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Author Topic:   MARS at Batesville
Dirt Freak

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posted July 06, 2002 10:05 AM
Batesville Speedway
Friday, July 5, 2002
By Larry Olson; Mountain Home, AR

LOCUST GROVE AR. Wendell Wallace notched his third O'Reilly Auto Parts Mid-America Racing Series win of the season Friday at the Batesville Speedway. Wallace rallied past Bill Frye, as the pair worked traffic on the 27th lap. Frye had led from the onset, and had built a big lead, but Wallace tracked him down in the 40 Lap Feature that went without a caution. Wallace took home $3,000 for the win.

Jeff Floyd was the top qualifier, and held the pole with Frye to his outside. Frye moved to the lead with Floyd dropping in behind. Gregg Herron and Richie Tosh went side by side for third, with Herron getting the position in turn four. Donnie Barnhart claimed the early fifth spot.

Frye raced away from the field, and was 10 carlenghts in front by the second lap, and had moved out to a half straight margin by lap five.

The action behind Frye was fast and furious however. Herron raced past Floyd for second in turn two on the third lap, then Tosh and Barnhart were side by side for fourth the next trip around. Barnhart grabbed fourth on lap five, then Wallace slipped past Tosh for the fifth spot on lap six.

Barnhart and Wallace each drove by Floyd by the eighth circuit, then Herron, Barnhart, and Wallace went three wide for the second spot on lap nine. Frye was enjoying the furious action behind him as he was close to a straightaway ahead of his pursuers at that point.

Wallace profited from the three wide maneuver, taking the second spot on lap ten with Barnhart grabbing third. Floyd took over fourth as Herron dropped back to fifth. Steve Rushin worked past Herron for fifth on lap 12.

Out front, Frye was starting to face traffic by lap 13. Wallace began to close on Frye, and was within 10 carlengths by lap 16. Wallace had cut that deficit in half by the midway point of the race, and was on Frye's bumper by lap 23. The pair were side by side on lap 26, then Frye got hung up behind a slower car on the backstretch on lap 27. Wallace dove low, and passed both cars, taking over the lead.

Terry Phillips had made his way to 5th spot on lap 21, and he and Floyd worked past Barnhart, moving Floyd to third and Phillips fourth by lap 30.

Out front, Frye was far from through, and he got beside Wallace on the backstretch on lap 31, but Wallace was able to come off turn four with his lead still in tact. Floyd and Phillips took their turn to race side by side on lap 33, then Phillips got by Floyd on the bottom of the track in turn two on lap 36.

Frye's last challenge came on lap 37 as he worked up beside Wallace, but once again Wallace hung on. Wendell Wallace came home with the win, with Bill Frye, Terry Phillips, Jeff Floyd and Donnie Barnhart making up the top five. Leslie Essary was the race's hard charger, coming from 19th starting position to finish sixth. Duke Whiseant, Jeff Taylor, Steve Rushin, and Gregg Herron rounded out the top ten.

Entries: 27
Top Qualifier: Jeff Floyd
Hard Charger: Leslie Essary
Provisionals: none
Lap Leaders: Bill Frye 1-26, Wendell Wallace 27-40
Cautions: none

A FEATURE (40 Laps)

1) Wendell Wallace, GRT/Gaerte/Grand Prix; $3,000
2) Bill Frye, GRT/Kuntz/Mustang; $2,000
3) Terry Phillips, GRT/Hatfield/Monte Carlo; $1,250
4) Jeff Floyd, GRT/Kuntz/Grand Prix; $1,100
5) Donnie Barnhart, GRT/Kuntz/Grand Prix; $1,000
6) Leslie Essary, GRT/Mike's/Grand Prix; $750
7) Duke Whiseant, Rayburn/Draime/Monte Carlo; $700
8) Jeff Taylor, Shaw-Rocket/Kuntz/Taurus; $675
9) Steve Rushin, GRT/Hatfield/Grand Prix; $650
10) Gregg Herron, Shaw-Rocket/Hatfield/Grand Prix; $625
11) Richie Tosh, GRT/****ens/Grand Prix; $600
12) Dewaine Hottinger, GRT/Kuntz/Grand Prix; $575
13) Jerry Buck, GRT/Hatfield/Monte Carlo; $550
14) Joey Mack, GRT/Kuntz/Monte Carlo; $525
15) Stacy Taylor, GRT/****ens/Monte Carlo; $500
16) Billy Peden, GRT/Hatfield/Grand Prix; $500
17) David Gibson, Shaw-Rocket/Hatfield/Monte Carlo; $500
18) Dean Carpenter, Larry Shaw/McCarver/Grand Prix; $500
19) Mike Bowers, GRT/Hatfield/Monte Carlo; $500
20) Gary Stolba, GRT/Hatfield/Monte Carlo; $500

1st Heat (12 Laps) 1) Jeff Floyd, Walnut Ridge AR 2) Terry Phillips, Springfield MO 3) Donnie Barnhart, North Little Rock AR 4) Jeff Taylor, Batesville AR 5) Billy Peden, Marion AR 6) Carey Conaway, Jonesboro AR 7) Dean Carpenter, Coldwater MS 8) John Pafford, Germantown TN 9) Andy May, Newport AR

2nd Heat 1) Bill Frye, Greenbriar AR 2) Joey Mack, Benton MO 3) Richie Tosh, Salado AR 4) Mike Bowers, North Little Rock AR 5) Stacy Taylor, Jacksonville AR 6) Dewaine Hottinger, Russellville AR 7) David Gibson, Ash Flat AR 8) Travis Mears, Newport AR 9) Stacy Caldwell, Nettleton MS

3rd Heat 1) Gregg Herron, Little Rock AR 2) Duke Whiseant, Texarkana AR 3) Wendell Wallace, Batesville AR 4) Steve Rushin, Poplar Bluff MO 5) Gary Stolba, Willow Springs MO 6) Jerry Buck, Paragould AR 7) Peyton Taylor, Batesville AR 8) Leslie Essary, Crane MO 9) Chris Moore, Nesbit MS

Last Chance Qualifier (12 Laps, four transfer) 1) Dewaine Hottinger 2) David Gibson 3) Leslie Essary 4) Dean Carpenter 5) Carey Conaway 6) John Pafford 7) Andy May 8) Travis Mears 9) Chris Moore (scratches, Stacy Caldwell, Peyton Taylor)

Dirt Freak

Total posts: 295
posted July 06, 2002 01:00 PM
This race was AWESOME!! If you weren't there, you missed one heck of a show!

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