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posted June 10, 2002 01:58 AM UIN: 16262997

HAGERSTOWN, MD - It was a night of firsts at the Hagerstown Speedway
on Student Night. Doug Burkholder of Chambersburg, PA held off
a charging
Nathan Durboraw to score his first ITSI late model career win
in the 25-lap
feature shattering the track record in his Doug's Auto Repair,
Pharo's Truck
Stop, Hershey's Racing Engines and Smokey's Fabrication late
Burkholder's time of 8.43.42 minutes bettered the old mark by 19
seconds held
by Buddy Armel since June 17th, 1983.

"Its been a long
time coming," said Burkholder, who has several wins in
the sportsman and
roadrunner divisions. "Both Devin Friese and his brother
have really help
me out the past week. This win really feels good."

Also recording their first wins were Hans Stamberg of Louisa, VA in
15-lap Ernie's Salvage Yard pure stock feature and Bobby Moore of Elkridge
the 30-lap enduro dash. Terry Lescalleet of Chambersburg, PA. scored
second win in the 20-lap Hoosier Tires Mid-Atlantic late model main

Doug Burkholder started fifth in the late model feature as Dan Stone
the first lap from the pole before giving way to Brent Smith. Burkholder

moved into second by the third lap and passed Smith for the lead five laps

later on lap eight. As Burkholder was trying to break away from the field,

Nathan Durboraw was working his way through the field from the 11th starting

spot. Durboraw, who is known for his come from behind finishes, caught second

place Smith on lap 12 and began to track down Burkholder, who had opened
15-car length lead. Burkholder began weaving through the end of the field

putting the slower cars a lap down at the halfway point as Durboraw closed

the gap with five laps remaining. It got scary a few times for Burkholder
he negotiated lapped traffic, but the popular driver never faltered
as he
threaded his way through the slower cars holding off Durboraw by
three car
lengths for the win.

Durboraw settled for second and the
Timber Wolf Smokeless Tobacco/Ernie's
Salvage Yard Hard Charger Award.
Charlie Schaffer, D J Myers and Andy
Andersen rounded out the top five.
Smith led the next group of five including
Tom Myers, 16th starting Frankie
Plessinger, Scott Andrews and Paul Crowl.
J&K Toys heat winners for the
26 late models were Durboraw, Crowl and
Anderson. Wesley Bonebrake won
the consolation.

Richard Walls grabbed the lead from the pole in the late model sportsman

feature with outside pole-sitter Terry Lescalleet in pursuit. Two laps later,

Walls' car began to misfire turning the lead over to Lescalleet. Several

cautions kept rookies Glenn Ninninger Jr. and Wesly Workman on the leader's

bumper, but the pair were unable to overtake Lescalleet as the veteran driver

cruised to his second win over Ninninger. Workman had his best finish in

third with Rusty Sites next and Larry Baer coming from 18th to round out
top five and the St. Thomas Towing/Checker Flag Lube Hard Charger Award.

Finishing out the top ten were Coleby Frye, Ty Shatzer, Will Fair, Daryl

Kendall and Travis Beaver. Preliminary events for the 32 cars were won by

Walls, Lescalleet and Beaver. Kenny Day won the consolation.

Prince led the first four laps from the pole in the pure stock
before giving way to eighth starting Brian Miller on the fifth lap.
Miller began to open some distance on the rest of the field, Bruce
and Hans Stamberg were working their way through the field to
second and
third by the 10th lap. On lap 11, Miller slowed with engine
problems as
several cars got together going into the third turn including
point leader
Mike Warrenfeltz. Leibowitz set the pace on the restart but was
to hold off Stamberg as he grabbed the lead on the final lap for the
Leibowitz settled for second with Denny Saunders, Eugene Conley and Rick

Stouffer completing the top five. Heat winners for the 26 cars were
Keith Reed and Miller.
Jesse Coleman was the A&C Auto Machine Shop Hard Charger.

Steve Dillon led the 32-car starting field in the 30-lap enduro dash
the pole. Ninth starting Bobby Moore slowly worked his way through
the field
to take second on the ninth lap and tracked down Dillon to take
the lead 11
laps later on lap 30. Dillon closed back in on Moore as his
tire went flat
with three laps remaining, but Moore finished five car lengths
in front for
the win. Following Moore were Dillon, 27th starting Kenny
Thomas and Jim
Mullendore who ended up against the front stretch wall crossing
the finish
line after making contact with Thomas. Steve Thompson rounded
out the top

Next Saturday, June 15th, it will be the Shorty Bowers/Bull Durham

Memorial for the late models and the Hoosier Daddy for the late model
Also on the program will be the pure stocks. Race time is 7 P.M.

