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Author Topic:   Tazewell Speedway results 6-22-02 (Tazewell, TN)
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posted June 23, 2002 03:47 PM
Tazewell Speedway results 6-22-02 (Tazewell, TN)


Fast Qualifier Scott Sexton 11.78 DNS the race because of the water pump going out.

David Crabtree took the led from the front roll, followed by Jason Trammell, Ricky Rogers, John Thompson (in Crabtree's back up car) and Steve Smith. Lap one Smith passed Thompson for fourth place. Anthony Arnwine brought out the first caution in turn two. Lap four Rogers and Smith passed Jason Trammell going down the backstretch, to take second and third place. Lap fifteen Stacy Boles passed John Thompson for fourth place. Jason Trammell brought out the second caution on lap eighteen when he stopped on the front stretch. The restart it was Crabtree, Rogers, Smith, Boles and Thompson the top five. Lap twenty-one Mark Brooks passed Fred England. Lap twenty-three Steve Rouse spun in turn two.

The top five remained the same on the restart. Lap twenty-four Thompson found some power in Crabtree's backup car. Thompson passed Boles and Smith both on the back stretch going in to turn three and coming off turn four passed Rogers to take over second place behind Crabtree. Lap twenty-five Rogers, Smith and Boles got together coming off turn four, Boles spun. All three were saved as the caution flew for Rouse in turn two, so Boles got his place back as the caution wasn't for them. The top five stayed the same on the restart. Before the lap was completed the caution flew again for Gary Blanken, Rouse and England went the three spun in turn two. Lap twenty-six Rouse spun in turn two and Anthony Arnwine headed to the pits.

Lap twenty-seven Crabtree may have been wondering if he should have loaned his back up car to some one as Thompson was below Crabtree. But the caution flew for Brooks when he spun on the backstretch. It was Crabtree, Thompson, Rogers, Smith and Boles on the restart in a battle for the led. Lap thirty Jeff Wolfenbarger passed Jack Trammell. Lap thirty-one the caution flew again for debris in turn four, the top five stayed the same. Lap thirty-two Wolfenbarger passed Boles for fifth place and on lap thirty-five passed Smith for fourth place. Lap thirty-seven Crabtree may have been having second thought about driving his new car and letting some one drive his backup car as Thompson was below Crabtree in Crabtree's backup car. Crabtree had his new car setting at home for two or three weeks and couldn't decide which car to bring, so he brought them both. I think he may have has plans to try out the new Warrior racecar after the races. But decide to put someone else in his old car to do some comparison. It almost cost him the race as Thompson was under his several times from lap twenty-seven to the checkered.

David Crabtree from Maryville, TN driving a new Warrior racecar with only a number five on it went on to take the feature win at the Taz.

Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (1) David Crabtree #5 (Blue)
2. (5) John Thompson #5 (Blue/Wht)
3. (3) Ricky Rogers #144
4. (11) Jeff Wolferbarger #28
5. (5) Steve Smith #201
6. (6) Jack Trammell #90
7. (8) Stacy Boles #11b
8. (13) Mark Brooks #25
9. (11) Fred England #18
10. (8) Gary Blanken #05
11. (15) Troy Eads #52 (yellow)
12. (11) Anthony Arnwine #11
13. (2) Jason Trammell #91
14. (14) Steve Rouse #23
15. (1) Scott Sexton #52 (DNS) Water Pump
16. (9) Bryan Smith #g7 (DNS) Oil Pump Belt


Fast qualifier Dale Huskey (12.89) jumped out in to the led followed by Gary Willis, Chris Brooks, Robert Perry and Rex Coffey.

Lap one Keith Chapman took a wild ride and flipped just before the flag stand when he and Eric Creech got together, Creech went on after the two got together. With Leonard Bray and Gary Blanken spinning to try and miss Chapman. Chapman's car ended up on it top, but Chapman was unhurt.

The restart saw D. Huskey out front followed by Willis, Brooks, Coffey and Greg Huskey the top five. Lap two Perry rode the turn three wall and head in to the crossover wall heading to the upper pits. On the restart G. Huskey passed Gary Blanken. Lap four Bray passed Blanken. Lap five Richie Bean rode the turn two wall and headed to the pits with power steering problems. Lap eight Bray spun at the end of the front stretch and backed his car in to the turn one wall.

On the restart D. Huskey still held the point with Willis, Brooks, G. Huskey and Blanken in tow. Lap nine Blanken passed G. Huskey back. Lap ten Scott Standifer got up against the turn two wall. Lap eleven G. Husky's car begin to smoke and Rex Coffey took over fifth place. Lap nineteen Gardner got in to Bray in turn two, Bray spun and Gardner stopped. On the restart it was D. Huskey, Willis, Brooks, Blanken and Coffey the top five. Blanken kept poking the nose of his car under Brook looking to pick up a place.

Dale Huskey went to take the win in the Susan's Cleaning service, West Haven auto supply, Huskey Race car bodies.

Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (1) Dale Huskey #23
2. (2) Gary Willis #07w
3. (3) Chris Brooks #88
4. (11) Gary Blanken #g7
5. (5) Rex Coffey #3
6. (12) Leonard Brad #17
7. (12) Scott Gardner #25
8. (14) Scott Standifer #515
9. (7) Greg Huskey #32
10. (9) Richie Bean #11
11. (4) Robert Perry
12. (6) Keith Chapman #92
13. (8) Eric Creech #n30
14. (10 Shelby Wilson #4w (DNS)


Fast qualifier Tony Trent (14.138) got the jump on Anthony Morgan followed by Allen Holt, Jason Long and Charlie England. Lap four the caution flew for England and Long. On the restart this moved Donnie Rich up in to fifth place. Morgan took the led on the restart coming off turn two. Lap eight Trent slowed with a right rear tire flat. The restart Morgan still held the led followed by, Holt, England, Rich and Wayne Wolf in fifth. Lap eleven Rich moved pass England to take over third place and on lap thirteen Rich passed Holt for second place.

It was Anthony Morgan from Morristown driving the Hopson Racing and Fabrication #26 taking the win.

Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (2) Anthony Morgan #26
2. (5) Donnie Rich #16
3. (3) Allen Holt #24
4. (1) Tony Trent #18
5. (8) Chuck Thode #m44
6. (9) Danny Helton #01
7. (7) Wayne Wolfe #8
8. (11) Jesse Adkins #38
9. (10) Ben Harris #42
10. (4) Jason Long #10
11. (15) Tim Hatfield #3 (DNS)
12. (12) Donald England #11 (DNS)
13. (14) Craig Moore #90 (DNS)
14. (16) Jr. Weaver #1 (DNS)
15. (13) Scott Boggs #11 (DNS)
16. (6) Charlie England #99 (DQ) light on scales


Fast Qualifier Jody Horton (15.34) took the led followed by John Whitaker, Jesse Hoover, Jonathan Miracle and Bobby Bean. Lap three Miracle and Bean were side by side for the fourth place. Bo Hall brought out the first caution on lap eight when he got up in to the turn four wall. The top five stayed the same on the restart. Lap nine Miracle slowed on the backstretch, moving Bean in to fourth and Larry Burke in to fifth place. Lap ten Dustin Harville spun on the backstretch. It was still Horton out front followed by Whitaker, Hoover, Bean and Burke.

Lap thirteen with the leaders in lap traffic Ernest Gray and the leader Horton got together. Horton's car got sideways and up in the air, almost to the point of flipping on the front stretch. Horton made it on around to the pits with his night over. Whitaker now had the led followed by Hoover, Bean, Burke and Bobby Moore in fifth place on the restart. Lap fifteen Gary Harville slowed in turn four, while the top five remained the same on the restart.

John Whitaker from Tazewell went on to take the win driving the Whitaker Custom Sawing, Advance Auto Parts #22 Dodge pickup truck.

Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (2) John Whitaker #22
2. (4) Jesse Hoover #3
3. (5) Bobby Bean #77
4. (7) Larry Burke #54
5. (11) Bobby Moore #m4
6. (12) Chester Jarnigan #31
7. (8) Chuck Phelps #33
8. (14) Richard Ely #28
9. (13) Jason Gray #g8
10. (15) Ernest Gray #37
11. (10) Gary Harville #27
12. (1) Jody Horton #56
13. (17) Dustin Harville #15
14. (3) Jonathan Miracle #50
15. (6) Bo Hall #97
16. (8) Eddie Younce #81
17. (16) Jack England #55 (DNS)

Four Cly:

Danny Yoder Jr. took the led on the start followed by Scott Litton, Brad Albright, Jack Courtney and Randy Helton. Lap one Albright took over the led passing Yoder and Litton. Lap two Brad Pressley spun in turn two. Pressley spun again on the restart in turn two. Lap three Pressley and Courtney spun in turn two. Lap seven Yoder moved to the low side of Albright and Albright spun in turn two. Yoder was sent to the rear of the field on the restart.

It was Maryville's Brad Albright taking the win in the little Mustang II #28

Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (3) Brad Albright #28 (purple)
2. (1) Danny Yoder Jr. #2y (blk)
3. (5) Randy Helton #2
4. (6) Brad Pressley #19
5. (3) Jack Courtney #j1
6. (2) Scott Litton #28 (red)
7. (7) Phillip Gerding #6 (DNS)

It was a great night to be a kid at Tazewell Speedway as the nine years and younger got to race down the front stretch and the winner got a new bicycle. The older kids races around the whole track and also the winner in that age group got a new bicycle. One of the kids was checked for having soft tires on his feet as he ran barefooted and was in the top three. The kids really enjoy getting to get out on the track and race on the track that their favorite drivers and dad race on weekly. Tazewell Speedway will be back in action next Saturday night.

The Southern All Stars Dirt Racing Series from Al. will make a return to Tazewell Speedway on July 6 for the second time this year. The Fourth of July week will see some great racing in E. TN. The Southern-All-Stars out of AL will be racing in E. TN for three nights. You can visit Tazewell Speedway on the web at or call the track at 423 626 2222

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