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May 4, 2002
Media Contact: Judy Gower - 724-853-7223 /

IMPERIAL, PA….The ride was new, but the result wasn't for Keith Barbara of South Park Saturday night at Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway. After winning six QPI Tools Late Model features last season on his way to the track title, Barbara made his 2002 debut in a new ride, the new Draime powered Rocket Chassis of Todd Cerenzia, and promptly put the #02 into victory lane. "Pittsburgh" Pete Loria collected his second Advance Auto Parts Limited Late Model victory of the season. Larry Kugel of Calcutta, OH made it a perfect three for three in the E-Modifieds. Frankie Schneider of Pittsburgh rolled to his first win in the Isiminger's Pennzoil Pure Stocks, and Tony Capo of Carnegie made it two in a row in the Amateur Stocks.

Steve Baker and Barbara brought the QPI Tools Late Model feature to the green flag, but a caution for a turn two skirmish that left John Flinner the victim would force a restart. When the green waved again, Barbara and Baker set sail on 25-non stop laps. Barbara built a straightaway lead in the early going as Baker kept Mark Banal at bay for second. But as Barbara caught the back of the field, his momentum was slowed, and Baker put his Bill Bland #0 on the high side and quickly closed on the leader. Barbara was patient as he lapped car after car with "The West Virginia Rim Rider" in tow. With five laps to go, Baker dove to the inside of Barbara entering turn three, but Barbara won the battle off of four and maintained the advantage to the checkered flag. Baker was second, Alex Ferree passed Banal coming off the fourth turn on the final lap for third, and Mike Johnson completed the top five. Six through ten were: Ed Ferree, Jim Zarin, Al Atallah, Bill Adler and D.J. Miller. George Kowatic (from 22nd) was the Monarch Oil Hard Charger. Johnson, Zarin, and Banal won the heat races.

Mike Morgan set the pace early in the Advance Auto Parts Limited Late Model feature. Following a lap five caution for Jim Stephans, the battle for the lead intensified. Loria would move from fourth to second when the green returned. But before the next lap could be completed, Tony Musolino, who had been second, passed both Loria and Morgan to take the lead. Lap seven saw Morgan back at the point, with Loria second and Musolino third. Loria passed Morgan for the top spot on the next circuit and drove off for the win. Musolino was sidelined late with mechanical problems. Monarch Oil Hard Charger, Gary Cellone, came from tenth to second. Morgan was third, Danny Rich fourth and Bobby Castelvetter fifth. Rich Apolito, Tom Schirnhofer, Tony Sinicrope, Tom Duratz and Kirk Young completed the top ten. Jon Hodgkiss and Cellone won the preliminaries.

The E-Modified feature saw Ralph Hysong Jr. take the lead at the start. Tenth starting Larry Kugel methodically worked his way through the field and passed Hysong on lap thirteen on the way to his 78th career PPMS win. Hysong was second, Scott Gunn third, Russ Matejka fourth and Chuck Kennedy fifth. Wayne Tessean, Rick Meglaye, J.J. Bametzrieder, Bruce Dreistadt and John Myrgo were sixth through tenth respectively. Kugel won the heat race and was also the Monarch Oil Hard Charger.

Joe Anthony's lead in the Isiminger's Pennzoil Pure Stock feature was short lived. Anthony bobbled exiting the fourth turn on lap three and was tapped by Frankie Schneider. Anthony went spinning to bring out the caution whileSchneider inherited the lead and never looked back in edging Brian Scheller, Stacie White, Darryl Robison and Craig Kamicker for the victory. Six through ten were: A.J. Poljak, Butch Lambert (subbing for Doug Foster), Dave Beck, Shawn Bryan and Anthony. White and Poljak won the heat races. Kamicker was the Monarch Oil Hard Charger.

Tony Capo made it two straight in the Amateur Stocks. Bill Robertson was second, early race leader, David Lee, third, Ian Tomei fourth, and Eric Molyneaux fifth. Joel Johns was sixth, Bob Schwartzmiller seventh, Randy Sprouse eighth, Sean Porter ninth, and Kenny Bratt Jr. tenth. Monarch Oil Hard Charger - Capo, and Tomei captured the heat races.

