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Author Topic:   Tazewell Speedway 5-11-02 results (Tazewell, TN)
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posted May 13, 2002 07:10 AM
Tazewell Speedway 5-11-02 results (Tazewell, TN.)

Super Late Models:
Fast Qualifier Ricky Rogers 11.836, first night on the new open tire rule. Look for the times to get faster as the season progresses. The track record in 11.120 held by Steve Smith of Powell, TN.

At the drop of the green flag David Crabtree got the jump on Ricky Rogers going into turn one. Followed by Jack and Jason Trammell and Fred England the top five.

The first of two cautions flew on lap one when the cone got stuck on the track. With Crabtree and Rogers out front, the best racing was going on for the third place. Between the Father and Son team of "Poppa" Jack and "Little Man" Jason Trammell. Jack held off Jason or Jason just did want to show up "Poppa" as Jason was constantly below Jack for most of the race.

By lap sixteen the leaders were lapping cars. On lap twenty-three, Crabtree in the led got together with Fred England coming off turn four to bring out the second caution, England spun on the front stretch.

David Crabtree from Maryville, TN., driving the Hitch Repair, Hurst Tool Engineering, American Fidelity Bank, Monte Carlo went on to take his first win of the season at Tazewell Speedway leading all 40 laps of the feature.

Finish-start-drivers name-car number
1. (2) David Crabtree #5
2. (1) Ricky Rogers #144
3. (4) Jack Trammell #90
4. (3) Jason Trammell #91
5. (6) Fred England #18
6. (7) Steve Rouse #23
7. (5) Mark Brooks #25
8. (8) Brian Smith #g7
9. (9) Eddie McMillan

Limited Late Models:
Marlin Bull took the led from the start over fast qualifier Pug Hodges 12.630. The Limited Late Models are still on the harder D-55 tires for the 2002 season at Tazewell Speedway. Behind Bull and Hodges it was Gary Willis, Chris Brooks, and Rex Coffey in fifth.

Lap two Scott Standifer got in to the turn two wall. On the restart Willis came from his third place, passing Bull and Hodges to take over the led.
With Coffey in fourth followed by Brooks, Robert Perry and Richie Bean in seventh. Lap four R. Bean passed Perry to take over the sixth place.

The second caution flew on lap twenty when Leonard Bray spun in the middle of turns one and two, with R. Bean spinning to miss Bray. The restart stayed the same for the top six. Willis, Bull, Hodges, Brooks, Coffey, and R. Bean. Lap twenty-one Dale Hushey took over the seventh place.

Gary Willis from Harrogate, TN. Driving the Papa Johns Pizza, Willis Paving, Kawasaki of Middlesboro, KY. Cumberland Gap Spring Water, Stinger Race Car, Gran Prix taking his second win of 2002 at Tazewell Speedway.

Finish-start-drivers name-car number
1. (6) Gary Willis #07w
2. (2) Marlin Bull #8
3. (1) Pug Hodges #2 (wht)
4. (3) Chris Brooks #88
5. (5) Rex Coffey #3
6. (10) Richie Bean #11
7. (9) Leonard Bray #17
8. (17) Dale Huskey #23
9. (12) Gary Grant #4g
10. (16) Andy Wilder #24
11. (8) Robert Perry #21
12. (11) Jeremy Hall #07
13. (15) Josh Chestney #05
14. (13) Eddie Cinnamon #1
15. (14) Scott Standifer #515
16. (4) David Gamble #2 (blk)
17. (7) Keith Chapman #92

Modified Street:
It was the "Amazing" Anthony Morgan setting fast time 14.096 in a car he had never drove. After having trouble with his own car, Morgan went out and led the first sixteen laps before pulling in to the pits.

