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Author Topic:   Batesville Results
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posted March 09, 2003 04:44 PM
Street Stock Spring Nationals
Friday, Saturday; March 7-8
by Larry Olson; Mountain Home, AR

LOCUST GROVE AR. Jeff Greene of Paragould, Arkansas started the 2003 Batesville Speedway season, they way he finished 2002. Greene led the last 19 laps en route to the $2,500 Street Stock Spring Nationals at the speedway, backing up his Mid-America Street Stock Championship in 2002. Greene took a big lead after the lap 21 restart, but had to hold off Edwin Wells over the last five laps of the race to secure the win.

Robby Arnold was the pole sitter, and led the race early, heading Greene, Richie Tosh, Bobbye Williams and Randy Weaver. Weaver took the fourth spot from Williams on lap nine, then Steve Burton took over fifth on the next circuit.

The top contenders were running the high line, then Burton took over fourth, from Weaver on lap 19.

The caution flag flew for Randy Weaver on lap 21 as he was stopped on the backstretch. Robby Arnold and Richie Tosh both got together with Patrick Linn, who was about to be lapped after the caution flag flew. Tosh came away the big looser, as a flat tire sent him pitside.

Jeff Greene gained the top spot at the yellow, and Arnold would re-start behind him. Burton, Ted Elam, and Bobbye Williams fell behind the lead pair as the race restarted. Edwin Wells, who started 10th row outside, made his way to the fifth spot on lap 22. Greene sot out to a 15 car length advantage over the field.

The caution flag flew again on lap 24 for Tosh and Linn tangled again in turn three. Wells made his way to the third spot going back to the flag. Wells drove past Arnold to second spot in turn four on lap 25. Burton edged by Elam for fourth on lap 28. Burton and Arnold were racing side by side for third on lap 30, while Wells had caught Greene by lap 31.

Steve Burton passed Robby Arnold for 3rd in turn four on lap 36. Arnold faded out of the top five as the race wound to a close. Edwin Wells looked inside on Jeff Greene for the lead over the last laps of the race, but Greene was able to hold him off for the win.

Jeff Greene picked up $2,500 for the win, with Edwin Wells, Steve Burton, Stan Lewis, and Matt Sturch making up the top five. Robby Arnold, Ted Elam, Tony Anglin, Scott Floyd, and Chuck Knight rounded out the top five.

A FEATURE (40 Laps)

1) Jeff Greene
2) Edwin Wells
3) Steve Burton
4) Stan Lewis
5) Matt Sturch
6) Robby Arnold
7) Ted Elam
8) Claudie Cook
9) Scott Floyd
10) Chuck Knight
11) Bobbye Williams
12) Brandon Smith
13) Tommy Porter
14) Brian Ritchie
15) John Hughes
16) Bruce Busch
17) Randy Weaver
18) Micheal Creasey
19) Nathan Rettig
20) Peyton Taylor
21) Ronny Williams
22) Chris Moser
23) Patrick Linn
24) Heath Davenport
25) Richie Tosh
26) Buddy Parks

1st Heat (20 Laps, three transfer) 1) Robby Arnold, Paragould AR 2) Ted Elam, Jonesboro AR 3) Tommy Porter, Ola AR 4) Brandon Smith, Floral AR 5) Chris Moser, Melbourne AR 6) Johnny Branscum, Batesville AR 7) Steve Cunningham, Milan TN 8) Chuck Tilley, Essex MO 9) Rex Brightwell, Batesville AR 10) Jerry Ray, Springdale AR

2nd Heat 1) Steve Burton, Glenwood AR 2) Buddy Parks, Marshall AR 3) Mike Creasey, Barton AR 4) Tony Anglin, Hoxie AR 5) Jason Lewis, Morrilton AR 6) Scott Renfro, Russellville AR 7) Larry Williams, Pocola OK 8) Tony Jackson Jr., Lebanon MO 9) Carmon Vincent, Moody MO 10) Mike Gilihan, Batesville AR

3rd Heat 1) Randy Weaver, Little Rock AR 2) Peyton Taylor, Batesville AR 3) John Hughes, Batesville AR 4) Phillip Higgs, Hector AR 5) Raymond King, Searcy AR 6) Edwin Wells, Morrilton AR 7) Shay Stacy, Peach Orchard AR 8) Jimmy Wells, Pottsville AR 9) T.J. Hendron, Atwood TN (scratch: Dietrich Bollinger, Benton MO)

4th Heat 1) Bobbye Williams, Olathe KS 2) Scott Floyd, Batesville AR 3) Chuck Knight, Ft. Smith AR 4) Patrick Linn, Little Rock AR 5) Ronny Williams, Pocola OK 6) Joel Young, Norman AR 7) Troy McConnell, Ola AR 8) Jim Rogers, Evening Shade AR 9) Alan Davis, Morrilton AR (scatch: Mike Shaddy, Eldrige MO)

5th Heat 1) Richie Tosh, Salado AR 2) Matt Sturch, Cabot AR 3) Claudie Cook, Portageville MO 4) Heath Davenport, Yellville AR 5) Tommy New, Dover AR 6) Bruce Sutterfeld, Bono AR 7) Jason Duvall, Pottsville AR 8) Mark Simon, Buffalo MO 9) Dee Kelly, Birch Tree MO 10) Brett Love, Mt. Pleasant AR

6th Heat 1) Jeff Greene, Paragould AR 2) Stan Lewis, Jonesboro AR 3) Bruce Busch, Mena AR 4) Perry Houk, Palestine AR 5) Kevin Grizzle, Drasco AR 6) Brian Ritchie, Newark AR 7) Nathan Rettig, Sikeston MO 8) Mark Williams, Corning AR 9) Scott Pulley, Wilburn AR (scratch: Eddie Brown, Lebanon MO)

1st Last Chance Qualifier (20 Laps, two transfer) 1) Brandon Smith 2) Heath Davenport 3) Raymond King 4) Jerry Ray 5) Brett Love 6) Mark Simon 7) Bruce Sutterfield 8) Jimmy Wells 9) Johnny Branscum 10) Chuck Tilley

2nd Last Chance Qualifier 1) Brian Ritchie 2) Ronny Williams 3) Tony Jackson Jr. 4) Troy McConnell 5) Mark Williams 6) Alan Davis 7) Scott Renfro 8) Perry Houk 9) Tony Anglin 10) Mike Giliham

3rd Last Chance Qualifier 1) Edwin Wells 2) Chris Moser 3) Tommy New 4) Phillips Higgs 5) Neal Routh 6) Dee Kelly 7) T. J. Hendron 8) Steve Cunningham 9) Rex Brightwell 10) Jason Duvall

4th Last Chance Qualifier 1) Nathan Rettig 2) Patrick Linn 3) Kevin Grizzle 4) Jason Lewis 5) Joel Young 6) Larry Williams 7) Jim Rogers 8) Keith Vaughn 9) Ben Waggoner

1st Dash (6 Laps, sets rows 1-3) 1) Robby Arnold 2) Bobbye Williams 3) Jeff Greene 4) Richie Tosh 5) Steve Burton 6) Randy Weaver

2nd Dash (6 Laps, sets rows 4-6) 1) Ted Elam 2) Matt Sturch 3) Stan Lewis 4) Buddy Parks 5) Scott Floyd 6) Peyton Taylor

3rd Dash (6 Laps, sets rows 7-9) 1) Claudie Cook 2) Mike Creasey 3) Bruce Busch 4) Tommy Porter 5) Chuck Knight 6) John Hughes

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