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Author Topic:   Tazewell Speedway results 7-6-02 (Tazewell, TN) SAS race
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posted July 08, 2002 12:44 AM
Tazewell Speedway results 7-6-02 (Tazewell, TN)

The top sixteen in time trials were locked into the Southern-All-Star, 7th Annual Ray Neely Memorial race at Tazewell Speedway. Fast qualifier 11.514 Dwayne Hommell.

To start off the night Scott Sexton that had won the night before broke a rear end in hot laps and didn't make the race.

In the consolation race Josh Manning from Ocala, FL got up on top of the turn four wall and sat there a moment before rolling back off the wall on all four wheels. Mark Brooks was the driver on the move in the consolation race, passing Michael Smith, Brian Smith and Greg Burchette. Vic Chandler was dragging the nosepiece off of another car on his rear bumper till he made it to the pits. The top six from the consolation race Jack Trammell, David Crabtree, Tommy Kerr, Rex Richey, Don Jenkins and Mark Brooks would make up row nine, ten and eleven. The top two in SAS points not making the race in time or the consolation race. Would get to start in row twelve to make up the twenty-four-car field.

As the green flew on the 75 lap feature Steve Smith jumped out front over Bo Shirley and Dwayne Hommell. But it was a complete restart as there was a big pile up in turn three involving Clint Smith, Stacy Boles, Terrence Nowell, Rex Richey, Dale Ball, Mark Douglas and Vic Hill. Hill rolled his car and broke off the rear of the frame, tearing the fuel cell off and catching fire. Hill ended up side down and came out the passenger-right side of the car. Hill said he was ok and talked to the fans over the speakers, saying he was ok. While undoing his seat belt he hit his head as he fell from the seat. Track officials sent Hill to the hospital to get checked out when he said he had chest pains and his legs felt weak. Hill returned later and I talked to him after the race, he said he checked out ok that they had given him all kinds of test. Just goes to show how safe these racecars are built. Clint Smith was going to get in Don Jenkins car to finish the race as he is in the top five in points, but said his neck was a little to sore to hold his head up for seventy-five laps on the banks of the Taz.

On the next restart Bo Shirley from Gadsden, AL in a new car got up on the turn one was also involved were Brian Hendrix, Trammell, Brooks, Kerr and Duayne Aldridge who broke a spindle.

Now we are ready to go racing after three tries. S. Smith took the led followed by Hommell, Rogers, David Payne and Jeff Wolfenbarger the top five, with Mike Head below Wolfenbarger. Lap five Brooks, Trammell, David Crabtree, and Bryan Hendrix were swapping place back and forth. Lap ten the leaders were already working lap traffic. Lap sixteen S. Smith while leading headed to the pits, giving the led to Hommell with Rogers on his rear bumper. By lap 20 Hommell held a three car led over Rogers. Lap thirty-three the cars were circling the Taz so fast that they blew a billboard off the backstretch to bring out a caution for the debris on the track. The restart saw only nine cars still on the led lap. Head in fifth were to the low side of Wolfenbarger on the restart only to head to the pits on lap thirty-sixth; Johnson took over the fifth place. Lap fourth David Payne was below Rogers going for second place. Lap fourth-five Richey passed Trammell to take over sixth place. Lap fifty Wolfenbarger, Johnson and Richey were three wide in turn two all going for third place. Wolfenbarger held on for third. Laps fifty-three thru fifty-eight Richey worked the low side of Johnson and got it on lap fifty-eight. Lap sixty Richey and Wolfenbarger got together with Richey getting crossed up and Johnson taking back fifth place. Richey wanted fifth place back and worked the low side of Johnson as they moved in on Wolfenbarger they were three wide each going for third place that Wolfenbarger had.

Lap sixty-nine bad news for Wolfenbarger as Tommy Kerr got in to the turn one wall and Wolfenbarger spun to miss Kerr and got in to the wall with Kerr. With a six-lap dash for the win it was Hommell out front followed by Rogers, Payne, Johnson and Richey. Lap seventy Payne was below Rogers for second place, then it was Johnson, Payne and Richey make it three wide on the next go around. It the checkered it was Dwayne Hommell, Ricky Rogers, Ronnie Johnson and Rex Richey by a nose over Payne the top five.

Dwayne Hommell from Newport, TN took the Alabama based Southern-All-Star, 7th Annual Ray Neely Memorial driving the Miller Brother Coal, Warrior Race Cars, Goddard Performance, #h2. Holding on to the led in the Southern-All-Star point's lead.

Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (1) Dwayne Hommell #h2
2. (5) Ricky Rogers #144
3. (10) Ronnie Johnson #5j
4. (20) Rex Richey #87
5. (8) David Payne #8
6. (17) Jack Trammell #90j
7. (15) Stacy Boles #11
8. (13) Dale Ball #25x
9. (24) Vic Chandler #88
10. (22) Mark Brooks #25
11. (11) Bryan Hendrix #5h
12. (3) Jeff Wolfenbarger #28
13. (18) David Crabtree #5c
14. (19) Tommy Kerr #4t
15. (23) Greg Burchette #32
16. (9) Mike Head #54
17. (21) Don Jenkins #42
18. (2) Steve Smith #201
19. (4) Bo Shirley #1b
20. (6) Duayne Aldridge
21. (12) Terrence Nowell #55
22. (16) Mark Douglas #52
23. (7) Vic Hill #1
24. (14) Clint Smith #44

Fast time Dale Huskey (12.626) jumped out front with Gary Willis, Casey Huffman, Gary Blanken, and Chris Brooks. Lap one Keith Chapman got in to the turn one wall. On the restart David Gamble spun in turn two and again on lap sixteen. Casey Huffman slowed on the restart and headed to the pit only to pull back out on the track on lap eighteen to bring the caution back out. On the restart the leader Dale Hushey headed to the pits, give the led to Gary Willis followed by Blanken, Brooks, Pug Hodges, Scott Gardner, Marlin Bull, Robert Perry, Richie Bean, Randy Self and Clyde Stanton the top ten. Lap eighteen Huffman spun in turn two; the top ten stayed the same.

Gary Willis from Harrogate, TN driving the Papa John's Pizza, Willis Paving, Stinger Race Cars went on to take the win and add to his points led for the season.

Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (2) Gary Willis #07w
2. (3) Gary Blanken #g7
3. (7) Pug Hodges #2 wht
4. (9) Scott Gardner #25
5. (8) Marlin Bull #8
6. (6) Robert Perry #21
7. (12) Richie Bean #11
8. (13) Randy Self #91
9. (10) Clyde Stanton #c11
10. (11) Shelby Wilson #4w
11. (15) Leonard Bray #17
12. (16) Eric Creech #n30
13. (4) Casey Huffman #7
14. (1) Dale Huskey #23
15. (19) David Gamble #2 blk
16. (17) Randy Tharp #35
17. (14) Danny Yoder #2y
18. (18) Keith Chapman #92
19. (20) Josh Chesney #05
20. (5) Chris Brooks #88 (DQ)

Fast time Donnie Rich 13.998, and Craig Moore started on the front row. Moore got the jump followed by Anthony Morgan, Rick Welch, Jason Long and Tim Trent. Morgan and Rich had got together and Rich headed to the pits with a flat tire. Lap five Tony Trent spun in turn four. Lap six Morgan spun in turn two and Welch had nowhere to go bending up the front of his car. Morgan was sent to the rear on the restart, by lap eleven Morgan had moved back up in to the top five and took fourth on the next go around.

Craig Moore from Morristown, TN went on to take his second win of the season at Tazewell Speedway.

Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (2) Craig Moore #90
2. (8) Jason Long #10
3. (9) Tim Trent #17
4. (6) Anthony Morgan #26
5. (9) Tim Hatfield #3
6. (12) Terry Harris #h1
7. (17) Chris Carver #71
8. (14) Ben Harris #42
9. (11) Chuck Thode #m44
10. (16) Donald England #11
11. (18) Danny French #16.2
12. (3) Tony Trent #18 blue
13. (5) Rick Welch #18 blk
14. (11) Jeff Ferguson #24
15. (15) Gerald Ayers #1
16. (10) J. Harrell Smith #00
17. (1) Donnie Rich #16
18. (4) Tony Strickland #7

Larry "Goatman" Burke started from the front row and held off all charges that John Whitaker and Jesse Hoover could put on him. Hoover started in eleventh place and charged up through the field to challenge Whitaker for second.

Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (1) Larry Burke #54
2. (4) John Whitaker #22
3. (11) Jesse Hoover #3
4. (12) Marty Bain #808
5. (17) Jonathan Miracle #50
6. (5) Bobby Bean #77
7. (18) Jack England #55
8. (10) Tony Horton #56
9. (9) Gary Dobbs #d2
10. (19) Gary Harville #27
11. (7) Chuck Phellps #33
12. (3) Chester Jarnigan #31
13. (2) Mike Bright #7
14. (16) Ernest Gray #37
15. (8) Jason Gray #g8
16. (15) Eddie Younce #81
17. (13) Richard Ely #28
18. (6) Bobby Moore #m4
19. (14) Terry Laws #8

Brian Courtney took the win and his third Ray Neely Memorial trophy in the four cylinder class.

Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (11) Brian Courtney #71
2. (9) Michael Helton #2
3. (5) Scott Thorton #15
4. (3) Scott Hicks #14
5. (10) Alan Collins #1
6. (7) Chuck McMahan #99
7. (8) Richard McMahan #12
8. (6) Danny Yoder #2y
9. (4) Brad Albright #28
10. (2) Brad Pressley #19
11. (1) Bobby Lovin #10

Pictures will be up tomorrow on Tazewell Speedway's site.

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