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Author Topic:   Jimmy Owens "The Come Back Byrd"
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posted April 20, 2003 11:43 PM UIN: 16262997
Jimmy Owens "The Come Back Byrd"

Super Late Models:
Newport's Jimmy Owens after having trouble qualifying
set fast time 11.96 (112.876 MPH). Then stopping
several times in the pits for quick repairs and
restarting in the rear of the field every time rose to
the top.

The first start saw Jack Trammell and Jeff
Wolfenbarger get together in turn two and Eddie King
Jr., Anthony White and Mark Brooks in the mix in turn

With a complete restart Ricky Rogers took the led over
Gary Blanken, Jason Trammell, Owens, and Eddie
McMillan. Anthony White got by Owens. Lap one Owens
passed Jason Trammell and White moving up to third

Lap three White's car took a turn on the backstretch
toward the out side wall and rolled, White was okay.
Owens went to the pits for repairs and restarted on
the rear of the field. On the restart Owens passed
Keith Chapman. King passed McMillan on lap six, but it
was recalled for debris on the track. Owens flew by
Wolfenbarger and Brooks on lap seven, then slowed on
the front stretch and went to the pits for the second
time, restarting on the rear again. King got by
McMillan on the restart; Owens again passed Brooks
from the rear of the field. Owens passed Wolfenbarger
on lap ten for fifth place; Wolfenbarger passed Owens
back in turn three. Lap eleven Owens passed
Wolfenbarger back on lap eleven in turn three. Owens
went to the high side of King on lap twelve to take
over fourth place and the low side of Jason Trammell
on the next go around to take over third place. The
pass on Trammell was recalled for debris on the track.
Owens pulled it off again on the restart. Gary Blanken
with a strong run going and in second place lost a
drive shaft on lap fourteen. On the restart Rogers
still held the led followed by Owens, Jason Trammell,
Wolfenbarger and Brooks.

Owens made his move on the restart for the led on the
low side of Rogers in turn two and took over the led.
Running the low side of the track Owens moved out to a
third of the track over second place. A caution on lap
twenty-five for Brooks tightened up the field. Jason
Trammell passed Rogers for second on lap thirty-two in
turn three, Roger repaid Trammell on the next round in
turn three taking back second place.

Jimmy Owens picked up another win at the "Bad Fast
Taz" driving the Byrd's Radiator, Racetec Engine,
Rocket chassis, Red Line Oil #20 in the Super Late
Model class taming the Taz.

Super Late Models Finish:
1. Jimmy Owens #20
2. Ricky Rogers #144
3. Jason Trammell #91
4. Jeff Wolfenbarger #28
5. Keith Chapman #89
6. Mark Brook #25
7. Gary Blanken #g7
8. Eddie King Jr. #39
9. Eddie McMillan #04
10. Anthony White #2
11. Jack Trammell #91

Limited Late Models:
Barbourville, Ky's Brian Smith set fast time in
qualifying 12.61 (107.157 MPH) driving the
MasterSbilt, Smith Gutters and Siding, South Side Auto
Sales, led the first lap followed by Gary Blanken, Pug
Hodges, Rex Coffey and Eric Creech.

Smith slowed on the front stretch for a complete
restart. On the restart Coffey took the led followed
by Blanken, Creech, Hodges and Jimmy Calloway.

Richie Bean went to the pits on lap one with a smoking
engine. Hodges slid up against the turn four wall on
lap three with problems. Moving Jerry Fuson up to
fifth place on the restart. Lap eighteen Calloway went
to the low side of Self trying for fifth place.

Morristown's Rex Coffey took the win driving the Fast
Lane Race Cars, Cornett Engines, West End Collision
Center #0 at the "Bad Fast Taz" in the Limited Late
Model class.

Limited Late Models Finish:
1. Rex Coffey #0
2. Gary Blanken #g7
3. Eric Creech #n30
4. Jerry Fuson #37
5. Randall Self #91
6. Jimmy Calloway #39
7. David Hensley #2 (black)
8. Brian Smith #7
9. Rodney Davis #6
10. Josh Chesney #1
11. Pug Hodges #2 (white)
12. Richie Bean #11

Modified Street:
Tazewell's Rick Welch set fast time in qualifying
13.94 (96.843 MPH) #18 (black) driving the C and R
Trucking, Welch Aluminum, Monte Carlo.

With the two #18's on the front row Welch (Black) and
Tony Trent (blue). Trent took the led followed by
Welch, Anthony Morgan, Bubba Long and Allen Holt. Lap
one and Welch left the track with his car smoking.
Moving Prentice Harvey up into fifth place on the
Harvey went to the low side of Holt on lap thirteen to
take over fourth place. While out front Trent was
pulling away from the rest of the field, putting on a
show of driving and horsepower.

