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posted August 17, 2002 10:02 AM
10th Annual Comp Cams Topless 100
Batesville Speedway
Friday, Saturday; August 16-17
By Larry Olson; Mountain Home, AR

LOCUST GROVE AR. The 10th Annual Comp Cams Topless 100 qualified the 90 cars that entered the event Friday. Stacy Taylor of Jacksonville, Arkansas was the surprise fast qualifier. Taylor will receive $1,500 from Rinehart Trucking for the fete.

Bill Frye claimed the first heat, after running down Mike Bowers, then Al Purkey. Purkey roared out to a big lead in the event with Bowers and Frye falling in behind. Frye and Bowers went side by side on lap four, with Frye getting the spot in turn two on lap five. Purkey was a half straight ahead of Frye on lap 7, but Frye started to close in and was within 5 carlengths by lap 15. Jeff Taylor got by Bowers for the final transfer spot. Frye and Purkey went side by side on lap 17, and Frye drove past Purkey for the lead and the win on the frontstretch on lap 18.

Billy Moyer lead the second heat from wire to wire. Moyer and Ray Cook went side by side on the first lap, with Moyer leading the lap. Moyer established the point in turn two on the second lap. The front three strung out in a race run without a caution. Moyer came home with the win over Cook, and Steve Rushin.

Brian Birkhofer dominated heat three. Birkhofer was off with the drop of the green, with Skip Arp and Don O'Neal trailing. The front pair stayed that way for the duration of the event. 2000 Champion, Jimmy Mars got the third transfer spot from O'Neal on lap 11 in traffic.
Dan Schlieper claimed the fourth heat race win. Local driver Dewaine Hottinger opened with the lead over Terry Phillips and Schlieper. Schlieper moved past Phillips on lap three, taking over second. When the field moved into traffic, Schlieper was able to whittle away at Hottinger's lead, overcoming him on lap 11. The caution flag flew on lap 13 for a pair of cars on the frontstretch. Terry Phillips used the restart to take second from Hottinger. Schlieper came away with the win over Phillips and Hottinger.

Wendell Wallace made a big move from his second row inside starting postion into the lead as the green flag came out. Wallace moved ahead of Shannon Babb and David Gibson. Scott Bloomquist and Gibson battled for the third spot for the first half of the heat, before Bloomquist got the spot for good on lap 10. Wallace, Babb, and Bloomquist were the three transfer cars.

Dale McDowell won the sixth heat with a dominating performance, but the battle for the other two transfer spots went two and three wide for most of the race. Duane Hommell and Stacy Taylor dueled side by side for second, with Leslie Essary joining them for three wide battles. Essary and Taylor swapped third back and fourth. Hommel gained second for good by the halfway point, then Taylor and Essary dueled for third. The pair were side by side on lap 12, then again on lap 15. Taylor finally claimed the third spot for good. Dale McDowell, Duane Hommel, and Stacy Taylor claimed the transfer spots.

The first three rows of the A Feature will be determined by the Pole Dash. Qualifying times determined the line-up of the Pole Dash. Qualifying times also determined the balance of the A Feature line-ups. The quickest 2nd place cars went to the front of rows four through six, and the quickest third place cars went to the front of rows seven through nine. Six more cars will be added from the three Last Chance Qualifiers. The final spot will be given to the highest point O'Reilly Mid-America Racing Series car that has not qualified.

Saturday's Line-ups

Pole Dash (will determine the first 3 rows in the feature)

Row 1 Dan Schlieper..............Wendell Wallace
Row 2 Bill Frye......................Dale McDowell
Row 3 Brian Birkhofer..........Billy Moyer

Balace of the Feature Line-up

Row 4 Duane Hommel.........Terry Phillips
Row 5 Shannon Babb............Al Purkey
Row 6 Skip Arp.....................Ray Cook
Row 7 Stacy Taylor...............Scott Bloomquist
Row 8 Jeff Taylor..................Steve Rushin
Row 9 Dewaine Hottinger....Jimmy Mars


1) Stacy Taylor-14.603
2) Scott Bloomquist-14.606
3) Dan Schlieper-14.779
4) Randy Korte-14.801
5) Jeep Van Wormer-14.837
6) Jeff Taylor-14.851
7) Dewayne Hommel-14.857
8) Wendell Wallace-14.869
9) Terry Phillips-14.871
10) Don O'Neal-14.882
11) Steve Rushin-14.893
12) Bill Frye-14.899
13) Dale McDowell-14.899
14) Shannon Babb-14.961
15) Gregg Herron-14.981
16) Brian Birkhofer-14.981
17) Billy Moyer-14.993
18) Al Purkey-15.008
19) Todd Hall-15.026
20) David Gibson-15.066
21) Dewaine Hottinger-15.070
22) Skip Arp-15.083
23) Ray Cook-15.100
24) Mike Bowers-15.120
25) Freddy Smith-15.126
26) Shane Harris-15.130
27) Jeff Floyd-15.141
28) Donnie Barnhart-15.146
29) Duke Whiseant-15.157
30) Leslie Essary-15.178
31) Kenny Merchant-15.203
32) **** Phillips-15.209
33) Jimmy Mars-15.210
34) Anthony Rushing-15.234
35) Darren Miller-15.240
36) Richie Tosh-15.244
37) Clint Smith-15.250
38) Don Cliburn-15.270
39) Justin Fulton-15.272
40) Raymond Merrill-15.274
41) Ed Kosiski-15.275
42) John Anderson-15.282
43) Billy James-15.311
44) Marshall Green-15.325
45) Gary Stolba-15.328
46) Rex McCroskey-15.344
47) David Brazeale-15.345
48) Shane Diamant-15.356
49) Jason Croft-15.377
50) Edwin Wells-15.387
51) Jason Bodenhamer-15.395
52) Randall Chupp-15.442
53) Jerry Buck-15.444
54) Chris Taup-15.455
55) Ronnie Johnson-15.468
56) Chad Lyle-15.476
57) Dean Carpenter-15.493
58) Mark Mears-15.498
59) Joe Kosiski-15.513
60) Eric Conner-15.517
61) Jimmy Cliburn-15.551
62) Johnny Johnson-15.568
63) Carey Conaway-15.568
64) Jason Cliburn-15.569
65) Peyton Taylor-15.591
66) Billy Peden-15.593
67) Jason Snodgrass-15.595
68) Brian Holliway-15.608
69) Scott Gibbs-15.616
70) Jeff White-15.665
71) James Cline-15.677
72) John Pafford-15.686
73) Ronny Adams-15.702
74) Mark Norris-15.720
75) Joey Bomprezzi-15.721
76) Jerrell Harper-15.769
77) Kenneth Crow-15.772
78) Stacy Caldwell-15.895
79) Jamie Elam-15.939
80) Kenneth Mitchum-15.954
81) Andy May-15.965
82) Jeff Chanler-16.075
83) Steve Russell-16.315
84) Johnny McCool-16.435
85) Odie Green-16.460
86) Lyle Seltmann-16.511
87) Chris Baugh-17.372
88) Waylon Bullock-DQ
89) Brandon Ball-DQ
90) Jimmy Naulin-DQ

