irvine appeared to be linked to one
another for most of the 15 laps. Kahler took the lead
with Irvine just behind on lap two and held the
advantage until lap eight, when Irvine moved past on
the low side. The Hazleton native was unable to pull
away and Kahler pulled all the way back to Irvine's
bumper when the lone caution of the race flew on lap
12. Kahler tried to go low on the restart, but Irvine
slammed the door. Irvine was unable to hold the lead
one lap later as Kahler went high as the duo took the
white flag, making contact with Irvine on the front
stretch and causing the plastic front-end cover from
the Irvine's car to fly off and into the infield.
Kahler held on for the final circuit, while Terry
Shaffer third, Jason Goedken fourth and Jerome Wilson
Hobby stock heat winners included Goedken, Irvine,
Wilson and John Meyer.
Crawford found Indee's new surface to his liking in
the late model feature as he was rarely challenged on
his way to a flag-to-flag victory. Starting on the
outside pole, Crawford got a good jump at the drop of
the green flag and led by 10 car lengths by the end of
the second lap. Much of the action was deep in the
field for much of the race as former track champions
Curt Martin and Greg Kastli worked through the field
from their respective starting spots in the third and
fourth row. Martin moved past John Reidy into second
place on lap five, and Kastli moved past Reidy into
third the next lap.
The caution flag flew on lap seven, costing Crawford
a full straight-away lead. Both Kastli and Martin
tried the low side on the restart, but Crawford had
too much power and held off the charge. This time
Kastli was able to stay with him until the caution
flew again on lap 16, after which Crawford built his
lead back to 10 car lengths or more. Greg Hunter came
home third while Darin Duffy was fourth and Brett
McGill rounded out the top five. Martin suffered
problems following the lap-seven restart and wound up
Late model heat winners included Martin, Dirk
Hamilton and Drew Johnson.
Modified hot shoe Jackson led 19 of the 20 laps on
his way to the victory. Starting inside the second
row, Jackson moved alongside Scott Hogan by the end of
the second lap and was challenged only on restarts.
Jon Passick came home behind Jackson and was followed
across the line by Hogan, Dave Stricker and Timm
Jensen. Doug Firgurd become the first member of
Indee's 2003 rollover club on lap eight when he rolled
the No. 42 car as part of an accident which also
included Rick Hagen and Robert Schmuecker.
Modified heat winners included Jackson, Hogan, Todd
Jensen and Donald Erger.
May 3 action at Independence Motor Speedway will
feature the return of pro stocks to the track for the
first of their 10 nights of racing.
Hobby Stocks
Heat 1 1) Jason Goedken, Oelwein; 2) Joshua Steere,
New Hartford; 3) Terry Shaffer, NA.
Heat 2 1) Brian Irvine, Hazleton; 2) Patrick
Stansberry, Evansdale; 3) J.R. Kahler, Ladora.
Heat 3 1) Jerome Wilson, Waterloo; 2) Kyle Scheel,
Oelwein; 3) Vince Buckholz, Cedar Falls.
Heat 4 1) John Meyer, Independence; 2) Jeff
Wedemeier, Sumner; 3) Steve Meyer, Ankeny.
B-Main 1) Shane Ebaugh, Hudson; 2) Chad Clubine,
Waterloo; 3) Joe Sprague, Independence; 4) Matt Hogan,
Jesup; 5) Lynn Wheeler, NA.
Feature 1) Kahler; 2) Irvine; 3) Shaffer; 4)
Goedken; 5) Wilson; 6) Buckholz; 7) Wedemeier; 8)
Ebaugh; 9) Scheel; 10) Stansberry; 11) S. Meyer; 12)
Clubine; 13) J. Meyer; 14) Steere; 15) Hogan; 16)
Wheeler; 17) Michael Reese, Independence; 18) Sprague;
19) Robbie Wroe, NA.

Stock Cars
Heat 1 1) Eric Weber, Jesup; 2) Fabian Seitz,
Waterloo; 3) Nick Wroten, Independence.
Heat 2 1) Jarod Weepie, Dunkerton; 2) Wes Stanek,
Independence; 3) Jamie Whitaker, Oelwein.
Heat 3 1) Tom Schmitt, Independence; 2) Justin
Temeyer, Independence; 3) Ken Irvine, Hazleton.
Heat 4 1) Scooter Dulin, Cedar Rapids; 2) Norman
Chesmore, Cedar Rapids; 3) John Schaefer, LaPorte
B-Main 1) Jeff Franck, Winthrop; 2) Dan Trimble,
Fairbank; 3) Shane Manson, NA; 4) Tony Schimmels,
Readlyn; 5) Jeff Kennett, Waterloo.
Feature 1) Schmitt; 2) Weepie; 3) Chesmore; 4)
Trimble; 5) Wroten; 6) Dulin; 7) Seitz; 8) Franck; 9)
Whitaker; 10) Doug Otto, Cedar Falls; 11) Schimmels;
12) Irvine; 13) Jeff Roete, Oelwein; 14) Andy
Hennings, Waterloo; 15) Temeyer; 16) Schaefer; 17)
Kennett; 18) Manson; 19) Weber; 20) Stanek.

Heat 1 1) Donald Erger, Brandon; 2) Jon Passick,
Waterloo; 3) Timm Jensen, Dunkerton.
Heat 2 1) Vern Jackson, Waterloo; 2) Dave Stricker,
Waterloo; 3) Robert Schumuecker, Vinton.
Heat 3 1) Scott Hogan, Vinton; 2) Mike Gill, Cedar
Falls; 3) Garry Stuber, Waterloo.
Heat 4 1) Todd Jensen, Waterloo; 2) Jerry Luloff,
Independence; 3) Jeff Hogan, Vinton.
B-Main 1 1) Clayton Thomas, Waterloo; 2) Troy
Cordes, Dewar; 3) Rick Hagen, Cedar Falls; 4) Michael
Manson, Manchester.
B-Main 2 1) Patrick Flannagan, Cedar Rapids; 2)
Brian Krall, Readlyn; 3) Steve Ricks, Cedar Rapids; 4)
Doug Firgurd, NA.
Feature 1) Jackson; 2) Passick; 3) Hogan; 4)
Stricker; 5) Ti. Jensen; 6) Thomas; 7) Cordes; 8)
Luloff; 9) Gill; 10) Ricks; 11) Stuber; 12) To.
Jensen; 13) Krall; 14) Hogan; 15) Manson; 16) Erger;
17) Hagen; 18) Schmuecker; 19( Firgurd; 20) Flannagan.

Late Models
Heat 1 1) Curt Martin, Independence; 2) Greg
Kastli, Waterloo; 3) Darin Duffy, Hazleton.
Heat 2 1) Dirk Hamilton, Waterloo; 2) Dale Stolte,
Springville; 3) Brett McGill, Independence.
Heat 3 1) Drew Johnson, Belle Plaine; 2) Gary
Crawford, Independence; 3) Darren Ackerman, Waterloo.
Feature 1) Crawford; 2) Kastli; 3) Greg Hunter,
Independence; 4) Duffy; 5) McGill; 6) Lavern Carey,
Ionia; 7) Dale Hackwell Jr., Washburn; 8) Brad Osborn,
Janesville; 9) John Reidy, Winthrop; 10) Dave
Thorston, Decorah; 11) Stolte; 12) Johnson; 13) Ben
Schaefer, Raymond; 14) Greg Tsruening, Decorah; 15)
Hamilton; 16) Martin; 17) Red Dralle, Waterloo; 18) Ed
Sanger, Postville; 19) Ackerman.

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