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Author Topic:   Tazewell Speedway results 7-27-02 (Tazewell, TN) David Crabtree takes the Win
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Tazewell Speedway results 7-27-02 (Tazewell, TN) David Crabtree takes the Win
Super Late Models:
Fast qualifier Fred England 11.763 and David Crabtree started on the front row. Crabtree pulled England on the start in to turn one followed by Ricky Rogers, Jack Trammell and Mark Brooks. Rogers worked the low side of England on laps three thru five, while Jeff Wolfenbarger moved to the high side of Brooks. Brian Smith passed Wolfenbarger on lap five, when the caution flew for Stacy Boles with a flat tire. On the restart it was Crabtree, England, Rogers, Trammell and Brooks the top five.

England while running second crossed up his car in turn two on lap seven and four cars got by him leaving England in sixth place. Lap eleven the caution came out for Wolfenbarger moving England back in to fifth place. On the restart with Brooks in fourth place he ran over the cone and got sent to the rear of the field.

Roger ran the low side of the track under Trammell for the next seven laps trying to take second from Trammell. Trammell headed to the pits on lap twenty with a flat tire. On the restart Crabtree held on with Rogers working the low side for the led, with England back up to third. Brian Smith in fourth and Boles back up to fifth place. The caution came out for Brooks when he stopped in turn four. Laps twenty-eight and twenty-nine Rogers was all over Crabtree for the led, but couldn't pull it off. England after working back up into third spun in turn two on lap thirty-four. It was still Crabtree and Rogers out front, with Smith in third followed by Boles, Wolfenbarger, England and Troy Eads. Lap thirty-five Rogers was putting pressure on Crabtree for the led.

David Crabtree from Maryville, TN driving the #5 Warrior race car went on to take the win.

Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (2) David Crabtree #5
2. (3) Ricky Rogers #144
3. (6) Brian Smith #g7
4. (10) Stacy Boles #11n
5. (8) Jeff Wolfenbarger #28
6. (1) Fred England #18
7. (9) Troy Eads #52
8. (5) Mark Brooks #25
9. (4) Jack Trammell #90j
10. (11) Steve Smith #201
11. (7-DNS) Eddie McMillan #04

Limited Late Models:

Fast qualifier Dale Huskey 12.420 got the jump on Casey Huffman, but before a lap was completed Huffman spun in turn four for a complete restart. On the next start Huffman got the jump on Huskey for the led followed by Marlin Bull, Gary Willis and Leonard Bray. Coming off turn four Willis passed Bull for third place. The caution flew for Bull on the next go around moving Robert Perry in to the fifth place.

Lap nine Huffman was lapping Eddie Cinnamon in turn four. Lap eighteen and the leaders were working heavy lap traffic. Huskey was all over Huffman on lap twenty above, below and right on his rear bumper.

Casey Huffman from Newport, TN know as the "Newport Bullet" driving the Casey's Construction, Warrior race car number seven went on to take the win.

Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (2) Casey Huffman #7
2. (1) Dale Huskey #23
3. (4) Gary Willis #07w
4. (5) Leonard Bray #17
5. (7) Clyde Stanton #c11
6. (8) Scott Gardner #25
7. (6) Robert Perry #21
8. (9) Randell Self #91
9. (12) Pug Hodges #2
10. (10) Keith Chapman #92
11. (11) Shelby Wilson #4w
12. (3) Marlin Bull #8
13. (14) Eric Creech #n30
14. (13) Eddie Cinnamon #1
15. (16) Josh Chesney #05
16. (15) Scott Standifer #515