This Saturday, May 11th, another five division show is set for the QPI Tools Late Models, Advance Auto Parts Limited Late Models, E-Modifieds, Isiminger's Pennzoil Pure Stocks, and the Amateur Stocks. Plus, the Zoresco Senior Series pays a visit. It is also ARCH Fan Club Night at the track. Gates open at 5:30pm with racing at 7:30pm.

An open practice session is scheduled for Wednesday, May 15 from 6pm till dark. The QPI Tools Late Models will run Twin 20's on Saturday, May 18th along with a complete program for the other four divisions. For more information call (724) 853-RACE or visit our web site at


QPI Tools Late Models
Heat Race Winners: Mike Johnson, Jim Zarin, Mark Banal
Feature (25 Laps): 1) Keith Barbara, 2) Steve Baker, 3) Alex Ferree, 4) Mark Banal, 5) Mike Johnson, 6) Ed Ferree, 7) Jim Zarin, 8) Al Atallah, 9) Bill Adler, 10) D.J. Miller, 11) George Kowatic, 12) Doug Crawford #99, 13) Dave Wade, 14) Mark Moats, 15) Brian Laraway, 16) Drew Koteles, 17) Jim Lepro, 18) Rod Phillips, 19) Jim Arcuragi, 20) Pat Weldon, 21) Gary Swiger, 22) Rody Exposito, 23) Lou Bradich, 24) John Flinner, 25) Bob Moskey DNS

Advance Auto Parts Limited Late Models
Heat Race Winners: Jon Hodgkiss, Gary Cellone
Feature (20 Laps): 1) Pete Loria, 2) Gary Cellone, 3) Mike Morgan, 4) Danny Rich, 5) Bobby Castelveter, 6) Rich Apolito, 7) Tom Schirnhofer, 8) Tony Sinicrope, 9) Tom Duratz, 10) Kirk Young, 11) Jesse Burroughs, 12) Brian Jenks, 13) Tony Musolino, 14) Bob Freshour, 15) Neal Isiminger, 16) Joh Hodgkiss, 17) Jimmy Arnold, 18) Jim Stephans, 19) Curtis Youst

Heat Race Winner: Larry Kugel
Feature (15 Laps): 1) Larry Kugel, 2) Ralph Hysong, 3) Scott Gunn, 4) Russ Matejka, 5) Chuck Kennedy, 6) Wayne Tessean, 7) Rick Meglaye, 8) J.J. Bametzrieder, 9) Bruce Dreistadt, 10) John Myrgo, 11) Vince Laboon

Isiminger's Pennzoil Pure Stocks
Heat Race Winners: Stacie White, AJ Poljak
Feature (15 Laps) 1) Frankie Schneider, 2) Brian Scheller, 3) Stacie White, 4) Darryl Robison, 5) Craig Kamicker, 6) AJ Poljak, 7) Butch Lambert #FC3, 8) Dave Beck, 9) Shawn Bryan, 10) Joe Anthony, 11) Jimmy Martin, 12) Wayne Johnson, 13) Kenny Isiminger, 14) Jason Simmons, 15) Joe Hackimer, 16) Jason Cooper, 17) John Cain, 18) Larry Marks, 19) Bob Betz, 20) Mike McKee

Amateur Strictly Stocks
Heat Race Winners: Tony Capo, Ian Tomei
Feature (12 Laps): 1) Tony Capo, 2) Bill Robertson, 3) Davy Lee, 4) Ian Tomei, 5) Eric Molyneaux, 6) Joel Johns, 7) Bob Schwartzmiller, 8) Randy Sprouse, 9) Sean Porter, 10) Kenny Bratt, 11) Greg McManus, 12) Joshua Langer, 13) Ziggy Kugel, 14) Ken Puglisi, 15) Gabe Hahka DNS

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