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Author Topic:   Race Results for RMNS 5-18-02
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posted May 22, 2002 08:12 PM UIN: 2329866
It was not a good night at all. During the Hot laps I went low out of turn 4 to miss the #17 as he was totally sideways. Well he drove right into the right side door and knocked a hole in the panel. I can sit in the seat and look out onto the ground.

I started the heat on the outside of the front row, but about halfway thru the heat race they Black Flagged the car in front of me (67) and didn't pull the flag back in fast enough and I mistakenly thought it was for me too and pulled off the track. I finished dead last. I pit nect to Eric (#67) and went to help him change his flat tire and my floor jack broke.

Went out to the Main with high hopes. Started in 20th on the outside of the 10th row. Figured this was good as I needed to try to run a higher line then I did in the heat race. About 4 laps into the Main I was following the 03 into corner 3 and he was behind the 1x. The hood for the 1x came off and went about 15 feet into the air and came down right on the 03. I had to swerve right to make sure that it didn't land on me next. Went into turn 2 trying to pass the 1x and the 03 on the outside and the 71 was stopped right in my lane. We ran about 3 laps under caution and then about 2 laps after the green I went into turn 3 on the outside of the 03. Figured I could pass him for 16th position. As we started out of 4 I was a little high but didn't think I was too high. Well that **** Blackhole in Turn 4 got me again. Just as I came out of 4 the rear end took off for the wall like it had been shot out of a gun. It hit HARD then the front-end went into the wall and then the rear end hit again. The front end went back to the wall and stuck like glue. That was the end, couldn't get the car to start and was stuck against the wall. Took a little bit for the tow truck to get me pried off the wall and then started pushing me back to the pits. As we came to the pit stall I reached down to step on the brake and I had NO brake pedal. SLAM! right into the back of the trailer. Looked down and the brake pedal was flat against the floorboard. Shane and Brannon took the hood off to survey the damage and everyone got a shock. I broke the Brake Power booster off at the firewall. The bracket was still bolted in place, but the master cylinder and the power assist was laying on the engine. Had about 3 people look at that and say they had never seen that happen from the way I hit the wall (figures, leave it to me to find a new way to brake things). Examined the rest of the car and it was not pretty. Bent the right front rim again (Just bought it Friday). Bent the lower control arm (again), bent the upper control arm and it is push up against the engine. Bent the tie rod, bent the Frame right behind the right front tire. Bent the whole rear bumper over about 5 inches and bent the frame in the rear also.

Shane came over today and we went out to the junkyard and started pulling parts. Shane says that the car will be ready to run by this Saturday's 4 pm start time. Now if I can just find a way to avoid that turn 4 wall, I may actually get to finish a Main Event. If I hit that stupid thing one more time they are going to start making me come out and repaint it.

Shawn Bagby
Econo #40 at Rocky Mountain National Speedway in Denver Colorado

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