The first of three cautions flew on lap two when Alan Holt stopped on the front stretch. On the restart it was Morgan, Craig Moore, Jason Long, Donnie Rich and Tony Trent the top five. Lap five Charlie England spun in turn two; the top five remained the same. Again on lap thirteen the caution flew for England on the backstretch. Lap sixteen Morgan while leading the race slowed and headed to the pits. Moving Moore in to the led.

Craig Moore from Morristown went on to take his first win of the 2002 season at Tazewell Speedway.

Finish-start-drivers name-car number
1. (2) Craig Moore #90
2. (3) Jason Long #10
3. (4) Donnie Rich #16
4. (5) Tony Trent #18 (blue)
5. (8) Tim Hatfield #3
6. (1) Anthony Morgan #h1
7. (7) Charlie England #99
8. (9) Dustin McMurrey #21
9. (13) Rick Welch #18 (blk)
10. (11) Chuck Thode #m44
11. (12) Tony Horton #57
12. (6) Alan Holt #24
13. (10) Gerald Ayers #1

Pure Street:
With twenty-six pure street cars starting you know you're in for some rockem-knockem action. Before the first lap was made Scott Marlow spun in turn two. Then coming off turn two on to the back stretch it was Eddie Spoon, Bobby Moore, Roy Ramsey and Ben H getting together hard in a four car pile up. On the complete restart we were down to twenty-three cars.

With Jack England taking the led followed by Ronnie Gray, Chuck Phelps, Jonathan Miracle and Bobby Bean. Lap three Miracle got third and B. Bean getting fourth. Lap three saw a caution for debris on the track. By lap five the leaders were working lap traffic. Lap five Gary Dobbs stopped in turn two and headed to the pits. On the restart of lap five Chuck Phelps left liquid on the backstretch. On the restart of lap five Miracle took first and B. Bean took second and Eddie Younce got fourth place. Lap nine Mike Bright moved in to the 3rd place, putting Younce in fourth and John Whitaker in the fifth place. Lap eleven Marty Bain got fifth place. It was Miracle, B. Bean, Bright, Younce and Whitaker the top five. Lap fourteen Whitaker passes Younce for fourth place and lap sixteen Whitaker passed Bright. Now it was three wide between Miracle, B. Bean and Whitaker with them swapping a little paint. It the flag it was Miracle, B. Bean and Whitaker, but the action was not over B. Bean stopped at the flag stand. B. Bean put up his money to protest Miracle, but Miracle refused to have his car checked and went to the pits.

It was Bobby Bean from Tazewell, TN. Driving the Burger King, Monte Carlo taking his second win of the 2002 season at Tazewell Speedway.

Finish-start-drivers name-car number
1. (3) Bobby Bean #77
2. (12) John Whitaker #22
3. (21) Mike Bright #7
4. (18) Marty Bain #808
5. (17) Eddie Younce #81
6. (14) Larry Burke #54
7. (23) Jesse Hoover #3
8. (25) Gary Harville #27
9. (26) Gary Dobbs #D2
10. (2) John Emmert #8
11. (24) Chester Jarnigan #31
12. (13) Chris Evans #m44
13. (22) Bo Hall #97
14. (1) Jack England #55
15. (16) Alan Deering #53
16. (7) Eddie Spoon #T7
17. (5) Jonathan Miracle #50
18. (3) Junior Weaver #1
19. (8) Scott Marlow #37
20. (10) Richard Ely #28
21. (19) Ronnie Gray #8 (red)
22. (4) Chuck Phelps #33
23. (20) Dustin Harville #15
24. (9) Bobby Moore #m4
25. (15) Roy Ramsey #R2
26. (11) Ben H #74

Four Cyl:
It was Brad Albright taking his second win of the season.

Finish-start-drivers name-car number
1. (3) Brad Albright #28
2. (4) Randy Helton #2
3. (6) Jack Courtney #J1
4. (5) Brad Pressley #19
5. (2) Bobby Lovin #10
6. (7) Shannon Polly #32
7. (8) Bill Blair #7
8. (1) Phillip Gerding #6

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