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posted August 18, 2002 07:26 PM
10th Annual Comp Cams Topless 100
Batesville Speedway
Friday, Saturday; August 16-17
By Larry Olson; Mountain Home, AR

LOCUST GROVE AR. Billy Moyer of Batesville, Arkansas became the first three-time winner of the Comp Cams Topless 100. Moyer won after the race was called at the lap 83 mark when the rains came. Moyer was involved in a re-start altercation that involved several cars after the track had become slick from a light but steady shower that plagued the last part of the race. Moyer's car was damaged in the melee, but the $41,000 check for the win would help take the sting out of the situation.

Wendell Wallace won the pole dash earlier in the evening, and shared the front row with Dan Schlieper. Wallace moved to the lead as the green appeared, with Schlieper and Bill Frye going side by side for second. Frye got the spot coming out of four for the spot, with Schlieper falling in behind. Moyer and Brian Birkhofer made up the early top five. Moyer moved by Schlieper for third on lap two. Terry Phillips made the pass on Birkhofer for the fifth spot on lap five.

Out front, Frye had closed in on Wallace, and the pair were nose to tail on lap eight. Jeep Van Wormer brought out the caution on lap 13, as he was stopped on the front stretch. The scorer's had Frye leading Wallace as the pair came across the start-finish in a virtual dead heat.

Frye lead the restart, but Moyer shot into second immediately, then passed Frye for the lead in turn two. Schlieper fell back, with Terry Phillips and Skip Arp falling in behind the leaders. Arp moved past Phillips for fourth in turn two on lap 18. Moyer was able to open a 10 carlength advantage on Frye by lap 23. Dale McDowell moved to fourth, then Brian Birkhofer moved past Phillips by lap 24.

Ray Cook became the race's first retiree on lap 28 as he stalled in turn three, bringing out the caution flag. Wallace shot past Frye for second on the restart, then Birkhofer moved past Frye for third. Dan Schlier got past Frye on lap 30. Scott Bloomquist brought out the caution on lap 33 as he turned his car around in turn two.

Moyer drove back out to a 10 carlength advantage as the field restarted. Moyer improved it to 15 carlenghts by lap 35. Bill Frye made contact with another car, and fell back in the field. Moyer started seeing traffic by lap 40, then had a near disaster as he made contact with Al Purkey on lap 44, attempting to lap Purkey. Purkey slowed, bringing out the caution on the next go-round for a flat tire.

The field went back to green for just a few laps, before the caution flag waved at lap 50 for debris. Batesville Speedway owner and promoter Mooney Starr made the call to grade the track to prevent a one-groove situation at that point, and the race was red-flagged for a 15 minute period.

Dan Schlieper made the move by Brian Birkhofer to third as the field re-started. Moyer opened a 10 carlength lead on Wallace by lap 55. Wallace and Schlieper raced side by side on lap 56, then Skip Arp caused the caution flag to wave on the next circuit as he stalled in turn four.

Dan Schlieper moved past Wallace on the restart, into second, but Wallace drove back around into the second spot on lap 60. Moyer had pulled back out to a 10 carlength advantage again as the cars raced behind him.

As Moyer started seeing traffic again, Wallace, then Schlieper were able to close back up. Those three were nose to tail by lap 68. The leaders worked through traffic until lap 81 when Duane Hommel brought out the caution as he was stalled in turn four. The field re-started, but saw the yellow flag wave again on lap 83 as Randy Korte spun in turn two.

The field was set for the restart, but the rains had been light but steady for several laps previous. As the field restarted, Moyer got sideways and collected several cars on the frontstretch. The race was red flagged at that point, and as the rains increased in intensity. The race was declared official with Billy Moyer named the winner. Wendell Wallace, Dan Schlieper, Brian Birkhofer, and Jimmy Mars made up the top five. Scott Bloomquist, Terry Phillips, Dale McDowell, Marshall Green, and Steve Rushin rounded out the top ten.

In support action, Mark Norris claimed the Modified feature win Friday, with Jeff Taylor, Peyton Taylor, Wayne Brooks, and Kevin Salter rounding out the top five. Mike Bowers picked up the $2,000 to win Modified feature Saturday, sponsored by Lance Landers and Sue Rinehart, with Jeff Taylor, Greg Waugh, Kevin Salter, and Brandon Smith rounding out the top five.

Ninety cars attempted to qualify for the 10th Annual Comp Cams Topless 100. Stacy Taylor set fast time in time trials. The field was broken into six heats, with the top three cars in each heat transferring to the feature.

Bill Frye claimed the first heat, after running down Mike Bowers, then Al Purkey. Purkey roared out to a big lead in the event with Bowers and Frye falling in behind. Frye and Bowers went side by side on lap four, with Frye getting the spot in turn two on lap five. Purkey was a half straight ahead of Frye on lap 7, but Frye started to close in and was within 5 carlengths by lap 15. Jeff Taylor got by Bowers for the final transfer spot. Frye and Purkey went side by side on lap 17, and Frye drove past Purkey for the lead and the win on the frontstretch on lap 18.

