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posted January 19, 2003 08:03 PM UIN: 16262997

Also The Shortest Rules Meeting Ever!

by Tom Wilson-pma
Warrensburg, Missouri
Saturday, 01/18/03

It’s getting to be obvious that the Grover Recreation Hall in Warrensburg may not be big enough any more for the Central Missouri Speedway Rules, Regulations and Registration meetings held there every year.
The event was jam-packed with competitors and race car owners lining up and signing up for the 2003 racing season. And for the third consecutive year, a new record of pre-season registrants counted out to 83 drivers filing early in the Mighty Modified, WOFC Sprint Car, Limited Late Model and Street Stock divisions.
Standing Room Only!
The 2003 registration meeting Saturday in Warrensburg set a new attendance and registration record…..again!

CMS' owner and promoter Earl Walls discusses more detail about the upcoming season with individual competitors.
A short but sweet revue of the newly distributed track rules and car regulations booklet lasted a mere 20 minutes, most of that with additional information about the upcoming season. When the ‘any questions’ portion of the meeting came up, only two were asked and easily answered. It’s been CMS’ ability to keep rules parallel and close to the same, year after year.
Owner and promoter Earl Walls biggest announcement was “I don’t want to change anything that may ruin the building success we’ve had at this track over the past nine years. Even though the insurance has risen by roughly 25% for the second year in a row, I’m going to hold the pit pass price where it’s been; $20.00".
The biggest surprise in the sign-up count was in the Limited Late Model total. A record 26 race machines pre-registered. The Street Stocks have started out with 31 entries for the year.
“From past experience, there’s no doubt that we’ll have an average race car count way over 100 cars a week. And since we’re famous our timely race shows, that’s about all we need to handle,” Walls commented.
For many who still haven’t registered for CMS, the one-time per season signing amount will be raised by ten dollars to $50.00 after March 1st.
To get more information to sign-in before the above date, call the CMS Office at 816.229.1338, Monday thru Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.
Race engines will come alive in 2003 at the “Home of the Mighty Modifieds” with the first of three practice sessions on Saturday, April 5th. The KOKO/SUNOCO 2003 SEASON OPENER will take place on Saturday night, April 26th.
For all of the information you need about CMS, including schedules and other pertinent information, simply log-in to their website at:

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