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Author Topic:   Tazewell Speedway (Tazewell, TN) 4-5-03 Tazewell Speedway opens 2003 points season.
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posted April 06, 2003 09:11 PM UIN: 16262997
Tazewell Speedway (Tazewell, TN) 4-5-03 Tazewell Speedway opens 2003
points season.

By Art Bean

Super Late Models:
Fast qualifier Steve Smith from Powell, TN driving the Bonanza Produce,
Fine Trucking, C. J. Rayburn #3 turned an 11:61 (116.279 MPH). Smith
jumped out front over Jimmy Owens from the front row. Owens crossed his
mount up in turn two and Anthony White took over second place. As they
crossed the finish line on lap one it was Smith, White, Owens, Jack
Trammell and David Crabtree. Lap two Mark Brooks looped his ride in turn

two. On the restart Owens tried the low side of White for the led for
the next five laps it was side-by-side racing for White and Owens for
second with Smith out front. In fourth were Jack Trammel and David
Crabtree in fifth place. Lap six Owens got by White for second place.
Lap twelve Ricky Rogers crossed his yellow machine up in turn two. Jason

Trammel got by his teammate and dad Jack Trammell on lap fourteen.

Steve Smith started lapping the rear of the field on lap seventeen with
Owens all over Smith. The next thirteen laps it was Smith on the high
side and Owens on the low side going back and forth for the led by
inches. While Smith and Owens were in a battle over the led, Rogers spun

in turn four on lap twenty-five. Lap thirty-four Owens after working the

low side of Smith all night took the led.

Newport, Tenn.'s four time Open Wheel UMP National Champion Jimmy Owens
took the win driving the Byrd's Radiator and Auto Repair, Redline Oil,
Racetec Engine, Rocket Chassis. Jimmy Owens now leads the points at
Tazewell Speedway.

Super Late Model:
Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (2) Jimmy Owens #20
2. (1) Steve Smith #3
3. (4) Anthony White #2
4. (3) David Crabtree #5
5. (8) Jason Trammell#91
6. (9) Mark Brooks #25
7. (7) Gary Blanken #g7
8. (10) Keith Chapman #89
9. (5) Ricky Rogers #144
10. (6) Jack Trammell #90

Limited Late Models:
Brian Smith from Barbourville, KY set fast time 12.58 (107.313 MPH) and
led Rex Coffey, Eric Creech, Marlin Bull and Scott Gardener back to the
stripe. On the first start Mike Wright stopped in turn three with a
missing nose piece on his Rocket machine. Lap two Richie Bean headed to
the pits with transmission problems. Lap seven it was David Gamble
making a trip to the inside pits with problems.

Brian Smith from Barbourville, KY driving the Smith Gutters and Siding,
South Side Auto Sales, MasterSbilt chassis took the first point race win

of the 2003 season at Tazewell Speedway.

Limited Late Models:
Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (1) Brian Smith #7
2. (2) Rex Coffey #0
3. (5) Eric Creech #n30
4. (6) Marlin Bull #8
5. (7) Scott Gardener #25
6. (9) David Gamble #2
7. (8) Shelby Wilson #4w
8. (10) Richie Bean #11)
9. (3) Mike Wright #18
10. (4) Gary Blanken #g7

Modified Street:
Tazewell, Tenn.'s own Rick Welch set fast time 14.016 (96.318 MPH)
driving the C and R Trucking, Welch Aluminum, Beason Racing Engine #18.

It was Anthony Morgan leading them back to the stripe on lap one,
followed by Welch, Craig Moore, Tony Trent and Mike Hodges. Lap three
Moore got in to the turn two wall and lost a tire and nosepiece in turn
three. On the restart it was Morgan, Welch, Trent, Hodges and Leonard
Bray in fifth place. Welch touched the turn two wall on the restart and
lost second place as Trent and Hodges went by for second and third
place. Lap five Bray in fifth lost liquid in turns one and two.
The restart saw Morgan out front followed by Welch, Hodges, Trent and
Allen Holt. Lap seven Hodges crossed up in turn two and spun while in
third place, Welch spun to miss Hodges. Welch got third place back
followed by Holt and Bubba Long in Fifth. Hodges started moving back up
thought the field on the restart, by lap eighteen Hodges was back up to
fifth. Charlie England spun in turn two on lap eighteen. The restart saw

Morgan, Trent and Welch three wide for the led.