Billy Moyer lead the second heat from wire to wire. Moyer and Ray Cook went side by side on the first lap, with Moyer leading the lap. Moyer established the point in turn two on the second lap. The front three strung out in a race run without a caution. Moyer came home with the win over Cook, and Steve Rushin.

Brian Birkhofer dominated heat three. Birkhofer was off with the drop of the green, with Skip Arp and Don O'Neal trailing. The front pair stayed that way for the duration of the event. 2000 Champion, Jimmy Mars got the third transfer spot from O'Neal on lap 11 in traffic.

Dan Schlieper claimed the fourth heat race win. Local driver Dewaine Hottinger opened with the lead over Terry Phillips and Schlieper. Schlieper moved past Phillips on lap three, taking over second. When the field moved into traffic, Schlieper was able to whittle away at Hottinger's lead, overcoming him on lap 11. The caution flag flew on lap 13 for a pair of cars on the frontstretch. Terry Phillips used the restart to take second from Hottinger. Schlieper came away with the win over Phillips and Hottinger.

Wendell Wallace made a big move from his second row inside starting position into the lead as the green flag came out. Wallace moved ahead of Shannon Babb and David Gibson. Scott Bloomquist and Gibson battled for the third spot for the first half of the heat, before Bloomquist got the spot for good on lap 10. Wallace, Babb, and Bloomquist were the three transfer cars.

Dale McDowell won the sixth heat with a dominating performance, but the battle for the other two transfer spots went two and three wide for most of the race. Duane Hommel and Stacy Taylor dueled side by side for second, with Leslie Essary joining them for three wide battles. Essary and Taylor swapped third back and fourth. Hommel gained second for good by the halfway point, then Taylor and Essary dueled for third. The pair were side by side on lap 12, then again on lap 15. Taylor finally claimed the third spot for good. Dale McDowell, Duane Hommel, and Stacy Taylor claimed the transfer spots.

A FEATURE (100 Laps)

1) Billy Moyer-$41,000
2) Wendell Wallace-$20,000
3) Dan Schlieper-$10,000
4) Brian Birkhofer-$6,000
5) Jimmy Mars-$5,000
6) Scott Bloomquist-$5,250
7) Terry Phillips-$4,500
8) Dale McDowell-$4,250
9) Marshall Green-$4,000
10) Steve Rushin-$3,800
11) Shannon Babb-$3,600
12) Stacy Taylor-$4,900
13) Jeff Taylor-$3,200
14) Freddy Smith-$3,000
15) Leslie Essary, $2,900
16) Bill Frye-$2,800
17) Al Purkey-$2,700
18) Dewaine Hottinger-$2,600
19) Randy Korte-$2,500
20) Richie Tosh-$2,400
21) Jeep Van Wormer-$2,300
22) Duane Hommel-$2,200
23) Mike Bowers-$2,100
24) Skip Arp-$2,000
25) Ray Cook-$2,000

Pole Dash (6 laps, sets first three rows in feature) 1) Wendell Wallace 2) Dan Schlieper 3) Bill Frye 4) Billy Moyer 5) Dale McDowell 6) Brian Birkhofer

1st Last Chance Qualifier (20 Laps, two transfer) 1) Freddy Smith 2) Mike Bowers 3) Randall Chupp 4) Donnie Barnhart 5) Rex McCroskey 6) Clint Smith 7) Kenny Merchant 8) Raymond Merrill 9) Jason Cliburn 10) Gregg Herron 11) Billy James 12) Jeff White 13) Jason Croft 14) Jerrell Harper 15) Ronnie Johnson 16) Jimmy Cliburn 17) Jason Snodgrass 18) Waylon Bullock 19) Jamie Elam

2nd Last Chance Qualifier 1) Marshall Green 2) Jeep Van Wormer 3) Brandon Ball 4) David Brazeale 5) Don Cliburn 6) Mark Norris 7) David Gibson 8) James Cline 9) Brian Holliway 10) Kenneth Crowe 11) Lyle Seltmann 12) Peyton Taylor 13) Johnny McCool 14) Duke Whiseant 15) Kenneth Mitchum 16) Johnny Johnson 17) Steve Russell 18) Joe Kosiski 19) Edwin Wells 20) **** Phillips

3rd Last Chance Qualifier 1) Richie Tosh 2) Randy Korte 3) Leslie Essary 4) John Anderson 5) Jerry Buck 6) Gary Stolba 7) Justin Fulton 8) Shane Diamant 9) Jason Bodenhamer 10) John Pafford 11) Scott Gibbs 12) Chris Tayes 13) Billy Peden 14) Eric Conner 15) Joey Bomprezzi 16) Jeff Floyd 17) Stacy Caldwell 18) Dean Carpenter


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