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Author Topic:   RACE RESULTS FOR SATURDAY SEPT 28th (Perfect ending to a Fantastic Summer)
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posted October 07, 2002 09:09 PM UIN: 2329866
Got to the track and went over the car from end to end. This was my last chance to finally shed the bad luck and win that Figure 8 Trophy.


Started on the outside of row 2. Took the green flag and as we came out of the cross over into turn 3 I had the lead. Came back across the cross over and headed into turn 2 and I thought I had ******* up. The track was slick and I shot straight out to the wall. Stayed off the wall and stayed in 1st. 3 laps later headed into turn 3 the 92 passed me on the outside (the only car I was worried about). Headed thru the cross over and he didnít make it. 2 cars nailed him in the X and I am back in the lead after a Ĺ lap. Played it cool and tried to feather the gas and just keep it straight. It was totally my night. Every time I got to the X the holes opened just perfect for me and I never had to hit the break. A couple of times it was close and I may have scraped a little chrome going thru. Had the 12 right on my bumper with 2 to go, came around to get the white flag and I was lapping the 40 car. As we took the white flag the 40 and the 12 hit and hooked bumpers. 3rd place car was more then Ĺ a lap behind and there was nothing between me and my 1st victory except stupidity. Came around on the last lap and ran it perfect. Came out of corner 1 and took the checkered flag. I WON MY 1st RACE.

Man there is no greater feeling in the world then to take that checkered flag knowing that you have beaten them all. AND in my rookie season too. This summer has been so great. I was disappointed last week that I missed the main event and finished 3 points away from the top rookie spot. This makes up for it. I had a few goals when I started this.

1) Finish a race other then dead last (accomplished)
2) Finish in the top 10 (4th place in the Econo Main 5/25/02)
3) Finish 1st in the A Main (Figure 8 9/28/02)
4) Finish 1st in the final points standings (Still working on it)
5) Compete with my Dad in the same race (not sure if this will ever happen)

I will have to get a new car for next year. I have beaten on this one about as much as I can. Now when I go to look for a sponsor I can show them that I am capable of winning the race and they should have their name on my car.

Shawn Bagby
Econo #40 at Rocky Mountain National Speedway in Denver Colorado

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posted October 08, 2002 06:24 AM UIN: 16262997
Great Race better feeling in the world to accomplish your goals, no matter what they may be. Keep trucking, those others are not that far away now.


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