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Author Topic:   Todd Morrow & Justin Winters (1) Wild Night at Cleveland
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posted June 10, 2002 01:47 AM UIN: 16262997
Todd Morrow & Justin Winters (1) Wild Night at Cleveland

It was one wild night at Cleveland Speedway as a pair of 30 lap feature
topped the evenings card with the regular Super Late Model race and the
Claimer Late Model MidSeason Championship special event on tap. Reigning
Rookie of the Year 16 year old Todd Morrow of Old Fort TN took his first
ever Cleveland Speedway SLM win to the delight of the fans. In the CLM
MidSeason Championship Justin Winters of Benton TN won a very controversial
event after Bobby Doss and the youngster collided going down the back
straight-away with three laps remaining. In the Hobby feature it was Richard
Dixon of Cleveland taking the win. Danny Burnette of Chattanooga won the
Pony Stock feature and Herbert Chambers of Cleveland won the Street finale

In Budweiser King of Speed: Qualifying P.D. Doss was fastest as the only
car in the 14 second bracket, until Morrow took to the track as the final
car to time. Morrow cracked a 14:750 lap earning the pole for the first heat
which he took over Paul Tims, Dewayne Smith, Chris Beavers and Billy Mayo.
Doss backed up his qualifying holding off Bobby Mayse. John Owenby, Lamar
Scoggins and Chris Powell for the seond heat race. As Morrow and Doss
brought their respective # 1's to the green flag it became apparent that a
new winner could emerge in victory lane as three of the top four starter had
never seen SLM victory. Morrow put his "Shannon Trucking" Rocket Ford
Mustang out in front with Doss, Tims, Mayse and Owenby in tow. Tims made
quick work of rookie Doss and set fourth toward Morrow as Jamie Perry
(debuting his mount) reared the first yellow with a solo spin in turn four.
Four laps later Doss rolled outta the throttle and coasted to a halt while
running 4th to slow the field yet again. Chris Beavers continued his weekly
strong performances getting by Owenby for fourth place just before the
halfway point. Morrow pulled to a straight away plus advantage over Tims as
the final laps clicked off for his first Cleveland Speedway SLM win. Tims,
Mayse, Beavers and Owenby followed. Sixth thru tenth were; Lamar Scoggins,
Chris Powell, Billy Mayo, Dewayne Smith and Bobby Roberts.

In the Claimer Late Model MidSeason Championship two heat races matched the
field for the 30 lap "A" Main feature. Justin Winters took the first win to
earn the pole for the feature. Shane Breeden, Jason Capps, Dewayne Powell
and Nick Yancy followed Winters across the checkers. Bobby Doss won the
second heat coming from sixth around the high side of the field to do so.
David Gamble, Chad Anderson, Gene Douglas and Tim Gibson finished 2nd thru
5th. In the feature Doss took the lead with Winters tucked in to second for
a repeat battle of the previous Saturday night. Brent Runyan spun his ride
on lap 5 to rear the first of many caution flags. Gibson was next on the
following lap with Chris Davis laying down a heavy smoke screen for the
third caution of three consecutive circuits. Once the field got back to
green for a few laps Doss and Winters continued their battle. At the halfway
point Steve Liner collided with Stephanie Yancy for his second caution
ending his night and damaging the Novice runners hopes of her championship
win. Yancy's fiancÚ Dewayne Powell had other idea's as the seventh place
starter took third from Breeden. Ten circuits later the wild stuff showed as
Winter drew underneath Doss outta turn two. The duo collided sending both
into a spin down the back straight-away with just 3 laps remaining. Doss
with significant damage to the back of his mount was charged with the
caution giving Winters command of the field. Unfortunately Doss didn't go
away quietly, rammed Winters while under caution and inadvertently collided
with third place Powell. The red flag then stopped the field giving Winter
and Powell a small window of opportunity to make repairs to in effort to
rejoin the field. Minutes later Winters took the green flag again only to
have a six car pile-up slow the field for a yellow checkered flag as time
expired on the event. Winters parked his "Sonya's Used Cars, Chambers
Equipment Sales, Winters Affordable Homes" Chevy Monte Carlo and climbed
from the car in victory lane in front of the bipartisan crowd. Powell was
second, Breeden third with Capps and Gamble rounding out the top five. Sixth
thru tenth were; Glen Seaton III, Jody Campbell, Douglas, N. Yancy, and Eric

Other Racing Results

Hobby Division: Winner - Richard Dixon (# 3) of Cleveland TN
2.Jerry Coffman (# 21) 3.Chris Stewart (# 68), 4.Kenny Scroggins (# 34),
5Jim Twiggs (# 99)

Pony Stock Division: Winner - Danny Burnett (# 4)) of Chattanooga TN
2.Jimmy Brown (# 10), 3.Donald Forgey (# 71), 4.Scott Ledford (# 32)
5.Roger Beaver (# 17)

Street: Winner - Herbert Chambers (# 31) of Cleveland TN
2.Jeff King (# K1), 3.Alex Nash (# 02), 4.Roy Nichols (# 00), 5.Terry
Graham (# 55)

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