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Author Topic:   Smith dominant in Deery Series win at Boone
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posted May 28, 2002 01:04 PM UIN: 16262997
Smith dominant in Deery Series win at Boone
BOONE, Iowa (May 27) Š The question from early in the race was if anyone else could run with Mike Smith.
The answer was no.
Smith moved to the front on the fifth circuit and led the next 35 times around the track in winning the Deery Brothers Summer Series main event Monday night at the Boone Speedway.
The $2,000 victory came as part of the Super Nationals Warmup Special. It was SmithÕs first on the I.M.C.A. Sunoco Late Model series circuit this season and the 12th of his career.
Terry Schlipman took over the top spot in the point standings with his runner-up finish while rookie Ryan Griffith posted his best series finish with a third-place showing.
Rounding out the top five were Boone McLaughlin and Joey Gower.
Also winning Memorial Day features at Boone were James Allbee in the I.M.C.A. Sunoco Modifieds; Rick Brown in the I.M.C.A. Sunoco Stock Cars; and Steve Jones and Chris Jensen in the two I.M.C.A. Hobby Stock races.
Smith started outside Griffith in row two, passing early leader Sam Halstead on the backstretch after a lap five re-start.
The 1998 Super Nationals champion, Smith pulled away from the field after yellow flags on laps 11 and 16. Schlip-man and Gary Russell chased Smith into lapped traffic at the mid-way point.
What proved to be the final caution came out on lap 32 after a sliding car took out the backstretch light pole.
Russell, still running third, went to the work area with a flat tire at that point. He returned to start at the back of the pack and settled for 14th place points.
Smoke from the back end of SmithÕs car had the grandstand wondering if heÕd be able to hold the point the last 2-1/2 laps. He didnÕt lose any speed, however, taking the checkers comfortably ahead of Schlipman.
Tom Darbyshire brought the points lead to Boone but exited with mechanical problems and ended the night in 21st.
Heat winners were Brenton Slocum, Russell and Smith. Jeremy Grady paced the "B" race.
Allbee led flag to flag in the Modified main, keeping Jeff Schroyer and Denny Stoneburner at bay in the late going.
Joe McBirnie hounded Allbee before pulling up lame in the infield. With the lead cars in lapped traffic, Schroyer edged past Stoneburner for second on lap 17.
BrownÕs win came in front of five-time Super Nationals champion Steve Jackson. Both had to dodge a spun car sitting sideways in the last turn in their dash to the finish line.
Jones was running third when the front two cars tangled on the final lap. Jensen had to fend off Randy Embrey after a re-start with two laps to go.

Feature Results
Deery Brothers Summer Series
1. Mike Smith, Jewell;
2. Terry Schlipman, Mendon, Ill.;
3. Ryan Griffith, Webster City;
4. Boone McLaughlin, Mediapolis;
5. Joey Gower, Quincy, Ill.;
6. Brenton Slocum, Burlington;
7. Darrel DeFrance, Marshalltown;
8. Jeremiah Hurst, Dubuque;
9. Jeff Maher, Elmwood, Ill.;
10. Tommy Elston, Keokuk;
11. Sam Halstead, New London;
12. Mike Karhoff, Quincy, Ill.;
13. J.J. Scott, Dallas Center;
14. Gary Russell, Biggsville, Ill.;
15. Jason Hahne, Webster City;
16. Kelly Tapper, Webster City;
17. Scott Johnson, Ankeny;
18. Jeremy Grady, Story City;
19. Cale Sponsler, Clive;
20. Chris Richard, Mount Pleasant;
21. Tom Darbyshire, Yarmouth;
22. Joe Jones, West Des Moines;
23. Todd Inman, Des Moines;
24. Dave Schrader, Monroe;
25. Lonnie Bailey, Quincy, Ill.

