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Author Topic:   East Bay Winter Nationals FL 1/26
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posted January 26, 2003 10:16 PM
January 26, 2003 FSCR

Owens Takes Home the Gold at East Bay Raceway

by Jean Lynch

Tampa, Fla - With the first 50 laps of the big
$10,000-to-win 100 lap finale showing nine lead changes
among four drivers, there was not way for fans to pre-
dict the outcome of the 4th Annual Ramada Inn on Tampa
Bay Open Wheel Modified race at East Bay Raceway Park
Saturday night.

After the mandatory fuel stop, the second portion of
the race belonged to Jimmy Owens out of Newport, TN
who became the fourth different winner. "It's a
struggle for me, but the track was great and racey,"
he revealed to track announcer Bill Green in victory
lane. Further explaining how he lost the lead on
several occasions during the first 50 laps, "My car is
bad on take offs and that got me shook up and I plum
messed up."

"I kept watching the track all night. I even skipped
hot laps because I kenw I'd change something and *****
my car up," he confessed as he held the big $10,000
check high over his head. His total earnings for the
night grew to $11,500 when Ramada Inn representatives,
Doug Green and Gwen Thurman added an extra $1,000
because he produced his room receipt from their hotel
and with proof of his fuel purchases, the Sunoco $500
bonus was added also.

Owens, who also won a qualifying night feature worth
$1,500, wanted to take this opportunity to thank his
crew chief, Chris Fox and his sponsors, Red Line Oil,
Real Wheels, Bilstein Shocks, Performance Chassis and
Hovis engines.

The program consisted of all feature events lined up by
points from the two previous qualifying nights. This
put high-point man Shane Cottle on the pole, but he lost
the front spot to outside pole man Corey Conley by the
first lap. Cottle regained his composure and led laps
two through twelve. Fourth starting Owens led laps 13
through 24, before Cottle took charge again on lap 25.
By lap 32, Mike Marlar had come all the way up from 21st
again, only to swap with Marlar again on lap 49. Owens
was determined to lead at the 50 lap mandatory fuel
break and he did. From that point on, Owens led every
lap to the checkered flag.

Yellow flags were not a problem and only came out on lap
five for Timmy Barrett who was backwards on the back-
stretch, lap 11 for Ron Jones who lost power, lap 22 for
a spin by Barrett and again on lap 24 for Kevin Weaver
stopped outside turn two. Bill Howard spun inside turn
two on lap 39 then Conley lost power in turn two on lap
77 before the final yellow on lap 98 for Howard in turn
three, setting up a two-lap dash to the finish. Joel
Cryderman tried to seize the opportunity and pressured
Owens on the white flag lap, but Owens was up to the
challenge and made no mistakes.

Weaver worked his way to third spot at the end, ahead of
Bob Pohlman, Jr. and John Hobson. Marler, Mike Wedelstadt,
Mark Iverson, Cottle and Craig Christiansen rounded out
the top ten.

David Steele and Scott Peterson moved up from the E-Main,
while Joey Jensen and Rick Strickler advanced from the
D-Main. The C-Main sent Jeff Matthews and Brent
Glastetter to the back of the B-Main, then the four cars
to advance from the B-Main were Mariar, Cryderman,
Pohlman and Timmy Barrett.

The Goodson Farms Strawberry Dash was won by Rick White.
The Street Stock winner was Don Gananer and Dorsey
Strickland won the Mini Stock Main.

Ramada Inn on Tampa Bay Open Wheel Modified Winter-
nationals Race Results from Saturday night, January
25, 2003

E-Main - 10 laps - 1)David Steele 2)Scott Petersen 3)
John Bardley 4)Robbie Simpson 5)Wess Winman 6)Darrel
George 7)D.J. Braddock 8)Larry Yanero, Jr. - dns

D-Main - 12 laps - 1)Joey Jensen 2)Rick Strickler 3)
Ricky White 4)Mike Conn 5)Jason Zdroik 6)Scott Owens
7)Matt Goulden 8)Trey Allen 9)Michael Bodendorfer 10)
Russell Childress 11)Scott Petersen 12)Joey Fowler
13)Mike Null, Jr. 14)Rich Gilbert 15)David Steele 16)
Ronnie Hargrave 17)Richard Narden 18)Jason Ball 19)
Dennis Barton 20)Terry McClintock 21)Jim Szekacs 22)
Reese Dalton

C-Main - 15 laps - 1)Jeff Matthews 2)Brent Glastetter
3)Gary Archambault 4)Joey Jensen 5)Arron Peritt 6)
Craig Thatcher 7)Jason Lakey 8)Kenny Johnson 9)Mike
Potosky 10)Rick Strickler 11)Bill Davis 12)Rick Conoyer
13)Nick Gough 14)Jeff Taylor 15)Ken Riddle 16)Jeff
Bodendorfer 17)Rick Day 18)Christopher Cummins 19)
Vic Vandergrif 20)Bobby Carter 21)Bruce Watkins 22)
Robby Perkins-dns

B-Main - 20 laps - 1)Mike Marlar 2)Joel Cryderman 3)Bob
Pohlman, Jr. 4)Timmy Barrett 5)David McWilliams 6)Tim
Isom 7)Jess Hartman 8)Tim Hill II 9)Lee Hobbs 10)Julie
McDermid 11)Brent Sutton 12)Garrett Durrett 13)Brad
Roloff 14)Don Kiger 15)Jeff Leka 16)Brent Trimble 17)
Brent Glastetter 18)Paul Wilmouth, Jr. 19)Jeff Matthews
20)Scott Weber 21)J.P. Karpowicz 22)Rich Logan, Jr.

Strawberry Dash - 1)Rick White 2)Arron Peritt 3)Paul
Wilmouth 4)Timmy Parrett 5)Rick Day 6)Jeff Mathews 7)
J.P. Karpowicz 8)Jeff Bordendorfer

A-Main - 100 laps $10,000 to WIN - 1)Jimmy Owens 2)
Joel Cryderman 3)Kevin Weaver 4)Bob Pohlman, Jr. 5)
John Hobson 6)Mike Marlar 7)Mike Wedelstadt 8)Mark
Iverson 9)Shane Cottle 10)Craig Christiansen 11)
Denny Schwartz 12)Joey Jensen 13)Tommy Kroll 14)Todd
Neiheiser 15)Brady Short 16)Bill Howard 17)Randy Hall
18)Timmy Barrett 19)Rob Fuqua 20)Randie Sweeney 21)
Dan Hamstra 22)Kyle Logue 23)Corey Conley 24)Ryan
Bowman 25)Bruce Watkins 26)Ron Jones

Street Stock Main - 1)Don Gansner 2)Mac Kersey 3)Jody
Robbins 4)Tim Spencer 5)Henry Ploff 6)David Riner 7)
Charlie Wiberg 8)Paul Gibbs 9)D.J. Sanders 10)Steven
Johnson 11)Jack Rowland 12)Paul Day 13)Ron Pope 14)
Jim Greenwood 15)Christina Cameron

Mini Stock Main - 1)Dorsey Strickland 2)Scotty Williams
3)Arnold Perkins 4)Steve Metzmer 5)Steve Wright 6)John
Tyson 7)Robert Douglass 8)Jason Cannon

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