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posted August 18, 2002 08:47 AM UIN: 16262997

HAGERSTOWN, MD - Pole-sitter Earl Pearson Jr. of Jacksonville, FL lost
lead to Steve Francis on the 26th lap, then battled back to regain
the lead
on the 47th lap to lead the rest of the way to win the Renegade
Dirt Car
Racing Series sanctioned Conococheague 100 at the Hagerstown Speedway

Saturday night.

"This victory is for the crew, the car owners and
the sponsors," stated
Pearson in Victory Lane $10,000 richer after winning
his second straight
Conococheague 100. "The car handled better in the first
part of the race with
more fuel in it, so we made some air adjustments
to the tires and filled the
fuel tank at the fuel stop and the car handled
perfectly. I really like
coming here and I am already looking forward to
see if I can make it three

In other action, Ronnie Dennis of Jessup banged it out with Mike
coming down for the checker flag to win his second 15-lap Ernie's
Yard pure stock feature in a photo finish. The 25-lap Summer
for the Hoosier Tires/Mid-Atlantic late model sportsman was
postponed to
Friday night, August 30th, because of the midnight curfew. There
were 37
sportsman signed in.

Pearson started on the pole with third starting Steve Francis following

in second. On the second lap, a caution was waved as Mike Balzano jumped
the pits with broken front suspension and returned to the rear of
the field
before the restart. When the race resumed, Pearson quickly pulled
in front
leaving Francis, Tom Myers, Booper Bare and Todd Andrews to battle
second. By the 16th lap, Pearson had caught the rear of the field and
working his way through the slower cars. On lap 23, Pearson's large
lead was
wiped out when Charlie Schaffer rolled to a stop in the fourth
turn to bring
out the caution. On the restart, Francis was able to stay
on the leader's
bumper and on lap 29, pulled even with Pearson as DJ Myers
and Nathan
Durboraw were battling two wide for third. Francis edged in
front on lap 31,
but Pearson was back along side of Francis as they crossed
the start-finish
line on the next circuit. Francis cleared Pearson for
the lead on lap 33 as
DJ Myers took over third leaving Durboraw and Andrews
side-by-side battling
for fourth.

As the front pack started threading
their way through the back of the
field, Pearson regained the lead on lap
47 as Durboraw edged ahead of Myers
for third in lapped traffic on lap
49. When the red was thrown on lap 50 for
a mandatory fuel stop, it was
Pearson, Francis, Myers, Durboraw and Andrews
the top five.

With a full tank of fuel, Pearson started the second half the same as
first and immediately opened a large lead as DJ Myers passed Francis
second on lap 53. Durboraw put Francis back another spot and pulled
even with
Myers for second on lap 55. But Myers fought off Durboraw's challenges
began concentrating on catching Pearson. On lap 84, the only caution
in the
second half was waved for Rod Conley wiping out Pearson's large
lead. Pearson
was able to pull way on the restart and was never seriously
challenged the
rest of the race to record his second Conococheague 100
win as Myers settled
for second. Chub Frank came on strong from his 12th
starting position for
third as Andrews edged Durboraw for fourth. Tenth
starting Gary Stuhler was
next as Francis faded to a seventh place finish.
Steve Shaver, who set fast
time, was next with Bare and Jim Bernheisel
finishing out the top ten. Heat
winners were Dan Stone, Andrews, DJ Myers
and Balzano. Frankie Plessinger and
Rod Conley won the B-Mains. Pearson
won the dash.

In the 15-lap pure stock summer championship, Ronnie Dennis started
as Jeff Johnson jumped out in front on the second lap from his third
spot. Dennis worked his way into second on the sixth lap and took
the lead a
lap later. As Dennis set the pace, a traffic jam developed between
Stamburg, Johnson, Mike Warrenfeltz, Brian Miller and Bruce Leibowitz
as the
five cars battled three and four wide for second. Warrenfeltz came
out in
second on lap 13 and began to close in on the leader. Warrenfeltz
down Dennis to pull even coming off the fourth turn for the checker.
The two
cars made contact down the frontstretch with Dennis winning in
a photo
finish. Points leader Stamberg was third with Johnson and Miller
rounding out
the top five. Heat winners for the 23 cars were Leibowitz,
Miller and Steve

This Saturday, August 24th, it will be Small
Fry Night and the Jimmy
Cornett Memorial for the Ernie's Salvage Yard Pure
Stocks. Kids under 12 will
be given a ride around the racetrack in a race
car. Also on the program will
be the ITSI late models and late model sportsman.

Renegade DirtCar Racing Series Race Report For 8-17-02
Race No. 25-2002 Season-"21st Annual Conococheague 100"
Hagerstown Speedway-Hagerstown,MD-1/2 Mile Oval
$42,000 Purse-$10,000 To Win-100 Lap Feature

Showing Finish Pos.,Start Pos.,Car #,Driver,Laps Completed,Reason Out (if
any) and Purse Money Won

