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Author Topic:   Tazewell Speedway results 8-3-02 (Tazewell, TN) Double Point Race
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Tazewell Speedway results 8-3-02 (Tazewell, TN) Double Point Race
Double Point Race:
Super Late Models:
Fast qualifier David Crabtree 11.574. On the first start Fred England spun in turn
two with Troy Eads spinning to miss England. With a complete restart it was
Crabtree, Ricky Rogers, Steve Smith, Jason Trammell and Stacy Boles racing into
turn one. Boles passed Trammell on lap two to take over fourth place. Crabtree
pulled out to half a straight away over the rest of the field. When on lap sixteen
England spun and tightened up the field on Crabtree. The caution flew for Boles on
lap twenty-one moving Troy Eads up into fifth place. On the restart S. Smith went to
the low side of Rogers for second, but didn't get the pass completed. Trammell
passed S. Smith on lap twenty-nine for third place. Each time that Crabtree would
get some breathing room out front the caution would fly.

David Crabtree from Maryville, TN driving the Warrior Race Cars, Hutch Repair,
Goddard Performance number five went on to take another win at the Tazewell
Speedway speed plant.

Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (1) David Crabtree #5
2. (2) Ricky Rogers #144
3. (4) Jason Trammell #91
4. (7) Fred England #18
5. (8) Troy Eads #52
6. (3) Steve Smith #201
7. (5) Stacy Boles #11b
8. (6) Brian Smith #g7

Limited Late Models:
Fast qualifier Dale Huskey 12.415 and Casey Huffman started from the front row.
Huffman jumped out from over D. Huskey followed by Gary Blanken, Marlin Bull
and Gary Willis. Pug Hodges slowed on lap two on the backstretch on the restart Eric
Creech spun and Hodges spun to miss Creech. Then Greg Huskey spun on the front
stretch with Randall Self and Jack Trammell. On the second restart of lap two
Huffman spun in turn two again when D. Huskey and Huffman got together. D.
Huskey was sent to the rear on the third restart of lap two. The top five were
Huffman, Blanken, Bull, Willis and G. Huskey.

Blanken passed Huffman for the led on lap four. A lot of passing was going on back
thought the field with Scott Standifer passing Robert Perry on lap eight. Richie Bean
passing Perry on lap ten, Willis passed Huffman on lap twelve. The caution flew on
lap seventeen for Standifer in turn three. On the restart of lap seventeen it was
Blanken, Willis, Bull, Huffman, Clyde Stanton, Randall Self, Bean, Perry, D. Huskey,
and Leonard Bray the top ten. Creech spun in turn four on lap eighteen. The top ten
stayed the same on the restart. Lap twenty Bean spun when he went to the low side
of Self coming off turn two. Lap twenty-one Bean passed John Southern and
Southern spun moving Bean back up in to the top ten. Lap twenty-two Huffman spun
in turn two again while running fourth. It was still Blanken out front followed by
Willis, Bull, Stanton, Self, Hodges, Perry. Bray, Bean and Huffman. Lap twenty-four
Bean passed Bray on the back stretch for ninth place.

Gary Blanken from Morristown, TN took the win driving the Stinger racecar,
Gordon Construction number G7.

Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (4) Gary Blanken #g7
2. (6) Gary Willis #07w
3. (3) Marlin Bull #8
4. (2) Casey Huffman #7
5. (9) Clyde Stanton #c11
6. (11) Randall Self #91
7. (8) Pug Hodges #2
8. (10) Robert Perry #21
9. (15) Richie Bean #11
10. (12) Leonard Bray #17
11. (13) Eric Creech #n30
12. (18) Scott Standifer #515
13. (18) John Southern #19
14. (1) Dale Huskey #23
15. (14) Scott Standifer #25
16. (16) Steve Rouse #1
17. (20) Shelby Wilson #4w
18. (5) Greg Huskey #32
19. (17) Josh Chesney #05
20. (7) Jack Trammell #92

Modified Street:
Fast qualifier Anthony Morgan 14.276 and Jason Long started on the front row.
Morgan took the led followed by Long, Charlie England, Terry Harris and Tim
Hatfield. Rick Welch was the rocket in the field starting twelfth and flying up thru the
field. Lap two Welch passed Terry Jones and by lap four was passing Terry Harris for
fourth place. England brushed the turn two wall on lap six to bring out the first
caution. England made it back on to the track before the green flag, when Gerald
Ayers let water on the track. Welch went to the low side of Long on the restart going
for second place. The two of them side by side for two laps before Welch settled for
third place. England passed Harris for fourth place on lap twelve. Tim Hatfield got by
Harris on lap sixteen for fifth place.

Anthony Morgan from Morristown, TN took the win driving the Hopson Racing and
Fabricating racecar. After taking it home in little pieces last week after he was

Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (1) Anthony Morgan #26
2. (2) Jason Long #10
3. (12) Rick Welch #18
4. (6) Charlie England #99
5. (5) Tim Hatfield #3
6. (8) Terry Harris #h1
7. (2) Donnie Rich #16
8. (7) Ben Harris #42
9. (4) Allen Holt #24
10. (13) Scott Boggs #b1
11. (9) Gerald Ayers #43
12. (14) Chuck Thode #m44
13. (11) Tony Jones #88
14. (10) Junior Weaver #1

Pure Street:
Fast qualifier Mike Bright 15.514 and Jonathan Miracle started on the front row.
Bright got out front of Miracle with Eddie Younce up from fourth, John Whitaker in
fourth and Jesse Hoover in fifth place. Bobby Bean got by four cars on lap two up
from tenth place to take over sixth. By lap six the leaders were in heavy lap traffic.
Bean took over fifth place when he passed Larry Burke on lap eight. Younce worked
the low side of Miracle on several laps trying for second place.

Mike Bright from Maynardville, TN took the win driving the Calloway Racecars
number seven.

Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (1) Mike Bright #7
2. (2) Jonathan Miracle #50
3. (4) Eddie Younce #81
4. (3) John Whitaker #22
5. (10) Bobby Bean #77
6. (7) Gary Dobbs #d2
7. (8) Eddie Weaver #e3
8. (14) Bo Hall #97
9. (19) Terry Laws #8
10. (21) Chuck Phelps #33
11. (5) Jesse Hoover #3
12. (6) Larry Burke #54
13. (12) Gary Harville #27
14. (17) Roy Ramsey #r2
15. (20) Jason Gray #g8
16. (16) Bobby Moore #m4
17. (8) Jerry Hurst #12
18. (11) Chester Jarnigan #31
19. (18) Greg Hoskins #13
20. (12-DNS) Jack England #55
21. (15-DNS) Richard Ely #28

Four Cylinders:
Tim Collins got his first career win in a racecar. Tim had won one earlier this year
but came up a little light on the scales.

Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (1) Tim Collins #1
2. (2) Danny Yoder #2y
3. (5) Brad Albright #28
4. (3) Jackie Courtney #j1
5. (8) Brian Courtney #71
6. (6) Brad Pressley #19
7. (7) Allen Holloway #27a
8. (4) Randy Helton #2

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