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Author Topic:   Tazewell Speedway Fri, night 3-28-03 heat results for Sat
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Tazewell Speedway Fri, night 3-28-03 heat results for Sat, nights
Bonanza Produce Spring Fling 100

Super Late Models:
Jimmy Owens the Open Wheel UMP National Champion from Newport, TN. set
fast time 11.53 (119.05 MPH). In the Byrd's Radiator and Auto repair,
Redline Oil, Rocket chassis, Racetec Engine.

Heat one:
On the first start Owens took the led over Anthony White and Dan
Schlieper. With White and Skip Arp getting together collecting Gary
Blanken for a complete restart. With the complete restart Owens again
took over followed by White, Schlieper, Arp and Brian Hendrix.

Lap one Arp went to the low side of Schlieper trying to take over third
place. Lap four White pushed up in turn four to the wall, but was able
to hold on.

Owens won the first heat by a straight away over the field. As the track

stayed tacky making it a horsepower track all night long.

Heat one Finish:
1. Jimmy Owens #20
2. Anthony White #2
3. Dan Schlieper #s9
4. Skip Arp #31
5. Brian Hendrix #5
6. Jack Trammell #90j
7. Troy Eads #52
8. Gary Blanken #g7

Heat two:
Scott Bloomquist pulled out front over Clint Smith, Randle Chupp, David
Crabtree and Shane Clanton. Lap five Ronnie Johnson starting from the
back passed Brad Neat. Lap seven through ten Chupp worked the low side
of Smith for second place.

It was Mooresburg, Tenn.'s Scott Bloomquist taking the win in the Custom

Engine, Miller Bro. Coal, Allstar Performance, Hawkeye Trucking, Perry
County Tire, Warrior. Taking the second heat race win by half a lap.

Heat two Finish:
1. Scott Bloomquist #0
2. Clint Smith #44
3. Randle Chupp #114
4. David Crabtree #5
5. Shane Clanton #25
6. Jeff Wolfenbarger #28
7. Ronnie Johnson #5
8. Brad Neat #41

Heat three:
Duayne Hommel pulled Billy Ogle Jr from the line to take the led
followed by Steve Smith, David Payne and Ricky Rogers. Hommel while out
front spun in turn two, giving the led to Ogle and sending Hommel to the

rear of the field. Lap nine Jeff Smith and Hommel passed Glen Vanover
for sixth and seventy place. Lap ten Hommel went by J. Smith for sixth

Knoxville, Tenn.'s Billy Ogle driving the Custom Engine, Calhoun's
Rest., Paul Hester Excavating, Vanover Concrete Finishers, Warrior took
the third heat.

Third heat finish:
1. Billy Ogle Jr #201
2. Steve Smith #3
3. David Payne #8
4. Ricky Rogers #144
5. Rex Richey #201r
6. Duayne Hommel #h2
7. Jeff Smith #70
8. Glen Vanover #20v

Limited Late Models:
Russellville, Tenn.'s Gary Blanken driving the 84 Lumber, Gordon Backhoe

Dozer Service, Rovon Enterprises Inc., Berry World Clip Shop, Stinger
turned fast time 12.497 (108.03 MPH).

Heat one:
Rex Coffey pulled Roy Ledbetter on the start followed by Greg Husky,
Gary Blanken and Michael Wright. Lap five Dale husky passed Pug Hodges.
While on lap seven Hodge got into the turn four wall when something
broke on the front end. Lap eight Blanken went to the low side of G.
Husky to take over fourth place.

Washburn, Tenn.'s Rex Coffey driving the West End Collision Center,
Cornett Engine, Fast Lane Race Cars went on to take the first heat.

Limited Late Model Heat One Finish:
1. Rex Coffey
2. Roy Ledbetter #20v
3. Greg Husky #32
4. Gary Blanken #g7
5. Michael Wright #18
6. Clyde Creech #n30
7. Chris Combs #47
8. Dale Husky #23
9. Leonard Bray #17
10. Pug Hodges #2

Heat two:
Jason Trammell took the led over Brian Smith, Evan Harrell, Ellis Parker

and Ronnie Johnson. Lap two Shelby Wilson spun in turn two. Lap three
Johnson passed Harrell and Parker for third. Harrell spun in turn four
on lap four and again on the restart. Lap five Harrell passed Josh
Chestney and Shelby Wilson. Johnson went to the low side of Smith on lap

eight in turn three but couldn't pull off the pass. Wilson spun in turn
two on lap nine on his own.

