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Author Topic:   Rollover Racing off to a bad start
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posted April 28, 2003 12:59 AM UIN: 2329866
We got out to the track with no problem. Unloaded the car and went out to hotlap. In the middle of the corners the transmission started to slip. Checked the tranny fluid and it was low. So we filled it and then just hoped that was all that was wrong. They decided that since this was the first race of the season that we would have to run a heat race to decide the starting position for the Main event. There were only 5 of us that showed up for the Figure 8's. So they said we would run the Heat on the oval and the Main on the X.

Heat Race:
Started out on the outside of row 2. Was real worried about the tranny and was just praying it was just a fluid problem. At the drop of the green I jumped into 3rd and was just trying to make sure the tranny was working right. About 2 laps in the tranny was working perfect so I decided to see if I could win the Heat race. In corners 3 & 4 they had the cones out on the track as it was real muddy down low. Went into turn 3 too low knocked down all the cones and even threw 1 up on the track. Well they threw the caution to remove the cone and sent me to the rear for bringing out the yellow. Knew my shot at winning was gone so I just rode the last 3 laps out.

A Main:
They inverted the field from the heat race and I started on the pole. Got a bad start and going into turn 3 I was in 2nd. On the 2n lap the 3rd place car got by me on the straight. Coming out of turn 1 we collided and he dropped back. I knew I could win the race and was trying to cut turn 4 a little to gain on the leader. I cut the corner too much and hit a good size bump. It lifted the whole front in off the ground and it came down hard. When it landed it stripped a nut off the lower ball joint and the A-Frame came loose. Well that ended my night. I finished last. Luckily there were only 5 of us out there so I do not have a big hole to climb out of.

Will have the car fixed in plenty of time for the next race on May 17th.

Shawn Bagby
Figure 8 Racing at Rocky Mountain National Speedway in Denver Colorado

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