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Author Topic:   Tazewell Speedway Results 5-25-02
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posted May 27, 2002 01:19 AM UIN: 16262997
Tazewell Speedway Results 5-25-02

Ricky Rogers got the jump on fast
qualifier Jason Trammell (11.66) on the
start. On the first lap Jeff
Wolfenbarger left liquid on the track as
his engine went up in smoke.

It was Rogers, Jason Trammell, David
Crabtree, Stacy Boles and Dale Ball the
top five on the restart. Lap eight the
caution flew for Ball in turn two.
Moving Greg Burchett into the fifth
place. On the restart Dennis Harris lost
a tire in turn four. Lap twelve Crabtree
passed Jason Trammell for second place.
Lap fifteen Steve Rouse spun in turn
two. Lap sixteen someone lost part of a
header on the track. Lap twenty Anthony
Arnwine spun in turn four. The top four
had stayed the same through all the
"Full Moon" Saturday night cautions.
Then Jason Trammell's car running in the
third place darted toward the turn two

This moved Jack Trammell into the fifth
place. Lap 21 Ball on the move from the
rear after bringing out the caution on
lap eight took over sixth place when he
passed Brian Smith. The caution flew
again on lap thirty-seven for Anthony

It was Ricky Rogers from Knoxville, TN
taking driving the RaceScan/Rogers
Trucking/Warrior Race Cars #144 taking
the Super Late Model win at Tazewell

Finish/Start/Drivers Name/Car Number
1. (2) Ricky Rogers #144
2. (5) David Crabtree #5
3. (3) Stacy Boles #11b
4. (8) Greg Burchett #32
5. (7) Jack Trammell #90
6. (6) Dale Ball #25
7. (9) Brian Smith #g7
8. (10) Anthony Arnwine #11
9. (11) Frank Merritt #c8
10. (1) Jason Trammell #91
11. (12) Steve Rouse #23
12. (14) Brian Tinker #20
13. (13) Dennis Harris #25x
14. (4) Jeff Wolfenbarger #28
15. (DNS) Troy Eads #52
16. (DNS) Mark Brooks #25

Oh, what a night of "Full Moon" racing
we had at Tazewell Speedway.
Casey Huffman jumped into the led at the
drop of the green. Followed by David
Gamble, Gary Willis, Mark Brooks and Pug
Hodges. The first caution flew for Phil
Helton on lap three. On the restart
Leonard Bray and Shelby Wilson got
together, with Keith Chapman, Randy
Tharp spinning to miss them and Richie
Bean. All five were able to continue on
the restart. Lap four Jerome Hall spun
on the front stretch. Lap six caution
for debris on the track off Tharp' car.
Lap seven Tharp and Gary Grant got
together coming off turn four and
getting into R. Bean sending R. Bean
into the front stretch wall and Bray
into R. Bean.

On the restart it was still Huffman
showing the way followed by Gamble,
Willis, Brooks and Hodges. Lap eight
Hodges lost fluid on the track with
Marlin Bull spinning to miss Hodges.
This moved Bull into the fifth place.

Lap nine Brooks passed Willis for third
place. Lap eleven Clyde Stanton passed
Bull for fifth place. Lap thirteen the
caution flew again for Wilson as he
stopped coming off turn four.

On the restart of lap thirteen it was
Huffman, Gambel, Brooks, Willis and
Stanton. Lap fifteen Tharp passed
Randell Self and Grant got by Robert
Perry. Lap nineteen Brooks while running
third spun in turn four and Grant got
into Brooks. The restart it was still
Huffman out front followed by Gamble,
Willis, Stanton and Bull the top five.

At the checkered flag it was Huffman,
Gamble, Willis, Stanton and Bull.
With the "Full Moon" out strange things
happen! Huffman pulled on to the scales
and his car was light, giving the win to
Gamble! Then second place Gamble pulled
on the scales he came up light! Third
place Willis pulled on the scales he
make the weight.

It was Gary Willis from Harrogate, TN
driving the #07w Papa Johns/Willis
Paving/Kawasaki of Middlesboro/
Cumberland Gap Mountain Spring
Water/Stinger Race car taking his third
win of the season at Tazewell Speedway.

Finish/Start/Drivers Name/Car Number
1. (4) Gary Willis #07w
2. (8) Clyde Stanton #c11
3. (7) Marlin Bull #8
4. (21) Randy Tharp #35
5. (18) Gary Grant #4g
6. (5) Chris Brooks #88
7. (14) Randell Self #91
8. (11) Robert Perry #21
9. (10) Shelby Wilson #4w
10. (19) Josh Chesney #05
11. (13) Jerome Hall #07
12. (17) Keith Chapman #92
13. (6) Greg Huskey #32
14. (20) Scott Standifer #515
15. (3) Pug Hodges #2-wht
16. (9) Leonard Bray #17
17. (16) Richie Bean #11
18. (12) Phil Helton #124
19. (DNS) Eddie Cinnamon #1
20. (DNS) Scott Gardner #25
21. (DNS) Jimmy Calloway #7
22. (DNS) Andy Wilder #24
23. (DQ) Casey Huffman
24. (DQ) David Gamble #2-blk

Rick Welch looked to be back in winning
form as he pulled out front over fast
qualifier Craig Moore (14.28) on the
start. With Alan Holt, Donnie Rich and
Jason Long in tow. Twenty-three cars
chasing Welch down.

