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Author Topic:   Birkhofer Adds “Yankee” Title to his Dream Season
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posted September 17, 2002 02:17 AM UIN: 16262997
Birkhofer Adds “Yankee” Title to his Dream Season

The 25th anniversary “Yankee Dirt Track Classic” championship finals were run on Saturday night September 14th. The Farley Speedway played host to the annual four day event that saw 332 different drivers take their shot at the championship trophies.

When the final checkered flag of the night flew on Saturday night it was Brian Birkhofer standing in victory lane. Birkhofer had earned the pole position start for the 100 lap “Yankee” by winning the JE Pistons/Hollywood Graphics fast dash. The race had the makings for a runaway win for the Muscatine, Iowa driver. That certainly was not the case as the first yellow flag of the feature was for Birkhofer. It appeared that Birkhofer was going to be out of the race after breaking his left rear axle. The crew was able to replace the axle in a couple of minutes which is highly unusual. Birkhofer came back out and realigned at the tail of the 30 car field. Birkhofer steadily worked his way back to the front taking the lead on lap 57. Birkhofer went on to lead the remainder of the race which had seen several drivers take their turns at the point the first half of the race. Early leaders included Terry Neal, Josh McGowan and Ray Guss Jr. Birkhofer’s win was his first in the fall classic and continued what has been a terrific season for the 30 year old driver.

74 Budweiser Open Late Model drivers took part in qualifying heats on Friday night.

The Auto Acres Non-Qualifiers race for the open late Models was also held on Saturday night. The 25 lap feature win went to Jeff Bair. Bair had the option of taking the $1,000 dollar payday or moving into the 100 lap “Yankee”. Bair opted to take the Money and call it a good night. Second place finisher Duane Coulson opted to give up his pay and move into the big show. Bill Tuckwell and Dennis Erb rounded out the top four in the Auto Acres race.

The Modifieds ran their championship feature on Saturday night with 27 drivers qualifying out of the 62 entries. Larry Herring scored his first “Yankee” title by leading the 25 lap race flag to flag. Herring held off a very determined Kevin Pittman throughout the race. Herring drove a perfect race and could not afford to make any mistakes as Pittman was running a very close second. Scott Nesteby took third ahead of Ron Barker and Bob Dominacki.

The Pro Stock feature was the last race run on Friday night. Andy Eckrich added the “Yankee” title to his resume. Andy Eckrich is planning on making the move into the Late Model division next year, that makes the Pro Stock “Yankee” win much sweeter knowing that he is moving out of the Pro Stock class as a “Yankee” champion. Eckrich scored the 20 lap win by beating Jeff Tharp to the checkers. John Maher ran a very strong third ahead of Ty Kleiner.

Larry Benn took the Hobby Stock “Yankee” championship title race win on Thursday night. Benn has sold his car and will be campaigning a late model next year. The new owners allowed Benn to race the car at the “Yankee” and Benn responded by leading the 15 lap championship race flag to flag. Larry took the checkers ahead of his younger brother Randy Benn.

Thursday nights action also included the Deery Brothers Summer Series IMCA Late Models. The 50lap feature took to the track with 26 drivers taking the initial green flag. 54 drivers entered the race looking to take the $2,000 win. Ray Guss Jr. took the win driving a car owned by Brad Coin. Guss was able to make a late race move coming off of turn four and passed Lavern Carey to score the win. Guss made the move on lap 45 of the 50 lap feature. Carey crossed the line in second ahead of Rob Toland and Todd Cooney.

The Farley Speedway will bring the 2002 season to a close on Saturday, October 5th with the running of the second annual Fall Classic. The racing action will feature Pro Stocks, Hobby Stocks and Flyers.