Anthony Morgan from Morristown, TN driving the #26, Hopson Racing and
Fabricating, American Graphics, Buick Regal took the win to start off
the 2003 points at Tazewell Speedway.

Modified Street:
Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (2) Anthony Morgan #26
2. (5) Tony Trent #18 blue
3. (1) Rick Welch #18 black
4. (8) Allen Holt #24
5. (4) Mike Hodges #16
6. (7) Bubba Long #10
7. (11) Tony Horton #56
8. (9) Jason Long #15
9. (10) Anthony Frye #14
10. (12) Tim Hatfield #3
11. (13) Terry Harris #h1
12. (15) Charlie England #99
13. (14) James Lane #77
14. (6) Leonard Bray #17
15. (3) Craig Moore #90

Pure Street:
Mike Bright jumped out front over fast qualifier Jonathan Miracle 15.21
(88.757 MPH). Followed by Jesse Hoover, Steve smith and Jody Horton on
the start. Lap two Dean Jones spun in turn two. By lap four the leaders
were working lap traffic, when Chuck Thode stopped in turn two.

Lap five Scott Marlow rolled his mount in turn two Marlow was okay. Lap
nine Smith went to the low side of Hoover and Horton, three wide. Terry
Laws spun in turn four on lap eleven. Lap nineteen Hoover went to the
low side of Miracle for second place and Miracle slip up the track near
the crossover wall. It was a scramble back to the checkered flag
between Bright, Horton and Hoover. With Terry Laws and Bright getting
together after the checkered flag.

Mike Bright from Maynardville, TN won the Pure Street Feature driving
the Calloway Race Cars, Calloway Excavating #7. To start off the 2003
point season at Tazewell Speedway "Bright".

Pure Street:
Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (2) Mike Bright #7 black
2. (6) Jody Horton #56j
3. (4) Jesse Hoover #3
4. (5) Eddie Younce #81
5. (3) Steve Smith #22
6. (7) Gary Harville #27
7. (17) T.J. Knuckles #7 gray
8. (8) Terry Laws #8
9. (1) Jonathan Miracle #50
10. (14) Johnny Miller #39
11. (10) Richard Ely #28
12. (12) Chuck Thode #m44
13. (9) Dean Jones #02
14. (13) Roy Ramsey #r2
15. (11) Bobby Moore #m4
16. (15) Scott Marlow #34
17. (16) Greg Hoskins #19

Four Cyl:
It looked to be Phillip Gerding's night as he led the first two laps
over Jack Courtney, Brad Albright, Alan Holloway and Mike Simpson. Lap
one Holloway, Simpson and Brad Pressley got together in turn two.
Courtney and Albright passed Gerding in turn two for the led on lap two.

Gerding ended up against the turn four wall on lap four. Lap ten through

14 Albright went to the low side of Courtney trying for the led.
Coming off turn four Albright was still under Courtney coming to the
checkered flag, but couldn't pull off the pass.

Brad Albright from Maryville, TN got the win driving the Holloway
Service Center, Brewster and Brewster Builders, T and R Automotive Paint

and Body Supply Mustang II.

Four Cyl.
Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (3) Jack Courtney #j1
2. (4) Brad Albright #28
3. (5) Brad Pressley #19
4. (1) Mike Simpson #m7
5. (6) Alan Holloway # #27
6. (2) Phillip Gerding #6
7. (7) Jerry Ledford #05

Next Saturday night April 12, Tazewell Speedway will have the "Bill
Holloway Memorial Race" paying the winner in Super Late Models $3,000 to

win. The "Spring Fling 100" that was rained out will run the Feature
Events on Friday night April 25. The top 5 from each heat are locked in
to the feature, the others that didn't make it through their heat race
will run a consi to see were they start in the Feature. For more
information check out and watch the newspaper

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