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Author Topic:   Tazewell Speedway results 6-16-02 (Tazewell, TN)
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posted June 16, 2002 10:22 PM
Tazewell Speedway results 6-15-02 (Tazewell, TN)

Tazewell Speedway held their Traci Gibson Posey Memorial race Saturday night. Traci was one of our scorekeepers as well as a nurse. We lost Traci a few years back in a car accident in the wintertime. Tazewell Speedway started the Traci Posey LMU Nursing Scholarship and portions of tonight gate ticket sales went to the Scholarship in Traci's name. Anyone wanting to donate to the Scholarship can sent a donation to P.O. Box 2005, Harrogate, TN. 37752

At the start of the race Fred England slowed in turn one, bring out the caution for a complete restart. On the next start Scott Sexton jumped out into the led over Steve Smith, Ricky Rogers, Billy Ogle Jr. and Jason Trammell. Lap three Ogle took over third, only to loose it back to Rogers on the next go around. Lap seven the caution flew for John Llewelyn. The top five stayed the same on the restart, with Ogle taking a peek below Rogers. Lap ten Jeff Wolfenbarger and Dale Ball got together to bring out the caution for debris on the track. By lap thirteen the leaders were working lap traffic. Lap seventeen Stacy Boles spun coming off turn four.

Lap eighteen Jason Welshan passed Greg Burchett. Lap twenty the caution flew for Anthony Arnwine with a right rear tire flat. Sexton would pull out to a straight away ahead and the caution would put the top five right back on his rear bumper. On the restart of lap twenty Dale Ball, Jason Welshan, Glen Vanover and Steve Rouse got together on the backstretch.

Lap twenty-one Ogle was peeking below Rogers again looking to take over third place. Lap twenty-three Welshan passed Wolfenbarger for sixth place. Lap twenty-four the caution flew again for Boles. On the restart Sexton was showing the way around the mountain banks of Tazewell Speedway. Followed by Smith, Rogers, Ogle and Vic Hill in fifth place. Laps twenty-four thru twenty-six it was a battle over fourth place. First it was Welshan below Hill then it was three wide between Ogle, Hill and Welshan.

Lap thirty-eight and the leaders were working heavy lap traffic at 120 MPH plus going into the corners. Lap fourty-two England spun on the backstretch in front of Arnwine and Arnwine spun.

Laps fourty-three and fourty-four Welshan was working the low side of Hill. Vanover brought out the caution on lap fourty-five in turn one.

Lap fifty-seven Burchett tightened up the field for a three lap dash to the finish when he stopped on the front stretch.

Scott Sexton from Pigeon Forge, TN driving the MasterSbilt, Roger and Cindy Kerr Competition Racing Equipment, Custom Race Engine, Quality Heating and Air, Fastlane Signs #52 won the sixty lap Traci Gibson Posey Memorial at Tazewell Speedway. Traci's family joined Scott Sexton in victory lane.

Super Late Models:
Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (1) Scott Sexton #52
2. (2) Steve Smith #201 (yell/Blk)
3. (4) Rick Rogers #144
4. (6) Billy Ogle Jr. #201 (red)
5. (8) Vic Hill #1
6. (?) Jason Welshan #29
7. (5) Jeff Wolfenbarger #28
8. (7) Jack Trammell #90
9. (?) Brian Smith #g7
10. (?) Mark Brooks #25 (red/wht/blue)
11. (10) Dale Ball #25 (red)
12. (?) Greg Burchett #32
13. (?) Steve Rouse #23
14. (?) Fred England #18
15. (?) Glen Vanover #20v
16. (?) Anthony Arnwine #11
17. (3) Jason Trammell #91
18. (?) Stacy Boles #11b
19. (?) Troy Eads #52
20. (9) John Llewelyn #90 (blue)
21. (?) David Crabtree (DNS)

Limited Late Models:
The first start saw Rex Coffey, Pug Hodges, Gary Willis, Robert Perry and Chris Brooks spin in turn two, for a complete restart. On the second attempt Dale Huskey took the led over Clyde Stanton, Gary Blanken, Greg Huskey and Rex Coffey.

Lap eight caution for debris on the track. With D. Huskey still leading Blanken up to second, Stanton, G. Huskey and Coffey the top five. Lap eleven Leonard Bray spun in turn four; the top five stayed the same on the restart. With Casey Huffman coming to a stop in turn three and Keith Chapman, Perry, Shelby Wilson and Richie Bean getting together to miss Huffman. Lap twelve G. Huskey passed Willis, and then headed to the pits. Lap fourteen Coffey spun in turn two. The restart it was still D. Huskey, Blanken, Stanton, Willis and Scott Gardner in fifth place. Lap fifteen Chapman passed Gardner for fifth place. Lap seventeen R. Bean passed Wilson and Eric Creech to take over eight place. Lap twenty Brooks and Creech spun in turn two the top eight stayed the same D. Huskey, Blanken, Stanton, Willis, Gardner, Chapman, Tharp and R. Bean. On the restart Gardner and Perry got together and R. Bean headed to the pits.

Another try at lap twenty with D. Huskey, Blanken, Stanton, Willis and Chapman the top five on the restart.

