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Author Topic:   Reppert Is Ninth Different New Egypt Winner in 2002
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posted July 28, 2002 09:27 AM UIN: 16262997
Reppert Is Ninth Different New Egypt Winner in 2002

New Egypt, NJ (July 27) - Newcomer Jimmy Reppert of Hamburg, PA, became the
ninth different Modified winner this season at New Egypt Speedway, holding
off the hardball bids of a flyin' Frank Cozze and Rick Grosso to score his
first-ever victory Saturday on Century 21 Banner Night.

"I've got to thank God, first and foremost. We've been struggling here and
He really blessed me tonight," a joyful Reppert said, after sweeping both
his qualifying heat and the feature race. "Last week, we were leading the
heat race and blew up the motor. We put 'Old Reliable' (under the hood) --
and it did the job for us."

Reppert, a latecomer to this year's Modified roster who'd only qualified
eight times previously, led every lap of the 30-lap Modified main. But that
doesn't mean the race was a sleeper, by any stretch of the imagination.
After a full-tilt Todd Burley fell off Reppert's pace in the late going,
Rick Grosso made his presence known, riding hard on the outside to capture
second with five laps remaining. Then, with three laps to go, Frank Cozze
came out of nowhere, and suddenly the top three were racing under a
handkerchief. Reppert repelled Grosso's best shot to upset, right before
Cozze flatfooted by Grosso in a squeaker for second. At the line, it was
Reppert, Cozze, Grosso, Burley and Roger Laureno. New point leader Keith
Hoffman finished seventh, capitalizing on Billy Pauch's bad night.

Chatham, NJ's Chris Wasson took the high line to pass Rich Scagliotta with
five to go and race to his first of the year in the 25-lap Sportsman
feature, which awarded double points. New division point leader Scagliotta,
Larry Kline, Jim Scherer and Stan Ploski III followed Wasson to the stripe.

An exhausted Mario Page of Somerset, NJ, muscled to his sixth of the season
in the Super Stock ranks, battling a sick transmission the entire 15-lap
distance. Gary Butler, Kory Fleming, Brian Nixon and division points leader
Ralph Gargiulo finished second through fifth. In his best effort all year,
Kevin Bifulco crossed the line in second, but was disqualified after his car
failed the post-race weigh-in.

The Herman's Trucking Lightning Lap Awards for fastest lap in a feature
event were won by Todd Burley (Mods, 18.522), Chris Wasson (Sportsman,
19.401) and Mario Page (Super Stock, 20.495). In addition, Century 21
sponsored a $221 bonus to the 21st finishing position in each main event.
Korey Keimig (Modified), Tim Apgar (Sportsman) and Don Shipley (Super Stock)
pocketed the generous bonus bucks.

Century 21 Mortgage awarded a 19-inch color TV to the adult winner in the
track's annual Banner Night competition, with the under-12 winner receiving
a Nintendo Gameboy from Century 21 Ailor & Associates. Bicycles, NASCAR
collectibles, video games, and a wealth of "toss" freebies - over $3,000 in
grandstand giveaways - were sponsored by Century 21 Mortgage, Action Plus
Realty, B&R Realty, Major Realty, Ailor & Associates, and Roveda Speed &

Next week, August 3, it's Ladies' Night at New Egypt, as the women take the
wheel for a series of Powder Puff events sponsored by Burnett Racing
Engines. Big-block Mods, Sportsman and Super Stocks complete the card. Gates
open at 4 pm, with first race at 6. Adult admission is $15, children 7-12
are $5, and kids 6 and under are free. For more information, call the
speedway office at (609) 758-1900.


1st Heat: 1.Reppert 2.Radd 3.Martz 4.Tanner Jr. 5.Grosso 6.Godown
2nd Heat: 1.Miloszar 2.Laureno 3.Brightbill 4.Bohn 5.McCaughey 6.Kell
3rd Heat: 1.Hoffman 2.Cozze 3.Pauch 4.Worthington 5.Burley 6.Hendrickson
B Main: 1.Drayton 2.Dmuchowski 3.Bitner 4.Iles 5.Tranquilli 6.Keimig
Feature (30 laps):
1.Jimmy Reppert 2.Frank Cozze 3.Rick Grosso 4.Todd Burley 5.Roger Laureno
6.Darren McCaughey 7.Keith Hoffman 8.Donny Radd 9.Eddie Bohn 10.Ryan Godown
11.Kenny Brightbill 12.Mark Bitner 13.Sam Martz 14.John Miloszar 15.Bob
Drayton 16.Tim Tanner Jr. 17.Fred Dmuchowski 18.Bob Worthington 19.Mike Iles
20.Mark Tranquilli 21.Korey Keimig 22.Bucky Kell 23.Billy Pauch DNS: Wade
DNQ: Mike Hendershot, Doug Liedl, Richie Rutski, Scott VanGorder, Dan
McMahon, Rich Acolia, Tom Hager.

