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Author Topic:   Clayton and Hall see victory lane for the first time in Benton, Mo
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posted May 05, 2002 11:47 PM UIN: 16262997
Clayton and Hall see victory lane for the first time

Daron Clayton and Jonathon Hall were probably the happiest guys in Southeast Missouri on Saturday night as both drivers picked up the first career feature win in their racing division.

Daron, a senior in high school, dominated the Winged Sprint feature event while Hall chased the leaders for 11 laps before passing for the win.

The winner of the Winged Sprint race was no surprise to anyone that has saw the number 92 race. Most people knew it was just a matter of time before Sikeston youngster Daron Clayton stepped in victory lane in the Winged Sprint division. Clayton, who began racing the 800 horsepower machine in August last year after stellar career in Mini-sprint division.

After winning the second heat race Clayton started on the outside of the front-row; Ernie Ashworth started from the pole position after mastering the first heat race. The 2001 track champion Robbie Standridge started third after winning the third heat.

When the green flag dropped for the start Clayton sailed passed Ashworth to take the lead. Standridge jumped into second before the completion of the first lap.

Clayton began to enter heavy lapped traffic on the fifth lap and started to extend his lead. Standridge and Clayton pulled away from the field leaving Ashworth, Alex Shanks and Jerrod Hull battling for the third through fifth positions.

On the 17th circuit the caution flag flew as Clayton had lapped the entire field up to the fifth place car. Standridge was still in second with the remainder of the field being Ashworth, Shanks, and Hull.

The feature would be slowed two more times but would never harm Clayton chance for the win.

The final caution of the evening on the 23rd lap created problems for Standridge as he had to contend with Alex Shanks who passed the 12x car to finished second. Shanks advanced ten positions from his starting spot.

Standridge held onto third with Ashworth finishing fourth and after starting 16th Steve Short finished fifth.

The Miller Lite Open-Wheel Modifieds found a new face in victory lane as Jonathon Hall picked off Greg King on the 11th lap to take the lead and eventually the checkered flag.

Hall started third and fell behind the leader Terry Johnson and second place runner King at the start. Jeff Parmer and Hall swapped third on occasion. On the fourth lap the leader Johnson suffered mechanical gremlins which dropped him out of the event.

King inherited the lead and held on until Hall cruised by him. Parmer fought his way up from his seventh starting spot to finish third with Terry Baker finishing just inside the top-five in fourth. Matt James moved up four positions from his starting spot to finish fifth.

Cline Myers Jr. was back to his winning ways in the Pure Street feature event. After winning the first heat race Myers earned the right to start from the pole. At the green flag he quickly jumped out to the lead. At times throughout the event he had as much of a straightaway lead on the second place car of Mike Burnett.

The race slowed by three cautions, including the last one that sat up a green/white/checkered dash for the glory couldn’t hamper Myers Jr. bid for the win. Burnett fell behind Myers Jr. on the first lap and maintained the position throughout the race failing a car length short of Myers Jr. at the line.

Dave Despain started second in the race and fell off the pace early in the race but was able to move back up to finish third. Jeff Beeson started eighth and finished fourth and Chuck Tilley rounded out the top-five in the event.

In the Motorsports Unlimited Cruiser makeup feature from the rained out event on April 13, Garrett Moll and Wesley Short took the top honors. The duo of Justin Redden and Lowell Calder finished just behind the Moll and Short in second. Terry and Tracey Redden of Clarkton, finished third with Dana Rowland and Melanie VanPool in fourth and Tony and Sherrie Rowland rounding out the top-five.

The Motorsports Unlimited Cruiser cars showcased a familiar pair fighting for the win in the eight-lap feature. Redden and Calder could not stand to finish second again on the night. The Clarkton, Mo pair took the lead and held their ground to finish out the night in first after finishing second earlier in the evening. Moll and Short chased behind in second. Jeff Trankler and Wayne Bartles fought their way to third while Rodney Hurst and Edert Bowen finished fourth. Rounding out the top-five cruiser finishers was Jimmy Griffon and Jason Reddick.

KFVS 12 Winged Sprints

Daron Clayton Sikeston, Mo.
Alex Shanks Marion, Ill.
Robbie Standridge Springfield, Ill.
Steve Short Farmington, Mo.
Ernie Ashworth Bartlett, Tenn.
Jeff Buckner Ripley, Tenn.
Andy Holden Dudley, Mo.
Todd Rowland Jackson, Mo.
Jerrod Hull Sikeston, Mo.
Kenny Conrad Marion, Ark.
Miller Lite Modifieds

Jonathon Hall Blodgett, Mo.
Greg King Morehouse, Mo.
Jeff Parmer Fenton, Mo.
Terry Baker Scott City, Mo.
Matt James Jackson, Mo.
Pat Davidson Jackson, Mo.
Leo Kiefer Perryville, Mo.
Karl Adams Perryville, Mo.
Billy Hopkins Caruthersville, Mo.
Darrell Williams Morehouse, Mo.
Pure Streets

Cline Myers Jr. Scott City, Mo.
Mike Burnett Benton, Mo.
Derek Despain Millersville, Mo.
Jeff Beeson Benton, Mo.
Chuck Tilley Essex, Mo.
Adam Slipis Morley, Mo.
Deakon Bragg Cape Girardeau, Mo.
Michael Robins Perryville, Mo.
Matt Naeger Perryville, Mo.
Patrick Naeger Perryville, Mo.
Motorsports Unlimited Cruiser Feature

Justin Redden/Lowell Calder Clarton, Mo.
Garrett Moll/ Wesley Short Scott City, Mo.
Jeff Trankler/Wayne Bartles Cape Girardeau, Mo.
Rodney Hurst/Edert Bowen Millersville, Mo.
Jimmy Griffon/Jason Reddick Kelso, Mo.
Kim Phelps/Brad Phelps Poplar Bluff, Mo.
Sherie Greke/Luke Meystadt Cape Girardeau, Mo.
Chad Fulton/Chad Despain Cape Girardeau, Mo.
John Wyatt/Mike Wyatt Scott City, Mo.
Junior Baker/Ryan Baker Scott City, Mo.

Bowen maintained fourth at the flag. Jimmy Griffon and Jason Reddick held onto fifth at the stripe.

Motorsports Unlimited Cruiser Feature (makeup race from 4-13-2)

Garrett Moll/ Wesley Short Scott City, Mo.
Justin Redden/Lowell Calder Clarkton, Mo.
Terry Redden/Tracy Redden Clarkton, Mo.
Dana Rowland/Melanie VanPool Jackson, Mo.
Tonya Rowland/Sherrie Rowland Jackson, Mo.
Aaron Pender/Chad Despain Cape Girardeau, Mo.
Jimmy Griffon/Jason Reddick Kelso, Mo.
Jeff Trankler/Wayne Bartles Cape Girardeau, Mo.
Tim Borgfield/Al Besher Jackson, Mo.
Kim Phelps/Brad Phelps Poplar Bluff, Mo.

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