The first caution flew on lap one for
debris on the track. Lap four Charlie
England spun coming off turn four. Lap
five England and Tim Hatfield spun in
turn two. Lap eleven the caution flew
for Jason Gray.

Lap sixteen with Welch out front the
monkey climbed back on Welch's back as
he slowed and headed to the pits. Giving
the led to Moore followed by Rich, Long,
Morgan and Tony Horton. On he restart
Morgan took third from Long.

Lap Nineteen with Moore going for his
second win of the season he lost a tire
and Donnie Rich getting by for the win.

It was Donnie Rich from Morristown
driving the #16 Pug's Welding/Rich
Racing and Trucking taking the win in
Modified Street at Tazewell Speedway
under the "Full Moon"

Finish/Start/Drivers Name/Car Number
1. (3) Donnie Rich #16-red
2. (7) Anthony Morgan #26
3. (9) Tony Horton #57
4. (5) Jason Long #10
5. (1) Craig Moore #90
6. (12) Mike Bright #7
7. (18) Jonathan Miracle #50
8. (16) Jody Horton #56
9. (17) Larry Burke #54
10. (2) Rick Welch #18-blk
11. (10) Tim Hatfield #3
12. (13) Tony Jones #88
13. (11) Dustin McMurry #21
14. (20) Gerald Ayers #1-blue
15. (15) Danny French #24-blk
16. (20) Junior Weaver #1
17. (4) Alan Holt #24
18. (19) Michael Daniels #12
19. (24) Dustin Harville #15
20. (8) Charlie England #99
21. (23) Jason Gray #8
22. (14) Chuck Thode #m44
23. (6) Tony Trent #18-blue

With Tazewell Speedway buying a new tool
that has a camera and a light on the end
of it to make sure the drivers are
running legal. Track Officials checked
the Pure Street driver's cars, by
pulling a spark plug and looking at the
top of the pistons to see that they were
running concave/soup bowl piston and not
flattop or popup pistons. Track
Officials found several cars not legal
for Pure Street and gave the driver a
choice either move up to Modified Street
or not race.

Bobby Moore took the led followed by
Richard Ely, John Whitaker, Jesse
Hoover, and Gary Dobbs. Lap five
Whitaker took the led with Hoover in tow
for second place; Hoover came to second
from fourteenth in five laps.

Lap eleven Terry Laws lost a tire and
spun in turn four. On the restart it was
still Whitaker, Hoover, Jack England,
Gary Dobbs and Eddie Younce in fifth.

On the restart J. England in third lost
a right rear wheel and rolled with the
help of two other cars when he got
sideways. J. England was not hurt as he
got out of the car on his own. This
moved Bobby Bean into the fifth place on
the restart.

It was John "The Pickup Man" Whitaker
driving the Dodge Ram Tough/ Light Craft
Neon Inc./Whitaker Custom Sawing/
Advance Auto Parts #22 taking the Pure
Street win at Tazewell Speedway.

Finish/Start/Drivers Name/Car Number
1. (5) John Whitaker #22
2. (14) Jesse Hoover #3
3. (8) Gary Dobbs #d2
4. (13) Eddie Younce
5. (11) Bobby Bean #77
6. (10) Gary Harville #27
7. (7) Chester Jarnigan #31
8. (12) Jack England #55
9. (1) Scott Marlow #37
10. (15) Terry Laws #8
11. (3) Richard Ely #28
12. (9) Chuck Phelps #33
13. (2) Bobby Moore #m4
14. (6) Chris Evans #44
15. (DNS) Bo Hall #97

4 CYL:
In Four Cylinder action Tim Collins took
the led followed by Brad Pressley,
Shannon Polly, Phillip Gerding and Jack
Courtney in tow.

Lap one Scott Litton hit the backstretch
inside wall. Lap four Randy Helton and
Brad Pressley spun coming off turn four.

It was Derrick Elder from Knoxville, TN
driving the #20 taking the Four Cylinder
win at Tazewell Speedway.

Finish/Start/Drivers Name/Car Number
1. (13) Derrick Elders #20
2. (14) Brad Albright #28
3. (9) Randy Helton #2
4. (8) Randall Johnson #1x
5. (5) Jack Courtney #j1
6. (3) Kelvin Polly #32x
7. (15) Chuck Farr #1
8. (2) Brad Pressley #19
9. (17) Shannon Polly #32
10. (12) Bobby Lovin #10
11. (7) Scottie Hicks #14
12. (4) Phillip Gerding #6
13. (16) Scott Thornton #15
14. (6) Marvin Halcomb #95
15. (10) Scott Litton #28
16. (DNS) Bill Blair #7
17. (DQ) Tim Collins #c1

Tonight was also a double points race at
Tazewell Speedway with a lot of the
drivers picking up extra points for the
season. With the "Full Moon" and all the
cautions the last checkered flag flew at
12:20 for the action filled night at the
track known as the Taz.

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