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posted September 30, 2001 09:23 AM UIN: 16262997
by Brian Spaid

September 29, 2001


FRANKLIN, PA … A crisp and sunny autumn evening featured hot action trackside as Bobby Whitling of Seneca, Pa., topped a huge field of E.F. Rogers Plumbing & Heating Stock Cars to win the 5th Annual CSOnline Applefest 100 at Tri-City Speedway on Saturday night. It was Whitling‘s second consecutive win in the prestigious event and his 27th career win at the Venango County half-mile oval. With the win, Whitling collected a total of $2,125, which included $1,100 for winning the feature, $525 in lap leader money and $500 for winning the Anderson Building Inc. Dash. A total of 65 Stock Cars were in the pit area for the richest Stock Car race in Western Pennsylvania.
“We saved the tires running on the high groove most of the race,” said Whitling in victory lane beside his Ted Karns Specialty Construction Chevrolet Monte Carlo No. 7W. “When I saw Scotty (Carbaugh) running the low side, I realized it was time to switch lanes. I’d like to thank my crew and sponsors for all their help. I wouldn’t be here without them.”
Jim Davis and Dave Ferringer started on the front row of the 100-lap main event, and Ferringer jumped into the early lead over Russ Kapalin, Whitling, Scott Bochek and Gary Norman. The first car on the move was Jeff Buccella. The Ohio driver raced from 19th to fourth by the 13th circuit and was clearly the fastest car on the track. Then, Buccella’s driveshaft snapped on the 27th lap ending his charge.
By now, Ferringer was trying to hold off the hard challenges of Whitling, who secured second from Kapalin on the same lap Buccella fell out. The two leaders kept dicing back and forth, but Ferringer continued to hold onto the top spot lap after lap. Behind them, Kapalin maintained third over Andy Buckley, Bochek and Norman.
The first top runner to suffer problems was Norman. The 1998 Applefest 100 winner was tapped in the rear by Jamie Shetler as they diced for position. The contact spun Norman around in turn three and other cars spun too with Darrell Bossard hitting Norman’s front end. The incident knocked Norman out of contention.
Then, on the 46th circuit, Kapalin spun out of the third spot in the fourth turn ending a fine run for the Buckeye State racer. Before the spin, Kapalin applied heavy pressure to Whitling for second while Whitling was glued to the rear bumper of Ferringer’s car.
At the halfway point, Ferringer led Whitling, Bochek, Shaun Hooks, Buckley, Pittsburgh Circle Track Club Senior Series Champion Terry Wheeler, Scotty Carbaugh, 2001 Tri-City Stock Car Champion Ron Iorio and Frank Schneider.
For the next four laps, Whitling worked under Ferringer at every turn trying to take the lead. On the 54th lap, Whitling finally wrestled his way underneath Ferringer off the fourth turn and secured the lead. He held onto it from that point forward.
Behind Whitling and Ferringer, Carbaugh thrilled the crowd with a stellar run. After crashing in his B Main, he started last in the field with the final provisional starting spot. He made the top five by the 56th lap and was running third four laps later. Gradually, Carbaugh chased down the leaders. A caution on the 72nd lap slowed the pace, but gave Carbaugh a golden opportunity.
On the restart, with Whitling and Ferringer racing up high, Carbaugh dashed underneath both drivers in the second turn. For a fleeting moment, Carbaugh was ahead, but Whitling quickly switched lanes to block the move. Carbaugh was now second as the crowd sat on the edge of its seat waiting to see if the 2000 Stock Car Rookie-of-the-Year would capture his first career win.
When Jamie Shetler rolled his car in turn two on the 81st lap, the final red/caution period of the race slowed the action. Shetler was uninjured, but as safety crews cleaned up the scene, the tires on the cars cooled down. Carbaugh’s progress came to a grinding halt, and the door opened for Whitling to race home the winner.
Over the final 15 laps, Whitling distanced himself from Carbaugh and Ferringer, who dueled for the runnerup honors. Ferringer secured second with less than ten laps remaining, but he was no match for Whitling. Carbaugh finished third over Buckley, Bochek, Hooks, Kapalin, Wheeler, Iorio and Bossard.
Ferringer led the most laps with 53 circuits out front. The 2000 Tri-City Stock Car Champion earned $1,325, which included $600 for second, $600 in lap leader money and $125 for third place in the dash. Whitling led a total of 47 laps.
There were a total of seven caution/red flag periods for 21 laps. Most of the slowdowns were for spins. Shetler’s wreck was the only serious crash of the race.
Heat races were won by Ferringer, Kapalin, Jerry Huff, Whitling, Davis and Norman. The B Mains were won by Buccella, Rod Laskey and Wheeler. The top three pointmen that failed to qualify were Ron Iorio, Doug Iorio Sr., and Carbaugh, and they were added to the field as provisionals.
The 30-car Lowry Auto Wrecking Demolition Derby was captured by Doug Boyle of Saegertown at the end of the evening.
This event concluded the 2001 season at Tri-City Speedway. On Sunday October 21st, the track hosts its 7th Annual Automotive & Racers Flea Market starting at 9 a.m. Admission is free at this event. The 6th Annual Tri-City Speedway Banquet will take place on Saturday January 5th at The Arlington Hotel in Oil City, Pa., which is the former Holiday Inn. More information will be announced about banquet tickets in the coming weeks, as well as the 2002 season at Tri-City.

CSONLINE APPLEFEST 100: 1. BOBBY WHITLING, 2. Dave Ferringer, 3. Scotty Carbaugh, 4. Andy Buckley, 5. Scott Bochek, 6. Shaun Hooks, 7. Russ Kapalin, 8. Terry Wheeler, 9. Ron Iorio, 10. Darrell Bossard, 11. Frank Schneider, 12. Doug Foster, 13. Rod Laskey, 14. Chris Seaman, 15. Jerry Huff, 16. Bill McMurray, 17. Rich Howell, 18. Doug Iorio Sr., 19. Tom Scott, 20. Jamie Shetler, 21. Matt Cummings, 22. Ryan Marks, 23. Gary Robinson, 24. Chuck Sullivan, 25. Gary Norman, 26. Jeff Buccella, 27. Bob Sloss, 28. Jim Davis, 29. Willie Aley, 30. Charlie DiLoreto. DNQ: David Atkinson, Lonny Blair, Greg Beach, Brian Miller, Don Baughman, Joe Anthony, Matt Lux, Doug Calvert, Steve D’Apolito, Scott Peterson, Rick Norco, Dave Johnson, Denny Crawford, Bill Hanna, John Shetler, Steve Anderson, Danny Exley, Bob Bean, Randy Ferringer, Ben Blake, Danny Rich, Martin Iorio, Arthur Edwards, Dan Speer, Dave Beck, Wayne Johnson, **** Pascorell, J.R. Zeigler, Mike Miller, Bill Wheeling, Daryl Robison, Bob Garris, Jim Brunson, Jason Reagle, Chuck Hart.


Oct. 21 (Sun.) - Automotive & Racer’s Flea Market (Gates Open at 9 a.m.)
Jan. 5, 2002 - 6th Annual Tri-City Speedway Banquet (The Arlington Hotel, Oil City, Pa.)

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