1st Heat (20 Laps, three transfer) 1) Bill Frye, Greenbriar AR 2) Al Purkey, Coffeyville KS 3) Jeff Taylor, Batesville AR 4) Freddy Smith, Knoxville TN 5) Mike Bowers, North Little Rock AR 6) Clint Smith, Senoia GA 7) Kenny Merchant, Ruston LA 8) Billy James, Sikeston MO 9) Jimmy Cliburn, Star MS 10) Ronnie Johnson, Chatanooga TN 11) Jason Snodgrass, Mountain Home AR 12) Ronny Adams, Texarkana AR 13) Jason Croft, Woodstock GA 14) Odie Green, Fouke AR 15) Jamie Elam, Hernando MS

2nd Heat 1) Billy Moyer, Batesville AR 2) Ray Cook, Brasstown NC 3) Steve Rushin, Poplar Bluff MO 4) Shane Harris, Sheridan AR 5) Marshall Green, White GA 6) Jeep Van Wormer, Pinconning MI 7) Don Cliburn, Star MS 8) Johnny Johnson, West Burlington IA 9) Edwin Wells, Morrilton AR 10) Brian Holliway, Sheridan AR 11) Mark Norris, Clinton AR 12) Kenneth Mitchum, Strong AR 13) Kenneth Crowe, Port Allen LA 14) Chad Lyle, Lone Jack MO 15) **** Phillips, Scipio IN

3rd Heat 1) Brian Birkhofer, Muscatine IA 2) Skip Arp, Georgetown TN 3) Jimmy Mars, Elk Mound WI 4) Don O'Neal, Martinsville IN 5) Jeff Floyd, Walnut Ridge AR 6) Randy Korte, Highland IL 7) Joey Bomprezzi, Bartlet TN 8) Gary Stolba, Willow Springs MO 9) Jason Bodenhamer, Centerview MO 10) Scott Gibbs, Bloomfield MO 11) Justin Fulton, Muskogee OK 12) Chris Baugh, Jonesboro AR 13) Carey Conaway, Jonesboro AR 14) Andy May, Newport AR 15) Dean Carpenter, Coldwater MS

4th Heat 1) Dan Schlieper, Pewaukee WI 2) Terry Phillips, Springfield MO 3) Dewaine Hottinger, Russellville AR 4) Randall Chupp, Mooresville NC 5) Rex McCroskey, Springfield MO 6) Gregg Herron, Little Rock AR 7) Anthony Rushing, Koscisusco MS 8) Donnie Barnhart, North Little Rock AR 9) Raymond Merrill, Sallisaw OK 10) Mark Mears, Decatur AL 11) Jason Cliburn, Star MS 12) Jeff White, Kosciusko MS 13) Jerrell Harper, Sheridan AR 14) Jeff Chanler, Minden LA 15) Waylon Bullock, Paragould AR

5th Heat 1) Wendell Wallace, Batesville AR 2) Shannon Babb, Moweaqua IL 3) Scott Bloomquist, Moresburg TN 4) David Gibson, Ash Flat AR 5) Peyton Taylor, Batesville AR 6) Joe Kosiski, Omaha NE 7) Brandon Ball, West Plains MO 8) Duke Whiseant, Texarkana AR 9) David Brazeale, Four Corners MS 10) James Cline, Oxford AL 11) Kenneth Crowe, Port Allen LA 12) Steve Russell, Pontotoc MS 13) Ed Kosiski, Omaha NE 14) Darren Miller, Chadwick IL

6th Heat 1) Dale McDowell, Rossville GA 2) Duane Hommel, Newport TN 3) Stacy Taylor, Jacksonville AR 4) Leslie Essary, Crane MO 5) Richie Tosh, Salado AR 6) Jerry Buck, Paragould AR 7) John Anderson, Omaha NE 8) Todd Hall, Charleston MO 9) Billy Peden, Marion AR 10) John Pafford, Germantown TN 11) Chris Tayes, Corinth MS 12) Eric Conner, Kirby AR 13) Stacy Caldwell, Nettleton MS 14) Jimmy Naulin, Shelbyville TN 15) Johnny McCool, Vicksburg MS 16) Shane Diamant, North Little Rock AR

Stolen from Larry Olson
Public Relations Director
Mars, Topless 100

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