LATE MODEL FEATURE - 25 Laps - 26 Cars (Lap Leaders: Stone, 1; Smith, 2-7;

Burkholder 8-25) 1. Doug Burkholder; 2. Nathan Durboraw; 3. Charlie Schaffer;

4. DJ Myers; 5. Andy Anderson; 6. Brent Smith; 7. Tom Myers; 8. Frankie

Plessinger; 9. Scott Andrews; 10. Paul Crowl; 11. Marvin Winters; 12. Kirk

Ryan; 13. Jack Pencil; 14. Jeremy Miller; 15. Dan Stone; 16. Wesley
17. Tim Wilson; 18. Mike Lupfer; 19. Mark Elksnis; 20. Jeremy
Stone; 21.
Wayne Johnson; 22. Donnie Farlling; 23. Scott Lupfer; 24. Ray
Kable Jr.
DNQ: Jason Dean; Richard Irwin.

LATE MODEL SPORTSMAN FEATURE - 20 Laps - 32 Cars (Lap Leaders: R. Walls,
Lescalleet, 3-20) 1. Terry Lescalleet; 2. Glenn Ninninger Jr.; 3.
Workman; 4. Rusty Sites; 5. Larry Baer; 6. Coleby Frye; 7. Ty Shatzer;
Will Fair; 9. Daryl Kendall; 10. Travis Beaver; 11. Tim Fedder; 12.
Dave Rice
Jr.; 13. Scott Daniels; 14. Curt Shreiner; 15. Dale Miller; 16.
Mike Walls;
17. Steve Koup; 18. John Moser Jr.; 19. Pete Weaver; 20. James
Mongan; 21.
Lardan Seigfried; 22. Jeff Friese; 23. Richard Walls; 24. Kenny
Day. DNQ:
Melvin Muir; Nick Pappas; Johnny Smith; Todd Bowers; Robert Moore;
Palmer; Andy Holmes.

PURE STOCK FEATURE- 15 Laps - 26 Cars (Lap
Leaders: Prince: 1-4; Miller,
5-11; Leibowitz, 12-14; Stamberg, 50) 1.
Hans Stamberg; 2. Bruce Leibowitz;
3. Denny Saunders; 4. Eugene Conley;
5. Rick Stouffer; 6. Jim Snyder; 7. Greg
Hockensmith; 8. Frank Dibella;
9. Allen Stone; 10. Jesse Coleman; 11. Paul
Rice; 12. Pete Gems; 13. Corey
Oberholter; 14. Keith Reed; 15. Steve Long;
16. Jeff Johnson; 17. Mike
Warrenfeltz; 18. Kim Ramer; 19. Brian Miller; 20.
Kenny Dillon; 21. Ronnie
Dennis; 22. Mike Sanders; 23. Bill Reitober; 24.
Doug Stine; 25. Sam Kaiser.
DQ: Harold Prince.

ENDURO DASH - 30 LAPS- 33 CARS (Lap Leaders: S. Dillon, 1-19; Moore, 20-30)

1. Bobby Moore; 2. Steve Dillon; 3. Kenny Thomas; 4. Jim Mullendore; 5.
Thompson; 6. Barry Jones; 7. John Poole; 8. Darrin Williams; 9. William
10. Krazy Kenny Thomas; 11. Jimmy Parrill; 12. John Graves; 13. Rick
14. Patrick Murphy; 15. Russell Naugle; 16. Rick Turner; 17. Mile
Paul; 18.
Jessica Stouffer; 19. William Silkworth; 20. Kevin Herrin; 21.
Mark Deist;
22. John Conrod; 23. Danny Holmes; 24. Larry Hurley; 25. Kevin
Durst; 26.
Mark Gordon; 27. Sam Shank; 28. Sherman Lynn Sr.; 29. Derrick
Riley; 30. Jim
Smith; 31. Eric Goshorn; 32. Sherman Lynn Jr. DNS: Mike

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