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Author Topic:   Brightbill, Hoffman Split New Egypt Twin 20s
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posted April 29, 2002 10:15 PM UIN: 16262997
Brightbill, Hoffman Split New Egypt Twin 20s

New Egypt, NJ (April 27) - A pair of Pennsy boys - Kenny Brightbill of
Sinking Spring and Keith Hoffman of Whitehall - were the big winners in the
headlining Modified division, splitting a twin-20 bill on Twins Night at New
Egypt Speedway, sponsored by Shammy Shine Car Washes of Milford, NJ.

It took Brightbill a mere three laps to grab the lead in the first of the
twin 20-lap Modified features, with Billy Pauch and Keith Hoffman in quick
pursuit. The hot trio ran hard and heavy-footed around the half-mile
tri-oval, but Brightbill ultimately had the upper hand. It was an easy
cruise under the black-and-white for Brightbill, recording his 25th career
win at New Egypt. Pauch, Hoffman, Bob Drayton and opening night winner Mark
Bitner followed Brightbill under the flag.

In the second 20-lapper, fans were treated to a wild run of spot-swapping,
with Rick Grosso Jr., Pauch, Brightbill, Frank Cozze and eventual winner
Hoffman pulling out all the stops. Although action was halted when Korey
Keimig barrel-rolled in turn two with four to go, the race was far from
over. On the final lap, in the final turn, Hoffman gave up a three-car lead
over Pauch when his car jumped the cushion. Pauch came up inches short of
unseating the rebounding Hoffman at the stripe. Brightbill, Cozze and Darren
McCaughey were three through five.

Stan Ploski III of Ringoes, NJ, grabbed the lead on lap 2 and powered to his
first career victory in the 20-lap Sportsman event. G.R. Smith was second,
Tom Tomasko was third, Scott Reid was fourth and Jim Scherer fifth.

In the Super Stock event, "Super" Mario Page of Somerset, NJ, blasted his
new Bernheisel car straight into victory lane to record his third career
win. Gary Butler was second for the third consecutive week, with Al Cheney
III, Pat Freiberger and Pat Conaway rounding out the top five.

There was a new winner in the Mid-State Communications Rookie Series, with
Stockton, NJ's Rick Yard taking the checker over Keith Plumstead, division
points leader Bill Tanner IV, Anthony Tramontana and Fred Monk.

The Herman's Trucking Lightning Lap Awards for fastest lap in a feature
event were won by Brightbill (Mods, 17.278), Ploski (Sportsman, 18.645) and
Page (Super Stock, 19.766). Earlier in the night, Frank Cozze broke the
existing Modified track record with a lap of 16.978.

Twins Night sponsor Shammy Shine Car Washes provided some great fan
giveaways, and twins ruled this night, with all twins admitted free to the
raceway and all leaving with prizes.

Next week at New Egypt Speedway, Pioneer Pole Buildings of Pennsylvania
presents a full card of big-block Modifieds, Sportsman, Super Stocks and
Rookies, starting at 5:30 p.m. Gates open at 2:30 p.m. Adult admission is
$14, children 7-12 are $4, and kids 6 and under are free. For more
information, call the speedway office at (609) 758-1900.


1st Heat: 1.Cozze 2.Brightbill 3.Martz 4.Bohn 5.Polenz 6.Van Gorder
2nd Heat: 1.Pauch 2.Hoffman 3.Bitner 4.Moss 5.Velenger 6.Tanner Jr.
3rd Heat: 1.Drayton 2.McCaughey 3.Worthington 4.Kerr 5.Koczon 6.Keimig
B Main: 1.Infante 2.Dmuchowski 3.McVay 4.Laureno 5.Grosso 6.Godown
(Fan Prov: Carberry)
1st Feature (20 laps): 1.Kenny Brightbill 2.Billy Pauch 3.Keith Hoffman
4.Bob Drayton 5.Mark Bitner 6.Darren McCaughey 7.Rick Grosso 8.Steve Moss
9.Frank Cozze 10.Sam Martz 11.Eddie Bohn 12.Gary Velenger 13.Tom Carberry
14.Ryan Kerr 15.Rich Polenz 16.Bob Worthington 17.Larry McVay 18.Ron John
Koczon 19.Fred Dmuchowski 20.Scott Van Gorder 21.Korey Keimig 22.Rocco
Infante 23.Ryan Godown 24.Roger Laureno DNS: Tim Tanner Jr.
2nd Feature (20 laps): 1.Keith Hoffman 2.Billy Pauch 3.Kenny Brightbill
4.Frank Cozze 5.Darren McCaughey 6.Bob Drayton 7.Rick Grosso 8.Sam Martz
9.Mark Bitner 10.Eddie Bohn 11.Steve Moss 12.Ryan Kerr 13.Rich Polenz
14.Fred Dmuchowski 15.Larry McVay 16.Rocco Infante 17.Scott Van Gorder
18.John Miloszar 19.Gary Velenger 20.Korey Keimig 21.Ron John Koczon 22.Bob
Worthington 23.Tom Carberry 24.Roger Laureno DNS: Ryan Godown, Tim Tanner
DNQ: John Miloszar, Tom Hager, Mickey Kessler, Tad Cox, Mike Hendershot.

