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Author Topic:   Race Results for June 8th RMNS (The Good, The Bad & The Ugly)
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posted June 10, 2002 05:42 PM UIN: 2329866
First off I would like to thank Chris Horting for coming out and helping in the pits. Shane and Brannon were unable to get another car for Fort Morgan and were in the pits again. Ok let’s get to it.

HEAT- 10 laps 8 cars

Started on the outside of row 1. As they dropped the green flag I got a jump on the 30 and was slightly ahead on coming out of the first corner. Was a full car length in front at the line and then just as I was coming out of 2 they had a caution. It was kind of cool as we went back to green to be the lead dog for a change. Held off the pack fro the next 4 laps. Shane had the car setup so good that I was able to keep my foot to the floor the entire time around the track. Then I messed up a little coming out of Turn 4 and the pack caught me. Coming out of turn 2, the 25 got into the side of me and I had to lift slightly and by the end of the lap I was in 5th. Held on to 5th and that is where I finished.

Main –24 laps 22 cars

Started on the outside of row 7 for this one. In the 1st 2 laps I was able to move up 2 spots. Then there was a caution on the next lap and I restarted in 10th. Then 3 laps later it got bad and ugly. The track was really dry and the car was starting to get too loose in turns 1 and 2. Came out of 2 and the rearend came out from under me and I started to spin it out. Did a 180 and was facing the rest of the pack. The 08 clipped the front bumper as he went swerving by. The next 2 cars went High and Low to miss me and when they parted there was the 30 car with nowhere to go. I saw him and just knew that my night was done. I just reached up and covered my head and went “OH S^&*.” To my surprise he got “whoaed Down” (as DW would say) and didn’t hit me as hard as I expected. Looked like everyone had cleared us and since the car was still running I stuck my foot in it and tried to whip it around and get back to racing. Just as I got about ˝ way around I saw the 114 car. She was trying to go low to miss us and that was where I was. That was a pretty hard hit as the sides of our cars slammed together. The caution was out and I was a little worried about the damage as the left front fender was bashed in and sticking up about 4 inches over the hood. Restarted at the end of the line and the car was drivable. The car was way to loose in turn 2 so I tried to just keep it low and a little slow. Rode out 2 more cautions in the race and finished in 13th. Got the car back to the pits and the damage was mostly cosmetic. It just looks real Ugly. Told Shane that the car was way loose and he said he had it setup in anticipation that the water truck was going to wet down the track and when it never went out, it messed us up. Will try to get some pictures up later today. I am having problems with my everyday car and haven’t got to it yet.

Shawn Bagby
Econo #40 at Rocky Mountain National Speedway in Denver Colorado

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