1. (1) #1P Earl Pearson Jr. 100 Running $10,100; 2. (9) #70J D.J. Myers
Running $6,000; 3. (12) #1* Chub Frank 100 Running $4,000; 4. (8) #42
Andrews 100 Running $3,000; 5. (11) #24D Nathan Durboraw 100 Running
6. (10) #90 Gary Stuhler 100 Running $1,600; 7. (3) #F19 Steve
Francis 100
Running $1,470; 8. (6) #30 Steve Shaver 100 Running $1,240;
9. (4) # 6 Booper
Bare 100 Running $1,160; 10. (13) #119 Jim Bernheisel
100 Running $1,000; 11.
(20) #28 Marvin Winters 100 Running $950; 12. (5)
#E1 Mike Balzano 100
Running $900; 13. (22) #21 Chris Shuey 99 Running
$850; 14. (7) #21D Dan
Stone 99 Running $750; 15. (21) #12B Doug Burkholder
99 Running $750; 16.
(18) #71R Rod Conley 99 Running $700; 17. (16) #Won11
Rob Blair 99 Running
$600; 18. (24) #32 Greg Lucas 94 Running $600; 19.
(19) #01 Rodney Franklin
85 Mechanical $550; 20. (15) #24M Jeremy Miller
65 Mechanical $500; 21. (2)
#43A Tom Myers 27 Oil Temp. $580; 22. (14)
#71 Brent Smith 26 Mechanical
$500; 23. (23) #88 Charlie Schaffer 23 Cooling
$550; 24. (17) # 9 Frankie
Plessinger 4 Suspension $550; 25. (25) #19J
Davey Johnson 2 Fuel Pressure $550

Time Of Race: 51 Mins.; Yellow Flags: Four-Laps 2,23,26,84
Red Flags: One-Lap 50 (Mandatory Halfway Fuel Stop)
Lap Leaders: Two-Pearson Jr. 1-26,Francis 27-46,Pearson Jr. 47-100
OUTERWEARS CO. "Hard Charger of the Race": Frank
ROCKET CHASSIS "Rookie of the Race": Bernheisel
Provisional Starters: Johnson,Lucas,Schaffer. Car Count: 40

SUMMARY-CARRERA SHOCKS "Challenge the Clock" Time Trials:

1. #30 Steve Shaver Vienna,WV 19.552; 2. # 6 Booper Bare Rockbridge Baths,VA

19.556; 3. #F19 Steve Francis Ashland,KY 19.602; 4. #E1 Mike Balzano
19.612; 5. #1P Earl Pearson Jr. Jacksonville,FL 19.718; 6.
#43A Tom Myers
Greencastle,PA 19.769; 7. #24 Rick Eckert York,PA 19.781; 8.
#1* Chub Frank
Sugar Grove,PA 19.843; 9. #21D Dan Stone Thompson,PA 19.848;
10. #90 Gary
Stuhler Greencastle,PA 19.882; 11. #24D Nathan Durboraw
Hagerstown,MD 19.890;
12. #119 Jim Bernheisel Lebanon,PA 19.917; 13. #11 Mike
Atherton Fort Loudon,PA
19.925; 14. #42 Todd Andrews Eldred,PA 19.971; 15.
#70J D.J. Myers Greencastle,PA
19.972; 16. #88 Charlie Schaffer Hampstead,MD
19.975; 17. #71 Brent Smith
Mercersburg,PA 20.040; 18. #01 Rodney Franklin
White POst,VA 20.160; 19.
#21 Chris Shuey Orefield,PA 20.183; 20. #46 Scott
Andrews Hagerstown,MD
20.192; 21. #14 Jack Pencil Bedford,PA 20.196; 22. #32
Greg Lucas Whitesburg,KY
20.200 ; 23. #24M Jeremy Miller Gettysburg,PA
20.255; 24. #28 Marvin Winters
Mercersburg,PA 20.261; 25. #25 Andy Anderson
Martinsburg,WV 20.273; 26.
# 3 Tim Wilson McClure,PA 20.284; 27. #71R Rod
Conley Wheelersburg,OH 20.400;
28. #Won11 Rob Blair Titusville,PA 20.407; 29.
# 7 Paul Crowl Upperco,MD
20.447; 30. # 9 Frankie Plessinger Big Cove
Tannery,PA 20.504; 31. #1MD
Scott Cross Stevensville,MD 20.654; 32. #72 John
Mason Millersburg,OH 20.680;
33. #12B Doug Burkholder Chambersburg,PA 20.690;
34. #59 Bill Cunningham
Jefferson,OH 20.835; 35. # X Wayne Johnson Hancock,MD
20.872; 36. #4* Richard
Irwin Winchester,VA 20.986; 37. #77 Scott Lupfer
Shermansdale,PA 21.228;
38. #12J Jeremy Stone Thompson,PA 21.486; 39. #7L
Randy Lucas Apex,NC 21.728
40. #19J Davey Johnson Greensburg,PA 24.500

15-LAP ERNIE'S SALVAGE YARD PURE STOCKS: (23 Cars) Lap Leaders (Kent, 1;

Johnson, 2-6; Dennis, 7-15) 1. Ronnie Dennis; 2. Mike Warrenfeltz; 3. Hans

Stamberg; 4. Jeff Johnson; 5. Brian Miller; 6. Bruce Leibowitz; 7. Corey

Oberholtzer; 8. Keith Reed; 9. Denny Saunders; 10. Rick Stouffer; 11. Kenny

Dillon; 12. Steve Kent; 13. Eugene Conley; 14.Greg Hockensmith; 15. Paul

Rice; 16. Pete Gems; 17. Jesse Coleman; 18. Jim Snyder; 19. Mike Sanders;
Bill Reitober; 21. Kevin Shade; 22. John Huber; 23. Frank Dibella.

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