It was Morristown's Tony Trent taking the win driving
the (blue) #18, Doyle's Starter and Alternator, Tom's
Concrete Service, Keaton's Backhoe Service, Coffey
Racing Fabrication, Monte Carlo. After being protested
for the second week in a roll by Morgan. Trent let
them tear his engine down and was found to be legal.

Modified Street Finish:
1. Tony Trent #18 (blue)
2. Anthony Morgan #26
3. Bubba Long #10
4. Prentice Harvey #19
5. Allen Holt #24
6. Steve Mayes #0
7. Anthony Frye #14
8. Jason Long #15
9. Tony Horton #56
10. Jimmy Mullins #21
11. Rick Welch #18 (black)
12. Ben Harris #42
13. Mitch Houston #00

Pure Street:
Middlesboro, Ky's Jesse Hoover set fast time in
qualifying 15.600 (86.538 MPH)

Hoover took the led over Eddie Younce, Jonathan
Miracle, Mike Bright, and Phillip Nichols. Lap three
P. Nichols went to the low side of Miracle only to
have Steve Smith leave oil on the track. Lap five
Donald England lost a wheel on the front stretch.

On the restart Bright moved to the low side of Younce
and Bobby Moore went to the low side of P. Nichols.
Bright passed Younce and Nichols on lap seven to take
over second place.

Bright put the pressure on Hoover on laps twelve thru
fourteen when he put the nose of his car below Hoover
for the led. Lap sixteen Moore tried the low side of
Younce in turn two for the third place but it didn't
work. It was a race coming back to the checkered as
Bright got below Hoover going for the win.

Middlesboro, Ky's Jesse Hoover driving the #3, A-1
Radiator, William Cody Engine, L and S Discount Tires,
Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken, Marsee Transmission.
Tamed the Taz and picked up the feature win in Pure
Street action.

Pure Street Finish:
1. Jesse Hoover #3
2. Mike Bright #7
3. Eddie Younce #81
4. Bobby Moore #m4
5. Richard Ely #28
6. Gary Harville #27
7. Roy Ramsey #r2
8. Frankie Clark #12
9. Chuck Thode Jr. #3
10. Mike Nichols #83
11. Phillip Nichols #33
12. Steve Wilder #74
13. Dean Jones #02
14. Jonathan Miracle #50
15. Donald England #11
16. Kevin Smith #58
17. Jody Horton #56
18. Larry Burk #54
19. Steve Smith #22
20. Johnny Miller #39

Four Cyl.
Fast qualifier Randy Helton 16.200 (83.333 MPH) and
Brian Courtney started of the front row. Courtney
jumped out front with Helton along side. Lap two
Helton tried the low side of Courtney on the front
stretch for the led, but it was not to be as Courtney
held on to the led.

Knoxville's Brian Courtney took the feature win in the
four cly. Class. Driving the #71

Four Cyl. Finish
1. Brian Courtney #71
2. Phillip Gerding #6
3. Brad Presley #19
4. Michael Simpson #m7
5. Randy Helton #2
6. Joe Shelton Jr. #18
7. Alan Holoway #a27

The Super Four Cylinders made a special appearance to
the "Bad Fast Taz. The car look like small Late
Models, only they have four cylinder engines.

Jacksboro's Bill Goss set fast time 14.87 (90.786 MPH)
and went on to take the Feature Win. Followed by Jamie
Miller, Tim Miller and Bobby Idols followed Goss to
the line.

*Special Note
Friday night April 25 Tazewell Speedway will finish up
the "Spring Fling 100" Feature that was rained out on
March 29. The heat races have already been run and the
top 5 from each heat are locked in. Tazewell Speedway
will not race on Saturday night April 26.

A list of the drivers locked in to the feature from
the heat races are.
Heat one Finish:
1. Jimmy Owens #20
2. Anthony White #2
3. Dan Schlieper #s9
4. Skip Arp #31
5. Brian Hendrix #5

Heat two Finish:
1. Scott Bloomquist #0
2. Clint Smith #44
3. Randle Chupp #114
4. David Crabtree #5
5. Shane Clanton #25

Third heat finish:
1. Billy Ogle Jr #201
2. Steve Smith #3
3. David Payne #8
4. Ricky Rogers #144
5. Rex Richey #201r

Join us at Tazewell Speedway for some of the fast
paced action as these drivers take to the high bank.
"Bad Fast Taz" for any updates check out Tazewell
Speedway's internet site at
were you will find information about motels and
camping in the Claiborne Co. area.

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