Rookie Feature: 1.Rick Yard 2.Plumstead 3.Tanner IV 4.Tramontana 5.Monk
6.Fitzsimmons 7.Farina III 8.Hisko 9.Woolston Jr. 10.Morris 11.Thomas
12.Lawrence 13.Kuhl 14.Acolia 15.Solderich 16.B.Raisner 17.Crowley. DNS:
1st Heat: 1.Telesco 2.M.Papiez 3.Smith 4.Foster 5.Buffalino
2nd Heat: 1.Lyons 2.Tomasko 3.Harris 4.Reutter Jr. 5.Kline
3rd Heat: 1.Reid 2.Scagliotta 3.Ploski III 4.Apgar 5.Leote
4th Heat: 1.Godown 2.Tanner III 3.Woolston Sr. 4.Meisner 5.McCloughan
1st B Main: 1.Scherer 2.Toth 3.Ely 4.Flesch
2nd B Main: 1.Swain 2.Raisner 3.Pearson 4.Beamer
Feature (20 Laps): 1.Stan Ploski III 2.G.R.Smith 3.Tom Tomasko 4.Scott Reid
5.Jim Scherer 6.Bill Tanner III 7.Jack Swain 8.Jeff Geiges 9.Tom Beamer
10.Jimmy Harris 11.Brian Godown 12.Brien Ely 13.Tim Apgar 14.Ken Meisner
15.Keith Foster 16.Dave Woolston Sr. 17.Larry Kline 18.Rich Scagliotta
19.Rick Raisner 20.Bruce Leote 21.Mike Lyons 22.Dominick Buffalino 23.Mike
Toth 24.Mike Reutter Jr. 25.Phil McCloughan 26.Matt Papiez 27.Rick Yard
28.Brian Pearson 29.Chuck Flesch DNS: Pete Telesco
DNQ: Jeff Geiges, Dave Hoffman, Joe Papiez, Rob Pfister, Anthony
Tramontana, Keith Plumstead, Rick Beavers, Glenn Hisko, Laura Lawrence, Tom
Fitzsimmons, Christiaan Van Schuyler, Nick Vasquez, Rich McTighe, Jeff
Carpenter, Robert Morris, Rich Acolia, Bill Raisner, Gene Stravinsky, Keith
Fleming, Lee Taylor Jr., John McClelland, Fred Monk, Lou Farina III, Doug
Boyce, Joe Solderich, Dave Woolston Jr., Anthony Moran, Todd Kuhl, Chris
Wasson, Billy Tanner IV, Randy Thomas, Wil Crowley.

1st Heat: 1.Melton 2.Conaway 3.Roveda 4.Butler 5.Gargiulo 6.Marra Jr.
2nd Heat: 1.Bauer 2.M.Page 3.Fleming 4.Whitehouse 5.Jn. Hewitt 6.Collier
3rd Heat: 1.Cheney 2.Freiberger 3.Quinlan 4.Gerber 5.Reed 6.Coverly
B Main: 1.Hammond 2.Nixon 3.Cologna 4.Search 5.Miscoski 6.Jm.Hewitt
Feature (15 laps):1.Mario Page 2.Gary Butler 3.Al Cheney III 4.Pat
Freiberger 5.Pat Conaway 6.Ralph Gargiulo 7.Carol Whitehouse 8.Ryan Coverly
9.Jake Roveda 10.Bryan Reed 11.Kory Fleming 12.Bill Miscoski 13.Jon Hewitt
14.Brian Nixon 15.Weldon Collier 16.Jim Hewitt 17.George Quinlan 18.Paul
Marra Jr. 19.Bill Gerber 20.Robert Melton 21.Billy Bauer 22.Mick Search
23.Ken Hammond 24.Dave Cologna
DNQ: Nick Gargiulo Jr., Dan Dewey, John Scarpati Jr., Tom Bentz, Rick
Marvin, Chris Pidgeon, Kevin Bifulco, Al Derlinger, Don Shipley.

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