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Author Topic:   Tazewell Speedway results 4-27-03
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posted April 28, 2003 11:52 AM UIN: 16262997
Tazewell Speedway results 4-27-03

"Bonanza Produce Spring Fling 100"

Jimmy Owens shot out front over Scott Bloomquist,
Billy Ogle Jr., Anthony White and Steve Smith. The
first caution came on lap four when Brian Hendrix spun
in turn two. Ronnie Johnson got by Jeff Wolfenbarger
on lap seven moving up from eighteenth place. David
Crabtree slowed in turn three to bring out the second
caution and headed to the pits, while Duayne Hommel
went to the pits with a flat tire.

By lap fourteen the leader were working lap traffic
and a lot of the cars were carrying their left front
tire they were hooked up so good on the "Bad Fast"
Taz. Anthony White and Ron Hatmaker got together in
turn two on lap seventeen, and track official sent the
two to the rear. Owens still held the point over
Bloomquist, Ogle, S. Smith and Randle Chupp on the
restart. Brian Hendrix and Keith Chapman got together
in the same place White and Hatmaker did and were sent
to the rear on lap twenty-eight. Skip Arp took over
seventh place on lap thirty-five.

Back in the field Ricky Rogers, David Payne and Jeff
Wolfenbarger were putting on a show of their own
getting three wide at times. Ogle tried the low side
of Bloomquist on lap forty-two, Bloomquist turned up
the heat and moved in on Owens bumper pulling away
from Ogle's side.

Bloomquist went to the low side of Owens in turn three
on lap fifty-nine going for the win, the two were side
by side at the flag stand on lap sixty-three. While
behind them Chupp passed S. Smith for fourth place.
Owens and Bloomquist were side by side again at the
flag stand on lap sixty-nine. While S. Smith took back
fourth from Chupp in turn three on lap seventy-three.
Bloomquist gave Owens no breathing room as he went to
the low side again on lap eighty-four. Coming of turn
four for the checkered Bloomquist had a tire cut down
and spun across the line backwards to finish fourth.

Jimmy Owens from Newport, TN won the "Bonanza Produce
Spring Fling 100" collecting the $10,000 driving the
Byrd's Radiator and Auto Repair, Redline Oil, Racetec
Engine, #20 Rocket.

Finishing out the field 2nd Billy Ogle Jr, 3rd Steve
Smith, 4th Scott Bloomquist, 5th Skip Arp 6th David
Payne, 7th Ronnie Johnson, 8th Duayne Hommel, 9th
Brian Hendrix, 10th Stacy Boles, 11th Jeff
Wolfenbarger, 12th Jeff Smith, 13th Dan Schlieper,
14th Rick Rogers, 15th Clint Smith, 16th Randle Chupp,
17th Rex Richey, 18th Keith Chapman, 19th Ron
Hatmaker, 20th Gary Blanken, 21st Jack Trammel, 22nd
Anthony White, 23rd David Crabtree, 24th Eddie

Cars making the feature out of the consi were Eddie
McMillan and Ron Hatmaker.

Limited Late Model:
Ronnie Johnson from Chattanooga, TN took the win in
the Clement Engine, Goddard Performance, Miller Bro.
Coal, Afco, #5 Warrior.

Rounding out the rest of the field was 2nd Brian
Smith, 3rd Marty Calloway, 4th Billy Ogle Jr., 5th
Brian Burke, 6th Danny Yoder, 7th Rex Coffey, 8th
David Gamble, 9th Greg Husky, 10th Jason Trammel, 11th
Josh Chesney, 12th Jerry Fuson, 13th Dale Husky, 14th
Gary Blanken, 15th Mike Bright, 16th Ellis Parker,
17th Eric Creech, 18th Scott Gardner, 19th Phillip
Anderson, 20th Shelby Wilson, 21st Jimmy Calloway.

Modified Street:
Morristown's Tony Trent won the Modified Street
Feature driving the #18 Monte Carlo, sponsored by
Tom's Concrete Service, Doyle's Starter and
Alternator, Keaton's Backhoe Service, Coffey Racing
Fabrication, Engines by Tim Trent.

Finishing out the field 2nd Anthony Morgan, 3rd
Anthony Frye, 4th Bubba Long, 5th Allen Holt, 6th Tim
Hatfield, 7th Prentice Harvey 8th Ben Harris.

Pure Street:
Mike Nichols took the win followed by 2nd John Cook,
3rd Gary Harville, 4th Charlie England, 5th Chuck
Thode Jr., 6th Gary Dobbs, 7th Frankie Clark, 8th
Jesse Hoover, 9th Glenn Barks, 10th Jeff Smith, 11th
Dean Jones, 12th Roy Ramsey, 13th Steve Smith, 14th
Jonathan Miracle.

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