Corryton, Tenn.'s Jason Trammell driving the JRT Promotions, Inc., Vic
Hill Racing Engines, Total Contracting Service, Blue Ridge Development,
Alpha Drywall Systems, Baker Ent., GRT took the second heat.

Limited Late Model Heat Two Finish:
1. Jason Trammell #91
2. Brian Smith #7 yel
3. Ronnie Johnson #5
4. Ellis Parker #29
5. Marty Calloway #7 blk
6. Evan Harrell #28
7. Josh Chestney #1
8. Shelby Wilson #4w
9. David Gamble #2

Pure Street Feature:
Fast qualifier Jesse Hoover 15.555 (86.79 MPH) took the led over John
Cook, Mike Bright, Duke Bear and Jody Horton. Lap five Bear went to the
low side of Bright and Cook for second place. Lap twelve it worked for
Bear as he took over second place. Lap fourteen T. J. Knuckles spun in
turn four right in front of the leaders as they just cleared his car as
they flew by. With Hoover out front on the restart of lap fourteen, he
crossed it up in turn two on lap fifteen. Bright had no place to go and
got together with Hoover and Hoover spun. Sending Hoover to the rear on
the led lap on the restart in ninth place. Lap fifteen restart Hoover
passed Horton and Younce. Lap seventeen Younce lost liquid on the track
in turns three and four.

Maynardville, Tenn.'s Mike Bright won the Pure Street Feature driving
the Calloway Race Cars, Sexton Auto Parts, Calloway Excavating,
Northgate Heat and Air, Olds Cutlass.

Finish-Start-Driver-Car number
1. (4) Mike Bright #7 blk
2. (6) Duke Bear #2
3. (3) Jonathan Miracle #50
4. (1) Jesse Hoover #3
5. (5) Jody Horton #56j
6. (9) Gary Dobbs #d2
7. (19) T. J. Knuckles #7k
8. (13) Bill Hayes #0
9. (7) Eddie Younce #81
10. (2) John Cook #0z
11. (17) Bobby Moore #m4
12. (8) Phillip Nichols #33n
13. (10) Dean Jones #02
14. (16) Chuck Phelps #33p
15. (11) Chuck Thode #m44
16. (14) Ronnie Gray #g8
17. (15) Michael Milsap #22
18. (12) Charlie England #55
19. (18) Steve Wilder #74
20. (20) Johnny Miller #39

Four Cyl. Feature:
Fast qualifier Kurt Owens 14.854 (90.88 MPH). With the drop of the green

Owens, Scottie Hicks, Brad Albright and Derick Elder were mixing it up
for the led. With Owens out front and Hicks giving him a run for his
money. Lap four Albright lost it in turn four while in fourth place. Lap

five Hicks got by Owens for the led, and on lap seven Elders got by
Owens to take over second place.

Morristown, Tenn.'s Scottie Hicks took the Feature Win after making
changes all week. So his car would meet the rules for the Four Cyl.'s at

Tazewell Speedway.

Finish-Start-Driver-Car number
1. (2) Scottie Hicks #14
2. (3) Derick Elders #20
3. (1) Kurt Owens #7up
4. (5) Randy Helton #2
5. (4) Brad Albright #28
6. (6) David Cawood #8
7. (10) Mike Johnson #9
8. (9) Jeff Bryant #3
9. (7) Phillip Gerding #6
10. (8) Alan Holloway #a27

After Saturday's rain and cold temperature and the forecast for rain and

possible snow flurries Sunday. The "Bonanza Produce Spring Fling 100"
had to be rescheduled for a later date. Watch the paper for the date to
be announced or check out Tazewell Speedway Internet site at for updates on the "Bonanza Produce Spring
Fling 100"

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