Yankee Dirt Track Classic Feature Results

IMCA Deery Brothers Summer Series Late Models

50 Lap Feature Thursday, September 12

28C Ray Guss Jr.-Milan, IL
85X Lavern Carey-Ionia
20M Rob Toland-Hillsdale, IL
30 Todd Cooney-Des Moines
72 Steve Boley-West Liberty
42 Tom Darbyshire-Yarmouth
63 Dennis Erb-Carperntersville, IL
77 Jeff Aikey-Cedar Falls
85 Kelly Tapper-Boone
42S Terry Schlipman-Mendon, IL
7 Mark Burgtorf-Quincy, IL
87 Dave Stanton-Marshalltown
145 Dale Hackwell-Washburn
4K Mike Karoff-Quincy, IL
7H Greg Hunter-Independence
78 Dale Stolte-Springville
25S Chris Smyser-Lancaster, MO
11 Steve Ihm-Kieler, WI
10X Ryan Griffith-Webster City
15x Clint Morehouse-Rock Island, IL
20 Gary Russell-Biggsville, IL
8m Chuck Mayerhofer-Dixon
14m Dan McGlaughlin-Mediapolis
99d Darrell DeFrance-Marshalltown
5 Brent Slocum-West Burlington
41j Jeremiah Hurst-Dubuque