At the checkered it was Dale Huskey from Knoxville, TN driving the Huskey Race Car Bodies, Susan's Cleaning Service #23 winning the Feature in the Traci Gibson Posey Memorial

Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (2) Dale Huskey #23
2. (1) Gary Blanken #g7
3. (4) Clyde Stanton #c11
4. (8) Gary Willis #07w
5. (12) Randy Tharp #35
6. (5) Rex Coffey #3
7. (?) Jeremy Hall #07
8. (?) Scott Gardner #25
9. (?) Eric Creech #30
10. (11) Robert Perry #21
11. (18) Richie Bean #11
12. (7) Chris Brooks #88
13. (?) Leonard Bray #17
14. (16) Shelby Wilson #4w
15. (3) Greg Huskey #32
16. (9) Pug Hodges #2
17. (10) Marlin Bull #8
18. (6) Casey Huffman #7
19. (?) Eddie Cinnamon #1
20. (?) Josh Chesney #05
21. (?) Scott Standifer #515
22. (?) Keith Chapman #92 (DQ)

Modified Street:
On the start the pole setter Donnie Rick spun coming off turn four and Michael Daniels spun in turn two. On the complete restart Rich got the jump on Rick Welch followed by Anthony Morgan, Craig Moore and Charlie England.

Lap two Rich and Welch got together on the backstretch racing for the led. Welch spun and hit the inside wall, while England headed to the pits.

Restart of lap two it was Rich, Morgan, Moore, and Tony Horton, with Morgan below Rich. With one more lap in the books Danny French got into the turn three wall. Jason Long had got by Horton for fourth place. Lap four Horton took back fourth place.

Lap nine Rich slowed on the backstretch and Morgan took the led with Moore, Horton, Long and Tim Hatfield on his bumper.

Anthony Morgan from Morristown driving the Franks Auto Repair, Hopson Racing and Fabrication #26 went on to take another win in the Traci Gibson Posey Memorial Race at Tazewell Speedway.

Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (4) Anthony Morgan #26
2. (3) Craig Moore #90
3. (5) Jason Long #10
4. (?) Tim Hatfield #3
5. (?) Ken Cinnamon #7
6. (?) Terry Harris #h1
7. (1) Donnie Rich #16
8. (8) Ben Harris #42
9. (?) Michael Daniels #42
10. (?) Danny French #16-2
11. (2) Rick Welch #18 (blk)
12. (6) Charlie England #99
13. (?) Allen Holt #24
14. (?) Allen Mayes #40 (DNS)
15. (?) Jerry Williams #7 (DNS)
16. (?) Buster Cake #40 (DNS)
17. (?) Tony Trent #18 (DNS)
18. (7) Tony Horton #57

Pure Street:
After three complete restart, first time Ernest Gray and Jason Gray got together. Second one, Debris (nose Piece) off Roy Ramsey car. Third time single file Hoover led them to the strip followed by J. Gray, Randy Helton, Bobby Moore, Chester Jarnigan, Larry Burke, Bobby Bean, Dustin Harville, Richard Ely, John Whitaker, Gary Harville, Roy Ramsey, Chuck Phelps, Eddie Younce, Jody Horton, Mark Brady, Gary Dobbs and Earnest Gray.

Lap three Jason Gray rubbed the wall. Lap six Mark Brady brushed turn four wall. Lap eight J. Helton got fifth place. Lap 12 Hoover rubbed turn two wall and lost his rear bumper in turn four. Lap twelve Burke and B. Bean got together coming off turn four, B. Bean was sent to rear of led lap when Burke spun. Lap fourteen J. Horton passed Whitaker on the high side for third place. Lap eighteen Burke rode the front stretch wall, but held on for second.

Jesse Hoover from Middlesboro, KY picked up his third straight Traci Gibson Posey Memorial win in Pure Street driving the number three car.

Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (1) Jesse Hoover #3
2. (6) Larry Burke #54
3. (?) Jody Horton #56
4. (?) John Whitaker #22
5. (?) Jonathan Miracle #50
6. (?) Eddie Younce #81
7. (10) Bobby Bean #77
8. (?) Gary Harville #27
9. (7) Chester Jarnigan #31
10. (?) Richard Ely #28
11. (2) Sammy Fugate #2
12. (4) Ernest Gray #37
13. (8) Roy Ramsey #r2
14. (5) Bobby Moore #m4
15. (?) Mark Brady #73
16. (?) Chuck Phelps #33
17. (?) Gary Dobbs #d2
18. (?) Dustin Harville #15
19. (3) Jack England #55
20. (4) Jason Gray #8

Four Cly.
Brad Albright took the led followed by Richard McMahan, Scottie Hicks, Danny Yoder and Randall Johnson. Lap four Brad Pressley spun in turn four. On the restart Hicks got second place. Lap nine Hicks below Albright. Lap eleven Hicks took the led from Albright and Richie Phillips ended up on the passenger's side of his car on the turn three wall. Albright got the led back followed by Hicks Yoder and Helton. Lap thirteen Hick passed Albright again for the led, with Danny Yoder following Hicks by Albright. It was Hicks by a half car at the checkered over Yoder.

Scottie Hick from Morristown, TN took the win in the four cly. Class.

Finish-Start-Drivers Name-Car Number
1. (?) Scottie Hicks #14
2. (?) Danny Yoder #2y
3. (?) Brad Albright #28
4. (?) Randall Johnson #1x
5. (?) Phillip Gerding #6
6. (?) Randy Helton #2
7. (?) Richard McMahan #12
8. (?) Richie Phillips #5
9. (?) Brad Pressley #19
10. (?) Scott Litton #28

Powder Puff:

The ladies got their turn driving on the cliffs of the mountaintop Tazewell Speedway. Diane Moore took the win driving the #m4 Camaro. The Powder Puff race was always one of Traci's favorite and she drove in everyone while she was with us.
1. Diane Moore #m4
2. Sarah Younce #81
3. Amy Dobbs #d2
4. Julie Luckadoo #81
5. Angie Miracle #33

All of the Feature winner was presented a trophy by one of Traci's family members for winning their feature in the Traci Gibson Posey Memorial race at Tazewell Speedway.

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