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Author Topic:   Results from RMNS 5-10-02
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posted May 13, 2002 04:36 PM UIN: 2329866
Well after getting the car all back together, I decided to fill the tires with air and check them all out. Found a tire with a hole in the sidewall. So I had to put my ONLY spare on the car. A little worried going out to the track with no spare tires at all. Damian and I got it loaded up and headed out to the track. As soon as we got there I bought 2 brand new tires (at $80 a piece). There is no way to get them mounted at the track so I have to run the night with just the 4 tires on the car.

We went out to pack the track and man was it wet and sloppy. Came down the front stretch after about 5 laps and there were 5 different cars pointing 6 different directions. This was not looking good, so I pulled off the track while I still had a car left.

HEAT RACE - Started in the 3 heat race 5th out of 6 cars. On the 1st lap as we headed into turn 3 we were 3 wide. Saw an opening down low an started to go for it, trying to take over 2nd place. The car in front of me (45) got loose and I had to brake and try for the outside. Went into turn 1 on the outside of the 45 and he pushed up and got into the side of me as we went into turn 2. That knocked my car up into the gunk at the top of the track and I hit the whole right side of the car flat against the wall. Was able to continue and held on to finish 5th in the Heat Race.

Got back to the pits and my World Class Pit Crew immediately jacked the car up and started checking for any damage. Everything looked good so we were set for the Main Event.

Main Event- Started the main on the inside of row 8 in 15th place. As they dropped the green the car just did not seem to want to go and I lost 2 positions in the 1st lap. Started going a little better and by lap 5 I had moved up and passed the 08. The Leader, Ernie Jones #92, was hooked up and flying. On lap 7 I got the move over flag and got into turn 1 & 2 a little high and somehow keep it out of the wall. On Lap 9 they had a 3 car wreck in turn 4 and they 05 and 67 were out of the race. They red flagged us for about 5 minutes to get the mess cleaned up. After running 2 caution laps while they got everybody lined up I found myself right behind the leader (1 lap down). Back under green I got stuck on the outside and as running in the high groove. On lap 14 I came out of 4 too high and got the backend in the wall. I hit it hard enough to whip the right front back over to the wall and bent the rim and blew the tire. Limped around the track to finish the lap and then headed for the pits, My night was over. The crew said as I came into 1 & 2 you could see sparks underneath the right front. Got back to the pits and they pulled the tire and said it looked like I bent the lower control arm.

Left the car on the trailer all day Saturday as it was raining. Sunday night I got the car off the trailer and Randy Allen, his son Eric drives the 67, came over and helped me change out the control arm and the car is ready for this Saturday's race, May 18th 6pm.

I have a few pictures after I got home that I will post on the site today. Don't have any pictures from the track yet. All that was taken was some video. When I get to the track Saturday I will get whatever pictures they took and have them posted by the end of the weekend, Normally about 3 to 4 pictures

Shawn Bagby
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