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Author Topic:   Malden Speedway Results - Cotton Bowl Cup - October 11 & 12, 2002
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Malden Speedway Results - Cotton Bowl Cup - October 11 & 12, 2002

Rain halted the racing before completion at Malden Speedway's Cotton Bowl Cup. Four of the five
features were run, with the highly anticipated Late Model Feature canceled by rain.

The Cruiser, Pure Street and Hobby Stock features were run to completion. Just as the Hobby Stock
race finished up, the cold front hit, with a cool north wind and misting rain. The rain continued to get heavier
as the Modifieds were competing in their scheduled 30 lap feature. After 21 laps, a caution halted the field
and the rain intensified, leaving the clay track too slick for safe racing. With the feature beyond the halfway
point the race was declared official.

Festus's Scott Weber dominated a star studded field of 33 entries. Weber led all 21 laps of the feature
and had built a 4 second lead on second place Jared Wagster when the caution, and
ultimately checkered flag fell. Weber put on quite a show as he was able to increase his lead, dodging in and
out of lapped traffic. Wagster took second winning a tough duel with Bart Richardson for the spot. Richardson
had been undefeated in three trips to Malden in 2002. Shawn Haynes of Malden moved up from the the 12th starting
position to grab fourth. Mike Cooper took fifth after starting eleventh.

Wagster earned the pole by winning the first Modified dash. Robert Powers and Mike Cooper won the other two
dashes. Robert Haynes and Jeremy Russell won the B-Main qualifiers.

33 Entries -21 Start A-Feature
1. 4J Scott Weber - Festus
2. 32W Jared Wagster - Portageville
3. 1 Bart Richardson - Bradford, TN
4. 21H Shawn Haynes - Malden
5. 11 Mike Cooper - McKenzie - TN
6. 87H Gary Haynes - Arnold
7. 87 Kevin Salter - Batesville, AR
8. 15 Shane Stephens - Arlington, TN
9. 11 Donnie Barnhart - North Little Rock, AR
10. 23 Jeff Davis - Jonesboro, AR


Rex Berry moved the C-21 car up from Pure Street into Hobby for the Cotton Bowl Cup and took the
top prize. The race was marred with 10 caution flags and was slow in developing, although the final 15 laps
were only interupted once. Kevin Salter grabbed the lead from the pole and threatened to run off and hide
on the first lap, but mechanical problems a lap later took him out of the race. Ronnie Tilley took over the
top spot and at one time had built a 2 second lead only to have it erased by one of the early caution flags.
Mark Williams got a good jump on a 9th lap restart and came around Berry for second and a lap later moved under
Tilley to grab the lead. Berry found a path under Tilley on lap 12 and was challenging for the lead a lap later.
Berry got a good run out of turn four and took the lead on lap 14. Williams clung to Berry's bumper for three
laps before Berry started to pull away late. Williams held on for second. Matt Sturch took over third on lap
23, leaving Tilley in fourth despite a strong early run. Tony Anglin qualified for the race by the narrowest of
margin's as he edged out Steve Carter for the second and final spot in the B-Main qualifier. Anglin then made
the most of his chance as he moved through the field to pick up fifth.

Salter and Richard Greenway won the dash races. Robby Arnold and Barry Barkley won the B-Mains.

33 Entries - 20 Start Feature
1. C21 Rex Berry - Huntingdon, TN
2. 87W Mark Williams - McDougal, AR
3. 00 Matt Sturch - Cabot, AR
4. 72 Ronnie Tilley - Essex
5. 54 Tony Anglin - Hoxie, AR
6. 30/30 Tim Winchester - Gideon
7. 95 Bruce Sutterfield - Bono, AR
8. 22Jr. Richard Greenway - Bono, AR
9. 007 Doug Moore - Dexter
10. 97 Paul Reeder - Malden


22 Entries - 20 Start Feature

Nathan Rettig moved up from the fourth row to win the Pure Street Feature of the Cotton Bowl Cup. After
being crowned the track's Pure Street champion earlier in the evening, Rettig had his work cut out for him
following a third place finish in Friday's heat race. Rettig moved into second place on the third lap and locked
into a duel with a very strong running Eric Lacey that lasted the final 17 laps of the race. Rettig grabbed the lead
on lap 18 coming out of turn four. In the race for positions behind the lead pair, Steve Carter and Danny Hampton
collided in turn four on the final lap, with Carter coming out with an apparent third place finish. Hampton collected
Junior Cornell, knocking both out of the top 10 following excellent showings. Carter's third place finish was
disqualified due to post race tech failure. Richard Hickerson took over third place. Scott Janes took fourth and Linda
Kerbough grabbed fifth, as they both moved through the field, starting in the 6th and 7th rows respectfully.
Lacy and Rettig won the Dash races. Jason Palmer won the B-Main, and finished 10th in the feature; which is
a good showing since he suffered mechanical problems in Friday's hot laps causing him to miss the heat
race and start at the back of the B-Main.
1. 94 Nathan Rettig
2. 15 Eric Lacy
3. 05 Richard Hickerson
4. 51 Scott Janes
5. 00 Linda Kerbough
6. 81 Carl Wilson
7. 51 Albert Bryant
8. 88 Aaron Darby
9. 43R Red Rice
10. 19 Jason Palmer


21 Entries - 15 Start Feature

Simpson and Donner of Piggott, AR took the $500.00 top prize in the Cruiser portion of the Cotton Bowl
cup. Brown & Dunning in the Lucky 13 took the lead away from the 357 on the fourth lap and held it until
lap 11 following a good battle with the 357 and Null & Null in the 51. Pennington and Ledbetter moved
up late to take third.

Scott and Horner won the B-Main. Simpson & Donner and the 2002 track champion team of Austin & Ham
won the dashes.

1. 357 Simpson & Donner
2. Lucky 13 Brown & Dunning
3. 1 Pennington & Ledbetter
4. 51 Null & Null
5. 23S Magourik & McChristian
6. 43 Spillman & Simpson
7. 83 Williams & Williams
8. 17 Gilton & Holcomb
9. F50 Dunlap & Faulk
10. Z71 Austin & Ham

As this is the season finale for the Malden Speedway, we would like to thank all the drivers and
crews for the great way they treat us as we pester them each week with our dumb questions. The big
league team-sport guys could learn a lot about fan appreciation with a trip or two to some grass root
racing. Thanks for all the excitement and have a great off season. Come on April!!!

Sara & David Darnell

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