1st Heat: 1.Toth 2.McCloughan 3.Tomasko 4.Godown 5.Scagliotta
2nd Heat: 1.Ploski 2.Tramontana 3.DeVos 4.Reid 5.Beamer
3rd Heat: 1.Reutter Jr. 2.M.Papiez 3.Lyons 4.Monk 5.Geiges
4th Heat: 1.Wasson 2.Swain 3.Kline 4.Stravinsky 5.Scherer
C Main: 1.Liedl
B Main: 1.Telesco 2.Tanner III 3.Smith 4.Apgar 5.Pratt Jr. 6.Meisner 7.Ely
8.Liedl (Pt. Prov: Buffalino)
Feature (25 Laps):
1.Chris Wasson 2.Rich Scagliotta 3.Larry Kline 4.Jim Scherer 5.Stan Ploski
III 6.Mike Toth 7.Matt Papiez 8.Tommy Beamer 9.Pete Telesco 10.G.R.Smith
11.Jack Swain 12.Bill Tanner III 13.Anthony Tramontana 14.Brian Godown
15.Richie Pratt Jr. 16.Doug Liedl 17.Tom Tomasko 18.Jeff Geiges 19.Brien Ely
20.Scott Reid 21.Tim Apgar 22.Gene Stravinsky 23.Mike Reutter Jr. 24.Gene
DeVos 25.Phil McCloughan 26.Ken Meisner 27.Mike Lyons 28.Fred Monk
29.Dominick Buffalino
DNQ: (B Main): Larry Lippincott, Glenn Hisko, Joey Tinnes, Dave Woolston
Jr., Keith Foster, Dave Gorbatuk, Todd Kuhl, Billy Tanner IV, Dominick
Buffalino, Lee Taylor Jr., Rick Yard, Dave Hoffman. (C Main): Joe Papiez,
John Romano, Jimmy Harris, Brad Brightbill, Brian Pearson, Chuck Flesch,
Dave Woolston Sr., Rob Morris, Lou Farina III, Joe Szwed, Lenny
Przemelewski, Bob Lineman Jr., Andy Weeks, Rick Raisner, Nick Vasquez, Bill
Raisner, Steve Schultz, Sam Wescott, Keith Plumstead, Jim Robertson, Jeff
Carpenter, Mike Mongiello III, Stan Frankenfield Jr.

1st Heat: 1.M.Page 2.Fleming 3.Roveda 4.Gerber 5.Jn.Hewitt 6.R.Page
2nd Heat: 1.Nixon 2.Quinlan 3.Dewey 4.N.Gargiulo Jr. 5.Miscoski 6.Collier
3rd Heat: 1.Butler 2.Bifulco 3.Reed 4.R.Gargiulo 5.Jm.Hewitt 6.Barnes
B Main: 1.Whitehouse 2.Conaway 3.Coverly 4.Burdge 5.Barnstead 6.Shipley (Pt.
Prov: Cheney )
Feature (15 laps):1.Mario Page 2.Gary Butler 3.Kory Fleming 4.Brian Nixon
5.Ralph Gargiulo 6.Al Cheney III 7.Bill Miscoski 8.Carol Whitehouse 9.Pat
Conaway 10.Weldon Collier 11.George Quinlan 12.Jim Hewitt 13.Ron Coverly
14.Dan Dewey 15.Steve Barnes 16.Al Burdge 17.Ron Barnstead 18.Bill Gerber
19.Bryan Reed 20.Jake Roveda 21.Don Shipley 22.Nick Gargiulo Jr. 23.Jon
Hewitt 24.Rich Page DQ: Kevin Bifulco
DNQ: Bill Miller, Steve Biles, Chuck Barker, Chris Pidgeon, Mike Dzingleski,
Bob Vaccaro, Jeff Saxton, Scott Dunn, Blair Guker III, Evan Berardi, Norman
Saxton, Bill Liedtka.

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