Hobby Stocks Thursday, September 12


1. 13 Larry Benn-Dyersville

2. 7B Randy Benn-Dyersville

3. 7 Chad Hallahan-Dubuque

4. 33 Jim Turpin-Shullsburg, WI

5. 98 Jason Rauen-Farley

6. 61 Scott Reichers-Belmont, WI

7. 59 Mike Hughes-Galena, IL

8. 28 Ed McIntyre-Delhi

9. 97 Steve Dunkel-Worthington

10. 44S B.J. Schmidt-Dubuque

11. 6 Jed Frieberger-Dubuque

12. 80 Rick Runde-Platteville, WI

13. 81 K.C. Ansel-Dubuque

14. 3b Doug Alt-Benton, WI

15. 44 Kory Haverly-Anamosa

16. 33j Joe Huenfeld-Freeport, IL

17. 73l Jason Laue-Freeport, IL

18. 5 Norb Ahlers-Earlville

19. 72 Doug Yates-Monticello

20. 20 Dan Albright-Hiawatha

21. 08 Rod Staats-Columbus Junction

22. 0 Stan O’Brien-Muscatine

23. 98x Duane Ahmann-Epworth

24. 23 Dennis Etten-Wyoming

Pro Stocks Friday, September 13


1. 56 Andy Eckrich-Cosgrove

2. 12 Jeff Tharp-Dubuque

3. 69 John Maher-West Branch

4. 20 Ty Kleiner-Potosi, WI

5. 37 Roger Ciesielski-Waterloo

6. 7 Larry Johnson-Shannon, IL

7. 91 Rich Picha-Prairie Du Chein, WI

8. 32 Chris Simpson-Marion

9. 25S Chad Simpson-Marion

10. 16 Dan Shelliam-Hazel Green, WI

11. 0B Matt Bodman-Muscatine

12. 80 Jerry Dedrick-Vinton

13. 3D Dan Lange-Rochester

14. 25 Bob Moyer-Dubuque

15. 77 Darren Plett-Donahue

16. 2k Jeff Kennedy-Dubuque

17. S1 Steve Hunter-Hopkinton

18. 71 Kevin Schroeder-Low Moor

19. 29 Matt Rodebaugh-Orangeville, IL

20. 74 Tony Meyer-Guttenberg

21. 17 Jim Rymerz-Praire Du Chein, WI

22. 35 Jim Brokus-Dubuque

23. 97 Jeff Reinert-Dyersville

24. 22 Jeff Valentine-Dubuque

Quarter Master Modifieds

Heat Winners

Heat 1-3 Jason Schueller-Dubuque

Heat 2-5D Bob Dominacki-Bettendorf

Heat 3-37 B Ron Barker-Dubuque

Heat 4-26P Kevin Pittman-Waterloo

Heat 5- 74 Scott Nesteby-Dubuque

Heat 6-96 Larry Herring-Lone Tree

Fast Dash-96 Larry Herring

Consolation #1-2h Rick Hixson-Orion, IL

Consolation #2-27 Mark Schulte-Delhi

Consolation #3-64 Vern Jackson-Waterloo

Last Chance #1-M50 Jim Sandusky-Coal Valley, IL

Last Chance #2- D55 Scott Lemke-Davis Junction, IL

Feature Saturday, September 14

1. 96 Herring

2. 26P Pittman

3. 74 Nesteby

4. 37b Barker

5. 5D Dominacki

6. 3 Schueller

7. 2h Hixson

8. 10 Jed Hurst-Hazel Green, WI

9. 60 Rob Verbeck-Anawan, IL

10. M50 Sandusky

11. 14W Jason Walrack-Mineral Point, Wi

12. 16 Ryan Dolan-Lisbon

13. 64 Jackson

14. G1 Mike Garland-Morrison, IL

15. 66 Dan Bohr-Decorah

16. 01M Mitch Way-Davenport

17. 15 Sean Rupp-Dubuque

18. 69 Roger Donahue-Dubuque

19. B3 Russ Olson-Cedar Rapids

20. 27 Schulte

21. 08 Mike Miller-Leaf River, IL

22. D55 Lemke

23. 51 Harry Wethington-Tipton

24. 11 Mike Burbridge-Delhi

25. 86 David Mclean-Potosi, WI

26. 111 Scott Holbert-Freeport, IL

27. 24 Randy Less-Hopkinton

Budweiser Open Late Model Shootout

Iowa Illinois Taylor Insulation Late Models

Heat Winners

Heat 1-15b Brian Birkhofer-Muscatine

Heat 2-56 Gary Webb-Blue Grass

Heat 3-39 Rob Toland-Hillsdale, IL

Heat 4-12n Terry Neal-Ely

Heat 5-50 Denny Eckrich-Tiffin

Heat 6-18Z Rusty Zook-Riverside

Heat 7-12 Ray Guss Jr.-Milan, IL

Consolation #1-S9 Dan Schlieper-Pewaukee, WI

Consolation #2-3T Todd Davis-Iowa City

Consolation #3-77 Jeff Aikey-Cedar Falls

Fast Dash- 15b Birkhofer

Last Chance-45 Jeff Laue-Burlington

Auto Acres 25 Lap Feature Saturday, September 14

28 Jeff Bair-Solon
44 Duane Coulson-East Dubuque, Il
75 Billy Tuckwell-Moline, IL
28X Dennis Erb-Carperntersville, IL
41j Jeremiah Hurst-Dubuque
14 Kyle Berck-Marquette, NE
72 Terry Huizel-Freeport, IL
78 Rick Wendling-Hazelton
21j Craig Jacobs-Freeport
32 Tom Cannon-Iowa City

100 Lap “Yankee Dirt Track Classic”

15 B Birkhofer
3t Todd Davis-Iowa City
50 Eckrich
77 Aikey
7 Mark Burgtorf-Quincy, IL
12n Terry Neal-Ely
2 Monte Ohrt-West Branch
32D Darren Miller-Chadwick, IL
56 Webb
98.1 Bobby Hansen-Center Point
37b Troy Bruder-Freeport, IL
79 Darren Mish-Cassville, WI
95 Ed Sanger-Postville
12 Ray Guss Jr.-Milan, IL
3 Josh McGowan-Vinton
45 Curt Martin-Independence
44 Duane Coulson-East Dubuque, IL
90 Dan Galant-Clinton
18Z Rusty Zook-Riverside
26 Steve Boley-West Liberty
73 Greg Kastli-Waterloo
39 Rob Toland-Hillsdale
1k John Anderson-Omaha, NE
07 Scott Heeren-Forreston, IL
11 Steve Ihm-Kieler, WI
S9 Schlieper
77J Steve Johnson-Camanche
99 Johnny Johnson-West Burlington
53 Joe Kosiski-Omaha, NE

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