1. James Allbee, Boone;
2. Jeff Schroyer, Marshalltown;
3. Denny Stoneburner, Boone;
4. Kendall Sather, Ankeny;
5. Brian Efkamp, Perry;
6. Scott Baker, Boone;
7. Bill Davis Jr., Des Moines;
8. Dan Fetters, Marshalltown;
9. Russ Dickerson, Boone;
10. Sean Rupp, Dubuque;
11. Rod Scheuermann, Scranton;
12. Larry Grafton, Des Moines;
13. Carl Allbee, Boone;
14. Ed Zehm, Ames;
15. Russell Stewart, Mount Ayr;
16. Don Portwine, Ames;
17. Darren Huntley, Ogden;
18. Jake Durbin, Perry;
19. Rick Campbell, Boone;
20. Jim Cooper, Ames;
21. Joe McBirnie, Boone;
22. John Logue, Boone;
23. Todd Wilson, Spickard, Mo.;
24. Mike Molle, Glidden.

Stock Cars
1. Rick Brown, Kellogg;
2. Steve Jackson, Des Moines;
3. Jeremy Miller, Batavia;
4. Jason Mallicoat, Boone;
5. Larry Silbaugh, Jefferson;
6. Tim French, Colo;
7. Jeff Anderson, Atlantic;
8. Jay Schmidt, Malcom;
9. Tony Ritterbush, Dunlop;
10. Dave Baugh, Jefferson;
11. Ryan Rose, Boone;
12. Steve Campbell, Des Moines;
13. Damon Murty, Chelsea;
14. Shane Stoneburner, Boone;
15. Craig Elliott, Boone;
16. Matt Stoneburner, Boone;
17. Chad Klocke, Carroll;
18. Luke Veren, Haverhill;
19. Josh Daniels, Des Moines;
20. Joe Paulin, Dotson;
21. Craig Roberts, Des Moines;
22. Derek Fralin, Beatrice, Neb.;
23. Todd Kearney, Garwin;
24. Bob Daniels, Des Moines.

Hobby Stocks, First Feature
1. Steve Jones, Ames;
2. John Moore, Boone;
3. Troy Hudson, Altoona;
4. Courtney Lauffer, Jefferson;
5. Rusty Crouse, Boone;
6. Eric Stanton, Hartford;
7. Orville Gilbert, Toledo;
8. Donald Wear, Des Moines;
9. Kerry Hayes, Guthrie Center;
10. David Disbrowe, Boone;
11. Doug Smith, Marshalltown;
12. Jesse Lund, Fontanelle;
13. Dean Taylor, Boone;
14. Bob Dennis, Boone;
15. Bill Bonnett, Knoxville;
16. Mark Lamer, Haverhill;
17. Rick Speck, Marshalltown;
18. B.J. Thomas, Ames;
19. Jamie Hinton, Altoona;
20. Casey Schutterle, Tama;
21. Dustin Elliott, Marshalltown;
22. Adam Seley, Greenfield;
23. Dan Teske, Fort Dodge;
24. Terry Shaffar, State Center.

Hobby Stocks, Second Feature
1. Chris Jensen, Des Moines;
2. Randy Embrey, Granger;
3. Cory Rose, Boone;
4. Jared Vote, Boone;
5. Larry Embrey, Granger;
6. Travis Weuve, State Center;
7. Wayne Gifford, Boone;
8. Andy Boeckman, Wall Lake;
9. Rick Ringgenberg, Kelly;
10. Tobin Smith, Jefferson;
11. Melissa Johnson, Alleman;
12. John Watson, Des Moines;
13. Dean Hartwig, Ogden;
14. Randy Doran, Boone;
15. Neil Follett, Conrad;
16. Bill Atcheson, Waukee;
17. Bruce Wolfe, Des Moines;
18. Justin Maschke, Des Moines;
19. Andy Bryant, Clemons;
20. Arron Link, Iowa Falls;
21. Tony Schuterlee, Carroll;
22. Erick Knutsen, Greenfield;
23. Doug Seidl, Coon Rapids;
24. Bill Richards, Coon Rapids.

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