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Author Topic:   Aikey Scores 6th NASCAR Late Model Win At Farley Speedway
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posted July 27, 2002 09:47 AM UIN: 16262997
Aikey Scores 6th NASCAR Late Model Win At Farley Speedway

The NASCAR Weekly Racing Series presented by Dodge returned to action at the Farley Speedway on Friday, July 26th following a week off due to a special event. The nights racing action was sponsored by Advance Auto Parts and Gatorade the official thirst quencher of NASCAR.

Jeff Aikey scored a very emotional win on Friday night in the NASCAR Late Model 25 lap feature. Aikey dedicated the win and the remainder of the 2002 campaign to his good friend and fellow team member Wes Merritt who passed away just over a week ago. Aikey was running second when race leader Dave Eckrich tangled with a stalled car. When the race was restarted Aikey took over the lead and never looked back in scoring the win. Aikey stated in victory lane “Wes was with me on this one, and this win is for him.” Bobby Hansen ran a very strong race in riding the high side to a second place finish in taking the checkers ahead of point leader Denny Eckrich. Josh McGowan turned in another top five finish taking fourth ahead of Jon Rogers.

Jed Hurst scored the win in the 20 lap Quarter Master Modified feature event. Hurst led the race flag to flag but was challenged the last half of the race by Ron Barker. Hurst drove a flawless race in holding off Barker. Jason Schueller crossed the finish line in third just ahead of Scott Nesteby.

Bobby Moyer scored his second feature win of the season in the Pro Stock division on Friday night. Moyer led the race flag to flag and held a very determined Dan Shelliam. Moyer was able to take the checkers a car length ahead of Shelliam with Jeff Tharp and Jeff Kennedy rounding out the top four.

Mike Hughes made his first ever visit to the Farley Speedway victory lane on Friday night in scoring the NASCAR Hobby Stock feature win. Hughes shot to the front from a second row start and held off Jim Turpin in taking the feature win. Jason Rauen crossed the line in third behind Turpin.

Danny Kennedy drove his Toyota to his first ever Farley Flyer feature win. Friday night’s race was Kennedy’s second race ever at Farley. Kennedy took the win by beating Adam Wills to the checkers.

Friday, August 2nd will be fan appreciation night at the Farley Speedway with all grandstand admissions being reduced to half price. Race time will be 7:30 p.m.

7/26/02 Farley Speedway Race Results

Farley Flyers

Heat 1.

21k Danny Kennedy-Dubuque
31 Jason Roth-Hazel Green, WI
68 Steve Stackis-Dubuque

Heat 2

71 Adam Wills-Hazel Green, WI
00 John Flury-Epworth
7K Travis Kaiser-Dyersville


1. 21K Kennedy

2. 71 Wills

3. 00 Flury

4. 15 Loras Feldmann-Dyersville

5. 7K Kaiser

6. 55 Brian Kammerude-Hazel Green, WI

7. 79 Cliff Schanbeck-Delaware

8. 97 Russ Their-Dyersville

9. 68 Stackis

10. 38 Rob Kramer-Peosta

11. 14 Levi Benn-Dyersville

12. 1K Tim Koppes-Cascade

13. 31 Roth

14. 00X Ryan Simon-Farley

15. 69 Becky Roth-Cuba City, WI

16. 99.3 Mark Jaeger-Dyersville

17. 91 Jim Thompson-Delhi

NASCAR Hobby Stocks

Heat 1

1. 5 Norb Ahlers-Earlville

2. 13 Larry Benn-Dyersville

3. 8K Jerry Merkes-Farley

Heat 2

1. 89 Kelly Welter-Dubuque

2. 28 Ed McIntyre-Delhi

3. 38. T.J. Leslein-Durango


1. 59 Mike Hughes-Galena, IL

2. 33 Jim Turpin-Shullsburg, WI

3. 98 Jason Rauen-Farley

4. 44S B.J. Schmidt-Dubuque

5. 28 McIntyre

6. 97 Steve Dunkel-Worthington

7. 44 Kory Haverly-Anamosa.

8. 38 Leslein

9. 98X Duane Ahmann-Epworth

10. 8K Merkes

11. 5 Ahlers

12. 73L Jason Laue-Freeport, IL

13. 89 Welter

14. 13 Benn

15. 83R Rob Petsche-Centralia

NASCAR Pro Stocks

Heat 1

1. 25 bobby Moyer-Dubuque

2. 2k Jeff Kennedy-Dubuque

3. 12 Jeff Tharp-Dubuque

Heat 2

1. 1 John Walker-Cedar Rapids

2. 16 Dan Shelliam-Hazel Green, WI

3. 69 John Maher-West Branch


1. 25 Moyer

2. 16 Dan Shelliam-Hazel Green, WI

3. 12 Tharp

4. 2K Kennedy

5. 1 Walker

6. 69 Maher

7. 35 Jim Brokus-Dubuque

8. 23 Jim Amos-Peosta

9. 97 Jeff Reinert-Dyersville

10. 20 Ty Kleiner-Potosi, WI

Quarter Master Modifieds

Heat 1

1. 10 Jed Hurst-Hazel Green

2. 37 B Ron Barker-Dubuque

3. 74 Scott Nesteby-Dubuque

Heat 2

1. 24 Randy Less-Hopkinton

2. 3 Jason Schuller-Dubuque

3. 96 Larry Herring-Lone Tree


1. 10 Hurst

2. 37B Barker

3. 3 Schueller

4. 74 Nesteby

5. 96 Herring

6. 33 John Burbridge-Delhi

7. 24 Less

8. 39 Bob Bollon Freeport, IL

9. 27 Mark Schulte-Delhi

10. 24 Jan Messer-Manchester

11. 41 Dennis Dugan-Coleburg

12. 17 Bill Flannagan-Cedar Rapids

13. 11W Rob Wertz-Springville

Iowa Illinois Taylor Insulation NASCAR Late Models

Heat 1

58 Dave Eckrich-Oxford
3 Josh McGowan-Vinton
98.1 Bobby Hansen-Center Point

Heat 2

50 Denny Eckrich-Tiffin
61R Jon Rogers-Freeport, IL
26 Steve Boley-West Liberty


77 Jeff Aikey-Cedar Falls
98.1 Hansen
50 Eckrich
3 McGowan
79 Darren Mish-Cassville, WI
1m Rob Moss-Iowa City
11 Steve Ihm-Kieler, WI
30 Jim Burbridge-Delhi
70 Brandon Hennick-Central City
95 Ed Sanger-Postville
S1 Steve Hunter-Hopkinton
26 Boley
58 Eckrich
5 Wade Halverson-Elgin

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