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Author Topic:   The Lead was not the Place to be at Pike County Speedway
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posted April 21, 2002 10:45 AM UIN: 16262997
The Lead was not the Place to be at Pike County Speedway
Sue DuRoy April 20, 2002 Pike County Speedway
Rob Litton on the pole for the first heat, but it was Rodney Wing from outside the front row that blasted into the lead and led every lap and scored the first heat win. Kenny Merchant took the second heat win by a straightaway and led every lap. The Intimagator Chris Wall took the third heat win. Fourth heat Kevin Watts blasted into the lead ,led every lap and took the win. Eric Courville battled wheel to wheel with Marlon Wild for the lead. Courville got the lead and scored the fifth and final heat win.
Curt Lipsey sat on the pole for the start of the SUPR feature. Rodney Wing from the second row blasted into the lead like he was shot out of a cannon. Curt Lipsey second. Lap 5 the first yellow flew for debris on the track in turn four. A three wide battle for second between Curt Lipsey, Kenny Merchant and Eric Courville. Merchant took over second. Lap 12 another yellow when Jon Mitchel sat in turn one. On the start again it was Wing leading. Lap 16 Rodney Sheridan and Seavy Clemons tied up with the tractor tire off four. Before they could make a lap Butch Jenkins spun coming out of four. Wing continued to lead followed by Merchant. Lap 21 Odie Green spun in four and brought out the yellow again. Lap 31 when Wing got in lap traffic Kenny Merchant snatched the lead. Lap 33 Rodney Sheridan spun and brought out another yellow. As Wing and David Ashley battled side by side for second Merchant was pulling away in the lead. AS Merchant took the white flag his rear end broke and by turn one Ashley caught him and took over the lead and scored the win followed by Curt Lipsey , Rob Litton, James Ward, Rodney Wing, Marlon Wild, Donald Watson, Chris Wall, Kevin Watts, Ryan Plaisance, Eric Courville, Kenny Merchant, Randy Cook, Jon Mitchel, Butch Jenkins, Davin Bates Seavy Clemons, Michael Coleman, Steve Russell, and Tony Lawson.
First of two last chance races Donald Watson took the lead. Kennith Crowe spun in four and brought out the yellow. On the restart Phil Cooper and Watson battled side by side for the lead till Watson got it and took the win. Second Last chance race Tony Lawson took the lead on the start. Yellow flew when David Knight spun with a flat coming off four.
Leonard Barrilleaux and Rusty Cooper took the pure stock wins. Barrilleaux took the lead followed by Chad Bush. Yellow flew when Tudy Jackson lost a wheel on the front straightaway. Barrilleaux took the win followed by Cad Bush, Rusty Cooper, Fred Hastings, and Robert Petit.
Chad Williams, Billy Collett and Brant Ainsworth ran three wide on the start of the UMP feature. Williams moved into the lead. Williams led half the race till Collett took over the lead and went on to take the win. Glendale Shoemake took second, Chad Williams third, Kendall McPhail fourth and Tyndale Dean fifth. Heat wins were taken by Collett and Williams.
Attrition really took a tole in Street stock. Don Bolton start out as leader then coming off four Matthew Simeon came off four and passed Bolton on the high side. Simeon hit the wall and came back down and cars went every where. Almost the whole field was involved. Gary Talbert, Robert Ringo, Tyrone Taylor flip half way over then came back down on all four. After they got the ones back running that would run Carl Bougeois took the lead till Tyrone Taylor got the lead from him and scored his first feature win at Pike. Bourgeois took second, Randy Jamison third and Russell Lester fourth. Bolton and Robert Ringo took the heat wins.
Neil Temple and Herman Reynolds took the super stock heat wins. Temple led half the race then broke and pulled to the infield. Fletcher went on to win followed by Tim Thornton, Adams and Johnny Breeland.

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