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Author Topic:   Denny Eckrich Takes “Flyin 50” To West Liberty Win
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posted April 27, 2003 02:56 PM UIN: 16262997
Denny Eckrich Takes “Flyin 50” To West Liberty Win

West Liberty, Iowa: Saturday, April 26th mother nature provided a perfect night for racing action as the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Racing Series held night number 2 of the 2003 season at the West Liberty Raceway.

36 powerful Iowa Illinois Taylor Insulation NASCAR Late Models signed in hoping to walk away with the lions share of the purse money. Kurt Stewart led the first 17 laps before a caution was thrown for the leader spinning in turn two. Denny Eckrich took command on the restart and sailed on to pick up the feature win. Eckrich started the Mac Tools/Grove Auto “Flyin 50” in the sixth row and used several different lines around the smooth mile to make his way to the front. Matt Furman turned in another strong performance in taking second. Matt Gilchrist crossed the line in third but failed post race inspection due to an illegal carburetor. Kevin Kile was elevated into third ahead of Brian Harris and Dave Eckrich.

The Miller Time Modified feature was a wild affair that saw 3 different drivers take their turn at leading in the 20 lap main event. Kevin Kile led the race 3 laps before Rick Hixson was able move out front. Hixson went on to lead until the white flag lap when Terry Walker was able to use the low line coming off of turn four and lead the field under the white flag. Hixson led off of turn two but Walker was able to win the race to the checkers down the front chute by a few feet over Hixson. Walker and third place finisher Ryan Dolan both advanced from the fifth row. Kevin Kile and Mike Zogg rounded out the top five.

The NASCAR Pro Stock feature was marred by a couple early cautions and one extra lap prior to a restart to chase a black cat off of the track. That appeared to be an omen for leader Dan Werner who slipped out of the groove in turn one while leading and ended up in the wall on lap ten. On the restart Chad Simpson took of and led the remaining five laps in route to the win. Jason Gingerich ran up front the entire 15 laps in taking second ahead of a strong running “M&M’s Man” Randy Franzen. Troy Phillpott and Bruce Miller rounded out the top five.

The NASCAR Hobby Stock division is wide open at the West Liberty Raceway for the 2003 season. Saturday nights action proved that several different drivers are very capable of getting wins in the very competitive Hobby Stock Class. Jason Lange led by a very narrow margin the first five laps before “Flyin” Stan O’Brien was able to get the lead and drive on to the win. Jared “Lugnut” Collins finished a very close second to O’Brien. Matt Greiner and Rick Curtis completed the top four.

NASCAR Dodge Weekly Racing Series action will continue at the West Liberty Raceway on Saturday nights with hot laps taking to the track at 6 p.m. racing follows at 6:30 p.m.

West Liberty Raceway Race Results 4/26/03

NASCAR Hobby Stocks

Heat 1

S9 Ron Schruers-Fruitland
31 Rick Curtis-Muscatine
89 Kelly Welter-St. Donatus

Heat 2

12 Scotty Pratt-Tipton
94 Jason Lange-Lisbon
0 Stan O’Brien-Muscatine


0 O’Brien
15 Jared Collins-West Liberty
29 Matt Greiner-Washington
31 Curtis
100 Dave Schrier-Muscatine
20 Dan Albright-Hiawatha
72 Doug Yates-Monticello
2W Roger Whitcomb-Letts
S9 Schreurs
28 Zach Sobaski-Washington
89 Welter
17 Marcus Ostofi-Davenport
29 W Dave Wadda-Muscatine
25 Jim Schrier-Washington
11 Chris Mauer-West Liberty
94 Lange
12P Pratt

NASCAR Pro Stocks

Heat 1

26 Paul Hallett-Muscatine
75 Mike Welsh-Davenport
11 Troy Philpott-Muscatine

Heat 2

29 Bruce Miller-West Liberty
9Z Dan Werner-Muscatine
36 Jason Gingerich-West Liberty

Heat 3

32 Chris Simpson-Marion
3D Dan Lange-Rochester
25 Chad Simpson-Marion


25 Simpson
36 Gingerich
33 Randy Franzen-Maquoketa
11 Philpott
29 Miller
38 Skeet Smith-Wilton
0 Matt Bodman-Muscatine
75 Welsh
32 Simpson
3D Lange
24 Monte Hayden-Wilton
77 Darren Plett-Donahue
60 Matt Brockert-Muscatine
9 Davey Elliott-Moscow
5M Larry McCall-Mechanicsville
9Z Werner
26 Hallett
86 Jeremy Gustaf-Moline, IL
42V Darren Voss-Wilton
21 Brian VanDusen-Atalissa
31 Jeremy Honts-Muscatine

Miller Time Modifieds

Heat 1

01M Mitch Way-Davenport
1K Kevin Kile-West Liberty
D56 Mike Dains-Mechanicsville

Heat 2

45 Steve Kohli-Iowa City
19 Terry Lawson-New Liberty
12 Terry Walker-Riverside

Heat 3

2 Jim Vest-Wellman
2H Rick Hixson-Orion, IL
1 Johnny Spaw-Cedar Rapids

Miller Time Modified Feature

12 Walker
2h Hixson
51 Ryan Dolan-Lisbon
1k Kile
9Z Mike Zogg-New Liberty
8 Rich Smith-Davenport
19 Lawson
7 Mike Thomas-West Branch
26 Scott Fridley-Mechanicsville
01M Way
1 Spaw
96 Larry Herring-Lone Tree
71Z Ray Partida-West Liberty
34 Dave Hemsted-Lone Tree
2 Vest
37 Todd Stoolman-West Branch
44 Wade Lee-Muscatine
20 John Fellman-Blue Grass
3 Jason Schueller-Dubuque
41 Scott Hill-Davenport
21 Todd Hansen-Muscatine
D56 Dains
45 Kohli
42 John Brumley-Riverside

Iowa Illinois Taylor Insulation Late Models

Heat 1

33 Nick Marolf-Moscow
28 Jeff Bair-Solon
58 Dave Eckrich-Oxford

Heat 2

2 Monte Ohrt-West Branch
12 Ray Guss Jr.-Milan, IL
50 Denny Eckrich-Tiffin

Heat 3

77 Kurt Kile-West Liberty
66 Matt Gilchrist-Grandview
45 Mike Klinkhammer-West Branch

Heat 4

88 Kevin Kile-West Liberty
74 Ron Boyse-Kalona
51 Matt Furman-Iowa City


57 Tom Christensen-West Liberty
21h Brian Harris-Davenport
30 Dan Brockert-Muscatine

IITI Feature

1. 50 Eckrich

2. 51 Furman

3. 88 Kile

4. 21h Harris

5. 58 Eckrich

6. 57 Christensen

7. 45 Klinkhammer

8. 2 Ohrt

9. 4 Bobby Sexton-West Branch

10. 3T Todd Davis-Iowa City

11. 28 Jeff Bair-Solon

12. 23D Dana Wells-Moscow

13. 18Z Rusty Zook-Riverside

14. 21 Luke Merfeld-Dubuque

15. 2R Rusty Daufeldt-Blue Grass, IA

16. 74 Boyse

17. 43 Kurt Stewart-Ainsworth

18. 33 Marolf

19. 1M Rob Moss-Iowa City

20. 30 Brockert

21. 56E Andy Eckrich-Cosgrove

22. 32 Tom Cannon-Iowa City

23. 77 Kile

24. 77J Steve Johnson-Camanche

25. 26R Wayne Brau-Anawan

26. 26 Steve Boley-West Liberty

27. 12 Guss Jr.

DQ 66 Gilchrist

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