Modified Street:
Fast Qualifier Anthony Morgan 14.306 had a pair of eighteen's on his bumper in Tony Trent and Wick Welch. With Jason Long in fourth and Allen Holt in fifth place. Lap three Donnie Rich passed Holt taking fifth place. Lap eight Rich got by Long for fourth place. Only to have a flat tire when they got together while passing the lap car of Bill Morgan. Holt held on for fourth and Tim Hatfield in fifth. Wayne Wolfe went up it smoke on the restart, but returned without the smoke. Lap nine the spoiler of Long was on the front stretch to bring out the caution for the debris. Long got back by Hatfield for fifth on lap nine. It was no cake walk for Morgan as the eighteen's of Trent and Welch rode his bumper not letting Morgan run away with the race. At the flag stand it was Morgan, Trent, and Welch. That is when the excitement got started as Morgan went to the scales, Trent pulled to the flag stand and put up the money to have Morgan's engine pulled all the way down and out of the car. After pulling the heads, valves, the engine out of the car, oil pan, and a piston Morgan's engine was found "Legal" for Modified Street.

Anthony Morgan from Morristown, TN took the win and another sticker for his side glass giving him twenty win stickers on the rear side glass. The car went on the trailer; the engine parts went in the hauler headed back to Morristown along with the protest money and the winnings for winning the Modified Street Feature.

Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (1) Anthony Morgan #26
2. (2) Tony Trent #18 (blue)
3. (4) Rich Welch #18 (blk)
4. (5) Allen Holt #24
5. (7) Tim Hatfield #3
6. (9) Terry Harris #h1
7. (6) Jason Long #10
8. (11) Wayne Wolfe #8
9. (8) Donnie Rich #16
10. (10) Ben Harris #42
11. (12) Scott Boggs #b1
12. (15) Bill Morgan #808
13. (3) Mitch Houston #00
14. (14) Jr. Weaver #1
15. (13-DNS) Mike Sizemore #17

Pure Street:
Jonathan Miracle took the led from his second place start with John Whitaker up from fourth, Gary Dobbs in third, Bobby Moore and Richard Ely in fourth and fifth place. Whitaker was all over Miracle for the led. Lap two Bobby Moore got in to the front stretch wall to bring out the caution. On the restart that put Jesse Hoover in fifth place. Lap four Mike Bright passed Bobby Bean and Hoover on the high side. Lap ten Bright passed Dobbs to take over third place.

Jonathan Miracle from Tazewell, TN went on to take the feature win in Pure Street driving the Eads Auto Sales number fifty.

Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (2) Jonathan Miracle #50
2. (6) John Whitaker #22
3. (14) Mike Bright #7 (blk)
4. (1) Gary Dobbs #d2
5. (12) Jesse Hoover #3
6. (13) Eddie Younce #81
7. (15) Larry Burke #54
8. (19) Jack England #55
9. (20) Ken Cinnamon #7
10. (8) Richard Ely #28
11. (9) Chuck Phelps #33
12. (5) Bobby Bean #77
13. (16) Gary Harville #27
14. (17) Alan Dearing #53
15. (3) Bobby Moore #m4
16. (7) Eddie Weaver #e3
17. (18) Jason Gray #g8
18. (10) Jerry Hurst #12
19. (11-DNS) Speed Campbell #4

Four Cylinders:

Fast qualifier Brad Albright (15.673) from Maryville, TN took another feature win on the high banks of "The Taz" driving the little Mustang II.

1. (1) Brad Albright #28
2. (2) Danny Yoder #2y
3. (3) Randy Helton #2
4. (4) Mike Courtney #71
5. (7) Allen Collins #1
6. (5) Brad Pressley #19
7. (6) Bill Blair #7

Powder Puff:
It was ladies night at "The Taz" with the ladies getting to race a ten lap race in the "Powder Puff" race.

Amy Younce won making it eleven wins for her driving "Daddy's" Pure Street number eight-one race car.

Finish-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. Amy Younce #81
2. Sherry Bean #77
3. Diane Moore #m4
4. Amy Dobbs #d2
5. Julie Luckadoo #54
6. Jennifer Strong #1

Tazewell Speedway would like to thank Gary and Connie Blanken for the fifteen gallons of candy. That they got business in Morristown, TN to donated for the candy toss for the kids. Gary and Connie got to toss the candy from the flag stand, as the kids filled up the front stretch of "The Taz"

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