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Author Topic:   Tazewell Speedway results 6-29-02 (Tazewell, TN)
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posted June 30, 2002 10:32 AM
TAZEWELL SPEEDWAY Results 7-29-02 (Tazewell, TN)
(Double Points Race)

By Art Bean

Fast qualifier Scott Sexton 11.607, the top four qualifiers were in the 11's. With the wave of the green flag Steve Smith on the high side and Scott Sexton on the low side ran side by side for the first lap. With Smith leading the first lap by half a car over Sexton followed by Jack Trammell, Ricky Rogers and Jeff Wolfenbarger. David Crabtree brought out the first caution when he lost a rear bumper on the front stretch. On the restart Wolfenbarger crossed his car up in turns three and fours, with sparks flying from the rear of his car as it rubbed the wall. Rogers moved to the low side of Jack Trammell for the next two laps going for third place. Jason Trammell brought out the second caution when he spun in turn two.

Anthony Arnwine moved to the low side of Fred England in turns one and two and spun on lap ten for the third caution.
Stacy Boles ran laps ten thru fifteen below Wolfenbarger before taking over the fourth place from Wolfenbarger. It was lap twenty-two before Scott Sexton could make a run on Smith for the led on the low side. Only to get together with Arnwine and Sexton spun in turn two, sending Sexton to the rear of the led lap and moving Crabtree up in to fifth place.

The action was hot and heavy thought out the top 7 or 8 cars being so equal. Rogers was below Jack Trammell and Crabtree below Boles, with Crabtree picking up fourth place on lap twenty-three. With Crabtree and Boles in a battle over fourth place Crabtree spun on the backstretch on lap thirty-one, moving Sexton back up in to fifth place. Rogers passed Jack Trammell on lap thirty-two for second place. Boles passed Jack Trammell on lap thirty-four and Sexton got by Jack Trammell on the next go around.
It was Steve Smith from Powell, TN driving the James Vanover #201 with a For-Sale sign on the side taking the win in only his third week driving the Warrior Race Car, Custom Engine, Vanover Concrete Finisher, P.J. Builders, Wheels Used Car for James Vanover. Smith finished second last year in the only Dirt Late Models race to pay a Million Dollars to win over 237 other cars.

Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (2) Steve Smith #201
2. (3) Ricky Rogers #144
3. (7) Stacy Boles #11b
4. (1) Scott Sexton #52 (blk)
5. (4) Jack Trammell #90
6. (5) Jeff Wolfenbarger #28
7. (6) Jason Trammell #91
8. (9) Fred England #18
9. (10) Troy Eads #52 (yel)
10. (12) Ken Phillips #91 (blk)
11. (8) David Crabtree #5
12. (11) Anthony Arnwine #11

Fast qualifier Dale Huskey 12.712, jumped out in the led over Marlin Bull, Clyde Stanton, Gary Willis and Pug Hodges. With one lap in the book Josh Chestney got in to the front stretch wall and flipped his car at the end of the front stretch. Chestney was unhurt, but it will take awhile to fix the car.

On the restart it was Huskey, Bull, Stanton, Willis, Hodges, Scott Gardner, Chris Brooks, Richie Bean, Leonard Bray and Shelby Wilson the top ten. Bull moved to the low side of Huskey for the next five laps going for the led.

Lap twenty-four coming off turn four for the checkered flag. Richie Bean went to the high side and picked up three places when Chris Brooks, Clyde Stanton and Scott Gardner got together and spun coming off turn four.

Dale Huskey from Knoxville, TN driving the Susan's Cleaning Service, Herman Collins Racing Supply, Huskey Race Car Bodies #23 went on to take his third win of the season at Tazewell Speedway.

Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (1) Dale Huskey #23
2. (2) Marlin Bull #8
3. (3) Gary Willis #07w
4. (6) Pug Hodges #2
5. (7) Richie Bean #11
6. (9) Leonard Bray #17
7. (11) Shelby Wilson #4w
8. (4) Clyde Stanton #c11
9. (5) Clyde Gardner #25
10. (10) Chris Brooks
11. (8) Eric Creech #n30
12. (11) Scott Standifer #515
13. (12) Gary Grant #4g
14. (14) Josh Chesney #05

Fast Qualifier Tony Trent 14.166, and Anthony Morgan started on the front row. Morgan jumped out front with Trent riding his bumper followed by Craig Moore, Donnie Rich and Jason Long. Trent was able to look below Morgan several times. That was all it was just a look as Trent was either on Morgan's bumper or just below. The race went green to checkered without a caution with Craig Moore, Donnie Rich and Jason Long running all together.

Anthony Morgan from Morristown, TN took the win driving the Frank's Auto Repair #26.

Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (2) Anthony Morgan #26
2. (1) Tony Trent #18
3. (3) Craig Moore #90
4. (4) Donnie Rich #16
5. (5) Jason Long #10
6. (6) Tim Hatfield #3
7. (9) Chuck Thode #m44
8. (8) Terry Harris #h1
9. (11) Gerald Ayers #1
10. (10) Jesse Atkins #38
11. (7) Wayne Wolfe #8
12. (12-DNS) Danny Helton #01
13. (13) Danny French #16
14. (DNS) Allen Holt #24


Ken Cinnamon jumped out to the led followed by John Whitaker, Jack England, Marty Bain and Larry Burke in fifth place. Bain passed Whitaker on lap two. Whitaker passed England on lap six. Positions were swapped back and forth for the first seven laps. Bain running second lost his rear bumper cover on lap seven. Bobby Moore passed Larry Burke on lap nine. Moore on the high side Burke on the low side raced for two laps side by side, with Burke getting fourth place back on lap twelve. Burke passed England on lap fourteen positions were swapped back and forth to many to count. More action than a kitten chasing a ball on a string with all the swapping back and forth.

It was Marty Bain from Barbourville, KY back in victory lane after several weeks of not racing and letting someone else drive his #808 racecar.

Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (5) Marty Bain #808
2. (4) John Whitaker #22
3. (3) Ken Cinnamon #7
4. (7) Larry Burke #54
5. (9) Bobby Moore #m4
6. (17) Jesse Hoover #3
7. (1) Jack England #55
8. (11) Bobby Bean #77
9. (12) Mike Bright #7 (blk/red)
10. (6) Chester Jarnigan #31
11. (14) Gary Harville #27
12. (16) Chuck Phelps #33
13. (3) Speed Campbell #4
14. (15) Terry Laws #8
15. (13) Jason Gray #+8
16. (10) Eddie Younce #81
17. (8) Dustin Harville #15


Fast Qualifier Brad Albright 15.534, took another win driving the little Mustang II.

Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (1) Brad Albright #28
2. (3) Danny Yoder #2y
3. (5) Brad Presley #19
4. (6) Bobby Lovin #10
5. (2) Brian Courtney #71
6. (4-DQ) Randy Helton #2

Next Saturday the Alabama based Southern-All-Stars will be at Tazewell Speedway for the second time this year for a $5,000 to win race. Trying to beat some of the toughest drives in E. TN. Here is how the first Southern-All-Stars race back in April started out and ended.

Duayne Hommell from Newport, TN set fast time in the Miller Brothers Coal, Hommell Construction, Warrior racecars, Pro Power Race Engines turning the high banks of the Taz in 11.482. But in was Billy Olge Jr. that led the first 31 laps. Scott Sexton with no qualifying time due to a fuel problem started 19th and was putting on a driving expedition to finish 2nd to Hommell. With Steve Smith now in the #201 of James Vanover and some of the worlds hottest drivers living in E. TN its hard for a series to coming in and beat the local drivers in the area. Dwayne Hommell is leading the Southern-All-Star points with Rex Richey from GA is second in points and works in Tazewell. This is one race you want to mark on your calendar to be at as you are in for a show of high-speed action. For more information check out Tazewell Speedway on the web at or call the track at 423-626-2222.
Tazewell Speedway has been the fastest racetrack that the Southern-All-Stars have been on all year.

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